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St Mark's National Infants and Girls School Log Book. This volume records the daily events at the school and has been indexed by name of the person mentioned. The index created by volunteers has been attached as a PDF so that you can see the page numbers the person is mentioned on. The volume has not been digitised to date so you will need to contact the Archive to obtain copies of the relevant pages.

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1862 - 1883


St Mark's National Infants and Girls School
Byron Road
Dowland, Susan
Fentum, Matilda
Heath, Mrs
Goddard, Miss
Heath, C, Reverend
Munn, G, Reverend
Eccles, Miss
Behnier, Miss
Jutting, Miss
Filleul, Mrs
Dalrymple, Miss
Farquharson, Miss
Fontaine, Mary
Gillander, E
Kaye, Mrs
Tinckam, Fanny
Heath, Mrs
Green, Miss
Ravenhill, Eliza M
Easter, Harriet
Moison, Miss
Burt, Elizabeth
Mountain, Dr
Sohyer, Mr
Mountain, Mrs
Bragg, Mrs
Searle, Isabella
Kendle, Kezia
Henry, Elizabeth
Cator, Mrs
Brasnell, Miss
Laurens, Annie
Pittman family
Francis, Priscilla
Tibbles, Elizabeth
Jerome, Elizabeth
Le Fine, Miss
Allen, Georgina
Fentham, Matilda J
Rose, F
Wyatt, Alice
Druce, Mary
Catherwood, Isabella
Meech, Sarah
Parsons, Jane
de la Cour, Mary
Willougby, Annie
Beauchamps, Harriet
Pearce, Mr
Pearce, Martha
Hitchings, Miss
Dowland, Miss
Walter, Amy
Venner, Miss
Carter, Mr
Beymer, Mrs
de la Taste, Mr
Barry, Mr
Allen, G
Guerdain, M A
McKay, Mary
Brenton, S
Francis, Charlotte
de la Cour, Mary
Blee, Mrs
Rowe, Mrs
Baker, Mrs
Walker, Louisa
Clark, Harriet
Rutherford, Miss
Thorne, Amy
Nicolle, Miss
Goddard, Miss
Kaye, Mrs
Florant, A
Bell, Mary
Reid, Sarah
Bourman, Fanny
Mourant, Eliza
Paull, Emily
Nicolle, Miss
Druce, Mrs
Henderson, Miss
Riley, Alice
de Quetteville, Mrs
Burt, E
Davey family
Gallie, A
Baker, Mrs
Baker, Amy
Carter, Mr
Guerd, Mary A
Southwood, Mary
Chandler, Annie
Bowman family
McCabe, Mary
Le Feuvre Family
Hood, Eliza
Rose, F
Horner, Janet
Lofthouse, Miss
Heath, Miss
Dorcas family
Coope, Miss
de la Taste, Mrs
Venner, Miss
Parsons, Jane
Horner, Polly
Burnett, Mrs
Carter, Eliza Mary
Trequetter, W F
Webb, Elizabeth
Pargeter, Eliza
Fallaise, Mary
Warren, Deborah
Westaway, Miss
Barnfield, Mrs
Strong, Mr
Bottomley, Elizabeth
Fearne, M
Fontaine, Mary Ann
Bragg, Ellen
Baker, Amy
Heath, Mr
Stonebridge, Eva
de la Mare, Kezia
English, A
de Gruchy, Annie
Howe, Mary
Smith, Catherine
du Jardin, Matilda
Goddard, Miss
English, Fanny
English, Clara
Mourant, L
Nicolle, Mrs
Nicolle, Miss
Laurence, Annie
Desborough, Selina
Turgis, Emma
Marshall, Alice
Anderson, Annie
Brown, M A
Florant, Alice
Pope, Annie
du Jardin, M
Tregaskis, Louisa
Gallie, Amanda
Robilliard, G
Jones, Kelurah
Searle, I
Le Cras, Anne
Hockey, Annie
Paull, Miss
Paige, Mr
Paige, Mrs
Taylor, Miss
Willing, Mr
Whicker, Mr
Dobbin, Emily
Campbell, W
Grey, E
Thatcher, A
Hitchings, I E
