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Admission Registers for Brighton Road School. Includes: name, address, name of parent/guardian, last school, date of birth, cause of leaving. View attached PDF for entries

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January 31st 1910 - September 20th 1920


Brighton Road School
Agnès, Hilda
Ahearne, Joseph
Allen, Cyril
Allix, Ronald
Allo, Louis
Amourette, Katerine
Amy, Bertha
Amy, George
Amy, John
Amy, Marjorie
Amy, Samuel
Andrews, Charles
Andrews, Daisy
Andrews, Dorothy
Andrews, Grace
Andrews, Ida
Andrews, Ivy
Andrews, Olive
Andrews, Percy
Andrews, Rodney
Andrews, William
Andrews, Winifred
Angell, Edward
Angell, Ellen
Angell, Frederick
Angell, Gladys
Angell, Mary
Angell, Stanley
Anslow, Kathleen
Anstee, Flora
Arthur, Dorothy
Arthur, Gladys
Arthur, Ruby
Aubert, Albert
Aubert, Bertha
Aubert, Clara
Aubin, Ada
Aubin, Constance
Aubin, Esther
Aubin, Florence
Aubin, Gladys
Aubin, Harold
Aubin, Winter
Aubin, John
Audrain, Ella
Audrain, Hilda
Auffret, Alice
Bailache, Lucille
Baker, Violet
Balcam, Irene
Balcam, May
Balcam, Violet
Barker, Roy
Barney, Margaret
Barrett, Wilfred
Barrot, Cyril
Bates, Alfred
Bates, Richard
Battam, Philip
Battrick, Edith
Baudains, Agnes
Baudains, Dora
Baudains, Eileen
Baudains, Florence
Beadle, Beatrice
Beauchamp, Emily
Becquet, George
Bedfort, Alexis
Bedfort, Shirley
Benest, Clarence
Bennett, Iris
Bennett, Lionel
Bennett, Myrtle
Bennett, Ronald
Best, Charles
Best, Lilian
Bevis, Bernard
Bevis, Marjorie
Binet, Philip
Bird, Joyce
Bisson, Albert
Bisson, Christine
Bisson, Clarence
Bisson, George
Bisson, Jeffrey
Bisson, Mary
Bisson, Violet
Blampied, Annie
Blampied, Beatrice
Blampied, Edward
Blampied, Ruby
Blampied, Winnifred
Blanchard, Ernest
Blanchard, Henry
Borney, Blanche
Boschat, Lilian
Boschet, Edith
Bouchard, Claudia
Bouchard, Doris
Bouchard, Stanley
Bouchard, Sybil
Bowden, Mavis
Bowden, Yvon
Bowden, Yvonne
Bowditch, Eileen
Bradshaw, Gwendoline
Bree, Frances
Bree, Jessie
Bree, Susan Jane
Breen, William
Brehaut, Muriel
Brehaut, Nora
Brehaut, Reginald
Brint, Amy
Brint, Gertrude
Brint, Henry
Brown, Albert
Brown, Ernest
Brown, George
Brown, Gordon
Brown, Ivy
Brown, Kenneth
Bull, Charles
Bull, Madge
Bull, Samuel
Burke, Kathleen
Byrne, Cecilia
Cabot, Emelie
Cabot, Harold
Cabot, Ruby
Cabot, William
Caney, Rose
Carter, Emily
Caruer, Doris
Caruer, Harold
Caruer, Maurice
Carver, Margery
Cauvain, Lily
Cawley, Doris
Chalker, Daisy
Chalker, Doris
Channing, Ernest
Channing, Fred
Channing, Violet
Chevalier, Eva
Chevalier, John
Choux, Florence
Choux, Henriette
Churchill, Ellen
Churchill, Hector
Clifton, Florence
Clulow, Duncan
Clunn, Gladys
Colbeck, Walter
Cole, Alice
Cole, Barbara
Cole, Margaret
Cole, William
Cooper, Arthur
Cornick, Arthur
Cornick, Eva
Courtman, Florence
Coutanche, Gladys
Coutanche, John
Coutanche, Phyllis
Crees, Arthur
Crees, Ethel
Crees, Norris
Crocker, Adolphus
Crocker, Thomas
Cuirot, Stanley
Cummings, John
Cummings, Walter
Dale, Bernard
Daniels, Gordon
Dart, Margery
Daubert, Gordon
Daubert, Iris
d'Aubert, Ivy
Daubert, James
Davey, Doris
Davoine, Irene
Day, Victor
Day, William
De Carteret, Mabel
de Gruchy, Edward
de la Cour, Deborah
de La Cour, George
