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Admission Registers for St Mark's School including: name, address, date of birth, last school, date of admission and leaving.This register has been indexed by the name of the pupil. Please consult PDF for entries.

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April 1st 1868 - April 26th 1881


St Mark's School
Adams, Clara
Ahier, Ernest
Alix, Alice
Allisette, Lilly
Allisette, Sarah A
Amy, Bertha
Andrews, Frank
Andrews, Louisa
Angell, Fred
Arrowsmith, Alexandra
Arrowsmith, Christopher
Arrowsmith, Georgina
Arrowsmith, Maud
Aubert, Alice
Aubert, James
Aubert, Walter
Bailey, Arthur
Bailey, Emily A
Bailey, Jessie M
Bailey, Louisa M
Bailey, Walter G
Baker, Ida Charlotte
Baker, Laura
Baker, Lilian
Baltus, Christiana
Banks, Elizabeth
Banks, George
Banks, Henry
Banks, John Henry
Banks, Thomas
Barnett, Lillian
Barnett, Rose
Barnett, Rose M
Barsel, Jane
Barter, Elizabeth
Bartlett, George
Bartlett, Selina
Bates, Ada
Bates, Ada L
Bates, Francis
Beakbane, James
Beakbane, Walter
Beaugie, Annie
Beaugie, Florence
Beaugie, Harriet
Beaugie, Thomas
Beck, Bertha
Beck, Ethel
Beck, Reginald
Bertram, Ada
Bertram, Charles
Bertram, Clara J
Bertram, John
Best, Edwin
Bichard, Francis
Bird, Edward
Bird, Florence
Bird, Louisa
Bishop, Matilda
Bishop, William
Bison, Charles
Bisson, Charles S
Bisson, Elizabeth
Bisson, George
Blampied, Elizabeth
Blampied, Louisa
Blampied, Lydia
Borsel, Jane
Bowles, Ada
Bowman, Annie
Boyce, Violet
Bradford, August
Bragg, Lydia
Bray, Annie
Bray, Emily
Brent, Amelia
Brent, Louisa
Brent, Selina
Breton, Alfred
Brewer, Alice
Brewer, Georgina
Brewer, Jane
Briard, Emma
Britton, William
Brown, Edgar W
Brown, Florence
Brown, Manly C
Brown, Margaret
Buesnell, John
Bunell, John
Burch, Alfred
Burch, Florence
Burridge, Willie
Burt, Edgar
Burt, Edith
Bush, Bithüah
Cabeldu, Annie
Cabeldu, Leah A
Cabeldu, Walter
Campbell, Ada
Campbell, Kate
Campbell, Margaret
Campbell, Philis
Canibet, Alfred
Canibet, Jessie
Card, Jessie
Carpenter, Ada
Carpenter, Florence
Carpenter, Laura
Carpenter, Rhoda
Carpenter, Rosa
Carr, Eliza
Carr, Ellen
Carr, Fred
Carrel, Elizabeth
Carrel, Sophia
Carrigan, Michael
Carter, Charles
Catt, Amelia
Catt, Fanny
Catt, Hannah
Catt, Henry
Catt, Stephen
Cavey, Elias
Cavey, Elias M
Chaffe, Clara M
Chaffe, Ellen
Chaffe, Ellen M
Chaplin, Elsie M
Chapman, Elizabeth
Chapman, Ernest
Chapman, Thomas
Chatier, Zilda
Ching, Eleanor
Ching, Esther
Chinon, Alfred
Chinon, Lucy
Christopher, Samuel
Clark, Alice
Clark, George
Clark, Henry W
Cleal, Augusta
Cleal, Augusta
Cleal, Susan
Cleal, Talatha
Cleal, Talitha
Clunn, Alfred
Cobden, Anne
Cobden, Annie
Collings, Eliza J
Collings, Gertrude
Collings, Richard
Compton, Mary A
Coom, Edith
Coom, Ernest H
Coom, Fred
Coppin, Alice
Coppin, Arthur
Coppin, John
Coppin, Mary A
Corcoux, Ellen
Cory, Florence
Cory, Martha
Couper, Helena
Couper, Isabella
Court, James
Coutanche, Alice
Coutanche, Charles
Coutanche, Mary A
Cowley, Louisa
Cowley, Myra
Cox, Louisa
Crapp, Charles
Crapp, Fanny
Crapp, Walter
Crofts, Henry
Crofts, William
Cross, Eleanor
Cross, Janet
Crussell, Lillian
Cusack, William James
Cutland, Francis G
Cutland, Grace
Cutland, John F
Darling, Alfred
Darling, Kate H
Davey, Selina
Davis, Mary A
Day, Anna M
Day, Mary A
Day, Sophia
de Caen, Clara
de Caen, Emma
de Caen, Lydia
de Carteret, Alfred
de Carteret, Arthur
de Carteret, James