Mills, Harriet
Druce, Sarah
Marshall, Edith
Reynolds, M
Mills, H
Leat, Emma
Leat, Eliza
Mourant, Louisa
Journeaux, M A
Middleton, Mr
Henderson, Miss
Hubert, Clara
Mills, Dr
Cotton, Mr
Le Cocq, Jane
Costard, Martha
Eastwood, M
Penney, E
Bragg, Sarah
Elliot, Annie
Jutting, Margaret
Goddard, Miss
Bottomley, Miss
Mills, A
de Gruchy, J
Florant, Alice
Hurrell, A
Hyne, A
Bull, Miss
Palmer, Edith
Journeaux, Mary A
Boyd, Mrs
Dennis, C
Mills, Annette
Mathew, J
Childs, Mrs
Benest, A
Trapp, Selina
Mills, Annette
Tibbles, Mrs
Hake, Mrs
Brown, M
Brown, C
Ball, Caroline
Green, Emma
Smith, Louisa
Benest, C
Searle, Isabella
Hurley, Mary Jane
Mourant, Emily
Le Cocq, Mrs
Le Cocq, Jane
Brown, Matilda
Dart, Matilda
Wilson, Amy
Gray, Evan
Prout, Emily
King, Elizabeth
Harrison, Miss
Anderson, Annie
Florant, Clara
Brasnell, Miss
Costard, Mrs
Rose, Frances
de la Cour, A
Nicolle, Ada
Hemming, Miss
Mourant, M
Fentham, Miss
Fauvel, Mrs
Hardy, Emily
May, Mary
Hansford, Flora
Anderson, Elizabeth
de la Taste, Mr
Dart, M
Furry, Louisa
How, Ellen
Wheeler, Julia
Fell, Mr
Fell, Mrs
Bull, Miss
Campbell, W
Little, Miss
Wheeler, J
Rowcliffe, A
Elliot, C
Clifton, Elizabeth
Hemery, Colonel
Fell, T, Reverend
Harrison, Miss
Golden, Miss
Simpson, Miss
Lloyd, Miss
Rose, Fanny
Tomasic, Mr
Boomer, Georgina
White, Miss
Humby, Mrs
Clifton, Elizabeth
Tangier, Jane
Campbell, W
Cooper, Emily
Rose, Fanny
Marshall, Edith
Allen, Mary
Coope, Emily
Florant family
Bassett family
Rowe family
Handcock, R G, Reverend
Handcock, Mrs
Campbell, W, Reverend
Bilton, Mr
de la Taste, Edward
Clifton, E
Eastwood, Mary
Cook, Mrs
White, Miss
Anderson, E A
Cockram, Lydia A
Campbell, W
Bilton, Mr
Navarre, Mr
Rendle, Charlotte
Rendle, Alice
Le Seelleur, Alice
Cochrane, Lydia
Brewer, Mr
Boomer, Georgina
Pezzitt, Albert
Pezzitt, Agnes
Mourant, Eliza
Davey, L
Owen, Miss
Carter, A M
Remon, S
Shirvall, A
Graham, E
Poingdestre, L
Querée, M A
Le Gros, L
Wetherall, E
Way, E
Le Chasseur, P
Kirk, A
Kirk, E
Gregor, A
Mintram, V W
Goslin, A
Goslin, J
Phelan, A
Grundy, C
Grundy, F
Slitcen, B
Slitcen, E
Trithuer, A
Jerom, F
Jerom, R
Bisson, E
Richards, E
Gerard, A
Marrett, E
Richards, J
Carter, H
Paul, M A
Morris, F
Le Chasseur, J
Daras, A
Savage, A E
Savage, M A
Fegan, E
Druce, Ada
L'Amy, H
Le Gallais, A
Paul, C
Le Gresley, F
Le Gresley, L B
Lilley, I
Burnham, G
Egland, H
Carter, A M
Danby, T W
Chilcott, A
Richards, E
Bartlow, T
Coppin, E
Coppin, A
Lilley, L
Scriven, A
Mortimer, M
Cochrane, Lydia
McAllan, A
Cooper, E
Carter, H
Gallichan, W
Cochrane, Mrs
Scriven, E
Orchard, A E
Le Gallais, A
Le Lievre, C
O'Brien, W
Querée, E
Coutanche, J
Kirk, A E
Bisson, E
Kelly, K
Pallot, J
Singleton, A
Rowe, Minna
Ellis, Mary A
Knight, F
Lake, H
Le Quesne, Philip
Orchards family
Sweet, S
Scriven, A
Hemery, Colonel
Legg, E
Legg, M A
Whittle, C
Harben, M
Hustard, W
Hustard, E
Cheeseman, A
Cobden, G
Treby, W
Egland, H
Slickland, H
Gallichan, C