de la Cour, Melina
de la Mare, Clarence
de la Mare, Doris
de la Mare, Elsie
Denman, Sydney
Deveau, George
Deveau, William
Devitt, Kathleen
Devoine, Samuel
Diment, Ellen
Dimond, Charles
Dimond, Gladys
Dimond, Jeanine
Dimond, Percy
Dingle, Charles
Dingle, Donald
Dingle, Edward
Dingle, George
Dingle, Maurice
Dowington, Eileen
Dowington, Violet
Dowinton, Eileen
Dowinton, Florence
Dowinton, Grace
Drelaud, William
du Feu, Alfred
du Feu, Clifford
du Feu, Cyril
du Feu, Grace
du Feu, John
du Feu, Philip
du Val, George
Dupré, Grace
Eager, Jack
Elliott, Gladys
Elliott, Harry
Elliott, Lilian
Elliott, Marjorie
Elliott, Violet
Escott, Winifred
Evans, Doreen
Evans, Edward
Evans, Margery
Evans, Marjorie
Eve, Frederick
Eve, Reginald
Eve, William
Falle, Alfred
Falle, Wilfred
Farmer, Dorothy
Farrell, Lester
Ferbrache, Ada
Ferbrache, Bernard
Ferbrache, Ena
Ferbrache, Florence
Ferbrache, Frank
Ferbrache, Herbert
Ferbrache, Hilda
Ferbrache, Raymond
Filleul, Lilian
Finch, Alfred
Finch, Phyllis
Finch, Queenie
Fitzroy, Arthur
Flambard, Irene
Fletcher, Gertrude
Fletcher, Gladys
Foot, Edwin
Foot, George
Foot, Louisa
Fosse, Louisa
Fossey, Lily
Fraser, Vera
French, Archer
French, Dorothy
French, Eveline
French, George
Frigot, Gladys
Frigot, Mildred
Frigot, Percy
Frigot, Reginald
Frigot, Walter
Gale, Florence
Gallichan, Donald
Gallichan, Doris
Gallichan, Edward
Gallichan, Frank
Gallichan, Kenneth
Gallichan, Leonard
Gallichan, Nellie
Gallichan, Robert
Gallichan, Winnie
Gallie, Allen
Garnier, Elsie
Gibson, James
Gillam, Cecil
Gillam, Christine
Gillard, Eileen
Gillard, Florence
Giot, Edgar
Godfray, Ethel
Godfray, Henry
Godfray, Irene
Godfray, Leonard
Godfray, Maggie
Godfray, Nellie
Godfray, Wesley
Goding, Elsie
Goldsmith, Gladys
Goodall, Gladys
Goodall, Herbert
Gosling, Thomas
Gottrell, Winnie
Gough, Ruby
Gould, Arthur
Gould, Ernest
Grant, Gertrude
Grant, Margaret
Groizard, Edward
Grulier, Godfried
Guppy, Cecil
Guppy, Herbert
Hacon, Cyril
Hall, Emma
Hambly, Clarence
Hambly, Elsie
Hamilton, Ivy
Hamilton, Vera
Hamon, Emily
Hamon, Gladys
Hamon, Harold
Hamon, Nellie
Hamon, William
Hampton, Madge
Handly, Margaret
Handly, Reginald
Hannay, William
Harben, Frederick
Harben, Sydney
Harper, Ethel
Harper, Maurice
Harrington, William
Harris, Clarence
Harzo, Elsie
Hassall, Doris
Hawkins, Charles
Hayball, Reginald
Hayes, Violet M L
Haynes, Samuel
Henderson, Clarence
Henry, Phyllis
Herivel, Leonard
Hern, Maud
Hewlett, Winter Le S
Hibbs, Bernard
Hibbs, Eileen
Hibbs, Hilda
Hicks, Dorothy
Hill, Leonard
Hingston, Cecil
Hoar, Marjorie
Hocquard, Philip
Hodgeson, Dorothy
Holgate, Howard
Holgate, Leslie
Holgate, Ronald
Holley, Elsie
Honeycombe, Arthur
Honeycombe, Cyril
Honeycombe, Iris
Honeycombe, Iris
Honeycombe, Joyce
Honeycombe, Samuel
Hopkins, Lily
Hopkins, Lucy
Hopkins, Walter
Horn, Lilian
Horsfall, Bernard
Horsfall, Raymond
Hosking, Elsie
Hosking, Grace
Housman, Edward
Huet, Albert
Huet, Mildred
Humbert, Eugène
Hutchings, Alec
Hutchings, Gladys
Hutchings, Grace
Ingram, Lester
Irvin, Violet
Jagot, Alfred
Job, Albert
Job, Stanley
Jocelyn, Lily
Johnson, George
Johnson, John
Johnston, Hector
Jones, Ivy
Jordan, Albert
Jordan, Geoffrey
Jordan, Marian
Jordan, Philip
Jordan, William
Kadrewell, Claude