de Gruchy, Emily
De Gruchy, Emma
de Gruchy, Louisa
de La Camp, Daisy
de La Camp, Ernest
de la Cour, Isabella
de la Haye, Alfred
de la Lande, Clara A
de la Lande, Louisa J
de Ste Croix, Annie
de Ste Croix, Emily
de Ste Croix, Joseph
Dennis, Ada
Dennis, Arthur
Dixon, Agnes
Dixon, Annie
Dixon, Clara
Dixon, Emma
Dobin, Augusta
Dodge, Ellen
Donovan, Cornelius
Donovan, Kate
Donovan, Thomas
Doras, Amy
Doras, Emma
Doras, Lucy
Down, Arthur
Down, Ethel
Drew, Mary J
Drew, Mary Jane
Drew, Samuel J
Driver, George
Druce, Alice
Druce, Arthur
Druce, Eliza
Druce, Louisa
du Chemin, Florence
du Feu, Annie
Du Feu, Francis
du Gruchy, Elias
Duchmin, Florence
Duheaume, Alice
Duheaume, Henrietta
Dunford, Ada
Dunford, Amelia
Dunford, Julia
Dunsford, Alice
Dyke, Martha
Dyson, Emily
Dyson, Emily M
Dyson, Eva
Eager, Ada
Eager, George
Eager, Jessie
Eastley, Emily
Eastly, Louisa
Eastwood, Edith
Eastwood, Maude
Edwards, Elizabeth
Edwards, Jane
Edwards, Mary Louisa
Elie, Bertha
Elie, Blanche
Elie, Edward
Ellis, Annie
Ellis, Mary A
English, Jessie
Ereaut, Edith
Ereaut, Richard
Esnouf, John
Esnouf, Mary
Evenon, Eliza
Fallaize, Joseph
Fazackerley, Alice
Fazackerley, Elvina
Ferrant, Elise
Ferry, Elizabeth H
Ferry, Eugène
Ferry, John
Ferry, Rebecca
Fontaine, Edith F
Ford, Walter
Fountaine, Henry
Fowler, Alice
Fowler, Mary
Fuszard, Ada
Fuszard, Jane
Fuszard, Mary
Fuszard, William
Gale, Beatrice M
Gale, Susan
Gallichan, Anna
Gallichan, Anna S
Gallichan, Ernest
Gallichan, Florence M
Gallichan, John William
Gallie, Edwin
Gallie, Eliza
Gallienne, Martha
Garland, George W
Gaudin, Adela
Gaudin, Willie
Germain, Eva M
Gerrard, Annie
Gerrard, Elizabeth
Gerrard, Emily
Gibbs, Mary J
Godfray, Ada S
Godfray, Edwin
Godfray, Harriet
Godfray, Isabella
Godfray, Ruth
Godfray, William
Gordon, Mabel
Gould, Maria E
Gould, Robert
Graut, Jane
Gray, Alfred
Gray, Elizabeth
Gray, Federick
Gregeory, Elizabeth A
Griffon, Marie
Grigg, Ada
Grigg, Annie
Grigg, Emma
Grimmande, Andrew
Grimmande, George
Grout, Joseph
Guest, Annie
Guest, Emma M
Guest, Harry
Guiliard, James
Guillard, Louisa
Guilliard, Ernest E
Guilliard, James F
Guilliard, Lydia A
Guilliard, Walter H
Guppy, H M J
Hacking, Florence
Hacking, Henrietta
Hamon, Florence M
Hamon, George
Hamon, Jane
Hamon, Melvina J
Harben, Beatrice
Harben, Susan
Harby, Hester A
Harding, Arthur E
Harding, Eleanor
Harding, Elizabeth
Harding, Victorine
Hart, Florence
Harvey, Alice
Harvey, John
Harvey, Joseph
Harvey, Rose
Harvey, William
Hayward, Lena
Henry, Charles
Henry, Florence
Hoare, Annie
Hoare, Sarah J
Hodgeson, Ada
Hodgeson, Annie
Hodgeson, Louisa
Holland, Caroline
Holland, Fanny
Honeycombe, Eva
Honeycombe, Frederick
Honeycombe, Margaret A
Honeycombe, Thirsa
Hosking, Sarah
Hoskings, James
Hunt, Amelia
Hunt, Elizabeth
Hunt, Harriet
Hunt, Jane
Hunt, Jane Ann
Hunt, Louisa
Hunt, Percy
Hunt, Stephen
Hurse, Alfred
Hurse, Rose
Jackman, Josephine
Jackman, William
James, Caleb
Jasper, Selina
Jean, Jane E
Jean, Philip
Jerram, Florence
Jerrom, Mabel
Jerrom, Ralph
Jeune, Annie
Johnson, Ada
Johnson, Alice M
Johnson, Jane
Johnson, Kate
Johnson, Louisa
Jones, Adelaide
Jones, Amelia
Jones, Catherine
Jones, Herbert
Jones, Jessie
Jones, Sarah F
Jordan, Emily
Jordan, James
Jordan, John
Jordan, Maud
Jordan, Olivia
Journeaux, Florence
Journeaux, Jane
Journeaux, Lydia
Keeping, Agnes
Keeping, Alice
Keeping, Charles
Keeping, Edith
Keeping, Ellen
Keeping, Louis
Keeping, Robert