Gregory, A
Phelan, A H
Phelan, J
Le Quesne, P
Harvey, C
Harvey, A
Harvey, E
Smith, H
Smith, E
Smith, M
Cory, E
Paul, C
Bird, C
Bird, F
Bird, L
Le Masurier, S
Querée, E
Fleury, C
Weeks, H
Godfrey, William
Le Lievre, M
Goodenough, William
Way, William
Dunford, Amelia
Grundy, Helena
McAuliffe, Nellie
Hooper, Isabella
Hooper, Annie
Lake, H
Le Gallais, J
L'Amy, H
Godfrey, I
Hill, M A
Davey, W
Davey, H
Ryan, F
Heywood, C
Druce, J
Morris, S
Fowler, M
Fowler, A
Compton, H
Carter, Ann M
Hall, J
Le Gresley, Louisa
Le Gresley, B
Cochrane, Lydia
Roberts, J
Tostevin, L
Channing, H
Gallichan, E
Cooper, M
Cooper, J
Rowland, H
Rowland, J
Twynam family
Le Cornu, Mary A
Renouf, Alice
Biggs, E
Foot, Martha
Sanders, E
Sanders, A
Holland, C
Holland, F
Wheeler, F
Bishop, E
Bishop, A
Way, S
Hill, M A
Godfray, I
Paul, M A
Evendon, A
Kelly, K
Cheesman, A
Le Follet, A
Grigg, E
Le Gresley, L
Le Gresley, B
Le Gresley, F
Tostevin, A
Corben, E
Sanders family
Coppin, C
Jordan, O
Pallot, J
Le Soeur, A
Hubert, T
Walker, J
Patch, S
Patten, A
Le Gresley, H
Bisson, E
Waylan, M
Anderson, Miss
de la Taste, Mrs
Price, Reverend
Howlon, R
Grundy, H
Belin, A
Isherwood family
Chapman, F
Dobin, E
Phelan, M
Ways family
Bird, C
Renouf, A
Lake, H
Jordan, Emily
Filleul, P, Reverend
Pizzit, Agnes
Monet, Elias
Brasnell, Miss
Coppin, Ellen
Coppin, Alice
Owen, Miss
Wilson, L
Bowles, A
Downer, K
Downer, L
Campbell, M
Campbell, P
Campbell, A
Ferguson, C
Pellow, Eliza R
Gedge, J W, Reverend
Coppin, Mary Ann
Robrough, Elizabeth
Parker, Miss
White, Miss
Le Quesne, Miss
Eastwood, Mary
Price, Henry M C
Renouf, Alice
Gedge, Mrs
Price, Mrs
Bowman, Annie
Boielle, M
de St Paer, I
Laurens, Annie
Parker, Miss
de St Paer, Jane
Leslie, Lucy
Banks, Elizabeth
Richards, Jessie
Stevens, Miss
Willis, J
Bush, Mr
Hammond, Mrs
Pellow, Eliza R
Collings, Eliza
Robrough, Ellen
Eastwood, Edith
Rowe, Adelaide Mary
Dean of Jersey
McDougall, Bishop
Sinclair, F
Le Cocq, V
Le Cocq, A
Dyke, Martha
Ching, Eleanor
Le Feuvre, Lydia
Robin, Mr
Rowe, Ada
Gordon, Miss
Hunt, Elizabeth
Wilde, Mr
Archard, Mr
Grey, Mr
Boielle, Mr
Pellow, E R
Bibby, A, Reverend
Aubin, Dr
Balleine, J J, Reverend
Briard, P
Langlois, Philip
Robin, Philip
Luce, Edward
Voisin, F
Gribbell, Reverend
Eastwood, Edith
Thompson, G, Reverend
Le Gallais, Annie
Eastwood, Maud
Crussell, Lilian
Cabeldu, Annie
Fowler, Mary
Cowper, Isabella
Henry, Florence
Bird, Florence
Brown, Florence
Briggs, Dr
Clement, M, Reverend
Hamon, Jane
Mourant, Edward
Clement, George
Clark, Alice
Verdue, C E
Beck, Mr
Rive, Amelia Jane
Luce, M, Reverend
Gallichan, M
Le Gallais, Theodore
Worrall, M
Jerusum, R J
Le Maistre, W B, Reverend
Blampied, Mr
Brasford, Rosa
Cabeldu, Leah
Gaudin, Adela
Cowley, Louisa
Le Feuvre, P A, Reverend
Sherson, Lady Anne
de la Lande, Louisa
Bird, Louisa
Trowbridge, Alice
de Gruchy, W L
Le Cras, Anne


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