Kadrewell, Ruby
Keast, Florence
Keast, Gladys
Keast, Winifred
Keywood, Iris
Keywood, William
Knight, Thomas
Lambert, Irene
Lambie, Edna
Lambie, Jessie
Lane, William
Langford, Kathleen
Laurens, Doris
Laurens, Lilian
Laurens, Marjory
Laurens, Muriel
Le Boutillier, Sydney
Le Breton, Albert
Le Breton, Irene
Le Breuil, Germaine
Le Bris, Julia
Le Brun, Carlotta
Le Brun, Gordon
Le Brun, Olive
Le Cocq, Gertrude
Le Cocq, Irene
Le Cocq, James
Le Cocq, Lilles
Le Cornu, Clarence
Le Cornu, Emma
Le Cornu, John
Le Cornu, Olive
Le Couteur, Florence
Le Cras, Charles
Le Dain, Beryl
Le Feuvre, Edna
Le Feuvre, Edward
Le Feuvre, Madge
Le Geyt, Cecilia
Le Geyt, Edward
Le Geyt, Kenneth
Le Geyt, Lily
Le Geyt, William
Le Gros, Violet
Le Guilloux, Alfred
Le Guilloux, Charles
Le Guilloux, Madeleine
Le Huquet, Edward
Le Huquet, Henry
Le Huquet, Irene
Le Lièvre, Bernadette
Le Lievre, Phyllis
Le Lievre, William
Le Maistre, George
Le Maitre, William
Le Marchand, Edward
Le Marchand, Elsie
Le Marchand, Harold
Le Marchand, Jessie
Le Marchand, Joseph
Le Marchand, Nellie
Le Marchand, Reginald
Le Marquand, Elsie
Le Marquand, Frederick
Le Marquand, Mabel
Le Masurier, Florence
Le Masurier, Harold
Le Masurier, Teresa
Le Moal, Lucille
Le Moignan, Lewis
Le Moine, Irene
Le Montais, John
Le Plongeon, Albert
Le Plongeon, Alice
Le Plongeon, Emma
Le Plongeon, Ernest
Le Quesne, Florence
Le Quesne, Giffard
Le Quesne, Gladys
Le Quesne, Herbert
Le Quesne, Lily
Le Riche, Frederick
Le Riche, Irene
Le Riche, Phyllis
Le Riche, Robert
Le Rossignol, Grace
Le Rossignol, John
Le Rougetel, Arthur
Le Rue, John
Le Rue, Phyllis
Le Rue, Winnie
Le Sauteur, William
Le Seelleur, Cyril
Le Seelleur, John
Le Seelleur, Marie
Le Seelleur, Vera
Le Sueur, Arthur
Le Sueur, Ernest
Le Sueur, Sydney
Lelliott, Herbert
Lewis, Christine
Lillicrap, Elsie
Lillicrap, Ida
Linard, Rose
Liron, Charles
Lisle, Amelia
Lisle, Florence
Lisle, George
Lisle, Jeanine
Lisle, Violet
Little, George
Lobb, Edith
Lobb, John
Lobb, Lily
Lozzach, Maggie
Mace, Dorothy
Macready, Donald
Macready, Edmund
Macready, Norah
Maguire, Phyllis
Mahaut, Muriel
Mainguy, Jean
Mainguy, Louis
Mallet, Arthur
Mallet, Henry
Maloret, Marie
Marett, Albert
Marett, Clifford
Marett, Doris
Marett, Ernest
Marett, George
Marett, Gertrude
Marett, Olive
Marquis, Cyril
Marquis, Irene
Marquis, Raymond
Marsh, Beatrice
Marsh, Frederick
Marshall, Doris
Marshall, Reginald
Martin, Phyllis
Masterman, Albert
Masterman, Stanley
Masters, Stanley
Mathew, James
Mathew, Ruby
Matson, Alfred
Matthews, John
McFadyen, Beryl
Medder, Hilda
Melville, Mavis
Merhet, Ernest
Merval, Elsie
Michel, Harold
Middleton, Kathleen
Middleton, Norman
Mitchell, Agnes
Mitchell, Henry
Mitchell, Kate
Moignard, Eric
Mollet, Percy
Moody, Arthur
Moody, Edgar
Moody, Harold
Moon, Ada
Moon, Albert
Moon, Bernard
Moon, Doris
Moon, Grace
Morin, May
Morin, Raymond
Moses, William
Moss, Winifred
Mouilpied, Francis
Mourant, Ruby
Moyns, Hilda
Moyns, Margaret
Moyns, Nancy
Neron, Edna
Neville, Henry
Neville, Lilian
Newson, Fred
Newson, Kathleen
Newson, Lily
Nicolle, Florence
Nicolle, Grace
Nicolle, Iris
Nicolle, John
Nicolle, Kathleen
Nicolle, Laurie
Nicolle, Sydney
Nicolle, Walter
Noel, Elsie
Noel, Verna
Norman, Lily
Norman, Martin
Norman, Percy
Norman, Phyllis
Olliver, Peter
Palmer, Stanley
Parr, William
Patch, Harry
Patch, Ivy
Paul, Hilda
Pepprell, Alfred
Perchard, Herbert
Perchard, Gladys
Perchard, John
Perchard, Lorna
Perchard, Phyllis
Perier, Charles
Perkins, Ernest
Perkins, Henry
Perkins, Henry
Perkins, Maud
Perkins, William
Perkis, Florence
Perks, Ruth
Perry, Ruby
Pezyet, Linda
Picot, May
Pinel, Stanley
Pipon, Arthur
Pipon, Harold
Pitman, Adelaide
Pitman, Dorothy
Pitman, Eleanora
Pitman, Lilian
Pitman, Phyllis
Pitman, Samuel
Plumbley, Irene
Plumbley, Rose
Poingdestre, Reginald
Poisson, Eunice
Poisson, Fred
Potter, John
Powell, Eileen
Powell, Stanley
Purkis, Reginald
Quenault, Francis
Querée, Beatrice
Queripel, Edward
Quintaine, Donald
Raffray, Winifred
Reed, Constance
Reed, Doris
Reed, Ivy
Reeves, Robert
Remphry, Dorothy
Remphry, Gladys
Renault, John
Renault, Madeline
Rennel, Percival
Renouf, Ada
Renouf, Alfred
Renouf, Dorothy
Renouf, Elsie
Renouf, Francis
Renouf, Frank
Renouf, Grace
Renouf, James
Renouf, Reginald
Renouf, Winnie
Reynolds, Winifred
Richard, Alice
Richardson, Cyril
Richardson, Violet
Richardson, William
Richardson, William
Richecoeur, Frank
Richomme, Albert
Richomme, Arthur
Richomme, Clarence
Roberts, Ellen
Roberts, Percy
Robinson, Eric
Robinson, Joyce
Roche, Christine
Rowe, Florence
Rowe, Hilda
Rowe, Stanley
Rowland, Frederick
Ruaux, Walter
Russell, Madge
Ryan, Phyllis
Sangan, Gladys
Sangan, Rose
Sangan, Sydney
Scholhammer, Stanley
Schollhammer, Jack
Schollhammer, Nella
Sebire, Raymond
Shales, Ada
Shales, Adelaide
Shales, John
Shales, Mabel
Shambrook, Rita
Simmons, Gertrude
Simmons, William
Simon, Doris
Simon, Samuel
Sinel, Frederick
Single, Bella
Skelton, Alice
Sleep, Evelyn
Smith, Audrey
Smith, Clifford
Smith, Edith
Smith, Florence
Smith, Gertrude
Smith, Harold
Smith, Harvey
Smith, Irene
Smith, Joan
Smith, Leslie
Smith, Marguerita
Smith, William
Smith, William
Sohier, Beatrice
Sohier, Philip
Somers, Margaret
Stephens, Alan
Stephens, Jessie
Stephens, Mary
Stoodley, Charles
Stoodley, Iris
Strudwick, Henry
Strudwick, Winifred
Sty, Albert
Symonds, Doris
Symonds, Elsie
Symons, Cyril
Symons, Iris
Symons, Raymond
Symons, Rita
Tarr, Arthur
Taylor, Marjorie
Tebb, Edith
Tebb, Philip
Thatcher, Charles
Thatcher, Frederick
Therin, Percy
Thérin, Sydney
Thomas, Florence
Thomas, Reta
Thomas, Walter
Thomas, William
Thompson, James
Thompson, Olive
Thornton, Beatrice
Tirrel, Cyril
Topping, Winifred
Tostevin, Alfred
Touzel, Dorothy
Tredant, Lily
Tredant, Nora
Turpin, Frederick
Varaillou, Belle
Varaillou, Charles
Varaillou, Edna
Varaillou, Emile
Vardon, Queenie
Vardon, Theresa
Vautier, Adolphus
Vautier, Doris
Vautier, Gladys
Vautier, Jack
Vautier, Lilian
Venement, Kathleen
Venement, Mavis
Vizard, Ethel
Walker, Edward
Wallace, Alec
Watkins, Elsie
Watkins, May
Watkins, Raymond
Werrin, George
Werrin, James
Westbrook, Harry
Westbrook, Wilfred
White, Bertha
White, Florence
White, Nellie
White, Sylvia
Whitley, Dorothy
Whittingham, William
Wills, Emily
Wilson, Frank
Winton, George
Woodman, Arthur
Woodsford, Henry
Woodsford, Kathleen
Woodsford, Phyllis
Woodsford, Winifred
Wright, Arthur
Wright, Ivy
Yeatman, Violet


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