Killmister, Amelia
Kiney, Ellen
Knight, Fanny
Lahoney, Alice J
Lakeman, Ellen
Lakeman, Thomas
Lander, Emily G
Lander, Edward
Lander, Harry
Langford, Louisa
Langford, Mary J
Langley, Philip
Langlier, Edith
Laurens, Annie
Laventure, Elvina
Laventure, Ida
Lawrence, Charlotte
Le Bailey, Joseph
Le Bas, Hamilton
Le Boutillier, Alice J
Le Boutillier, Elizabeth
Le Breton, Adolphus Charles
Le Breton, Alfred
Le Breton, Jane
Le Breton, Lydia
Le Breton, Matilda
Le Breton, William G
Le Brocq, Annie
Le Brocq, Eliza
Le Brocq, Emma
Le Brocq, William
Le Brun, John
Le Brun, William
Le Chenard, Mary
Le Clair, Alice
Le Clair, Pauline
Le Cocq, Agnes
Le Cocq, Alice
Le Cocq, Ellen
Le Cocq, Frederick
Le Cocq, Maria
Le Cocq, Mary A
Le Cocq, Philip
Le Cocq, Rachel
Le Cocq, Walter
Le Cocq, William
Le Couteur, Alfred G
Le Couteur, Susanna
Le Couteur, Thomas J
Le Gallais, Annie
Le Gresley, Ada
Le Gresley, Bertha
Le Gros, Ada
Le Gros, Clara
Le Gros, Lizzie
Le Gros, Nora M
Le Marquand, Emma
Le Marquand, Mary A
Le Marquand, Sarah
Le Masurier, Alfred
Le Masurier, Lewis
Le Moine, Eliza
Le Monier, Lydia L
Le Monnier, George
Le Riche, Edward
le Roy, Alfred
Le Sauteur, Florence
Le Sauteur, Kate
Le Sauteur, Kate
Le Sauteur, William
Le Sauvage, Mary A
Le Sauvage, Nelson
Le Seilleur, Ellen
Le Seilleur, Frank
Legg, Edith
Legg, Edward
Legg, Eliza
Legg, Elizabeth J
Legg, Mary A
Legg, Thomas
Legg, William
Lempriere, Fred
Lempriere, Harry
Lempriere, Matilda
Leslie, Lucy
Levesque, Henry
Levesque, Isabel M
Levesque, John W
Levesque, Susan
Lihou, Edith
Lindsey, Elizabeth
Lindsey, Margaret
Lindsey, Mary
Linklater, Archibald
Lowndes, Laura
Lucas, Eliza
Luce, Alvina
Luce, Annie
Luce, Edith
Luce, Ernest
Luce, Louisa L
Lumley, Laura
Mache, Annie
Macready, Clara
Maguire, Alice
Maguire, Archibald
Maguire, Emily
Mahier, Josephine
Malzare, George
Malzare, John
Margrie, Mary J
Marrett, Edith G
Marrie, Ada
Marrie, Grace
Marshall, Amelia
Marshall, Clara F
Masurier, Mary E
Matson, Fred
Matson, Thomas
McAllen, Alice
McAllen, Ewell
McAllen, Florence
McAuliffe, Ellen
McFadyen, Annie
McFadyen, Arthur
McFarlin, Adelina
McKee, Adolphus
McKee, Lily
McLeod, Frederick W
McLeod, Richard
Messervy, Elvina
Messervy, Louisa
Michael, Isabella
Miller, Matilda
Mitchell, Alice
Moignard, Isabella
Moignard, William
Moors, Edward W
Morin, Albert Henry
Mortimer, Matilda
Mudford, Adolphus
Mulready, John
Mutford, William G T
Mutton, Alice
Mutton, Annie
Mutton, Louisa
Neftel, Mary A
Neil, Walter J
Newman, Edwin
Nicole, Ada A
Nicolle, Ada
Nicolle, Amanda
Nicolle, Charles
Noel, Ernest
Noquet, Ada
Norman, Alice L
Norman, Daniel James
Norman, James Philip
Norris, Alice E
Norton, Bessie
Nursey, Charles
Nursey, Clara
Nursey, George
O'Flaherty, Constance
O'Flaherty, Florence
Oldridge, Edwin
Oldridge, William
Ozard, Ada
Ozard, Mary A
Pallot, Ada
Pallot, Alice
Pallot, Henry
Pallot, Jane
Pallot, John
Pallot, Mary A
Pallot, Rachel
Parsons, Willie
Payn, Annie
Payn, Eliza
Payn, Philip
Pearce, George
Perchard, Alice
Perchard, Eleanor
Perchard, Philip
Perry, Louisa
Phillips, Edward
Picot, Francis
Picot, Matilda
Pigeon, Louisa
Pigeon, Philip
Pigeon, Walter
Pike, Jessie
Pirouet, Eliza L
Pitman, Sarah
Podger, Albert T
Podger, Amelia
Podger, Blanche
Podger, Edith
Podger, Robert
Poingdestre, Clara
Potter, Lillian
Potter, Maud M
Prevel, Alice
Prevel, John F
Pridmore, Louisa M
Pullen, Elizabeth
Randle, Edith
Randle, Herbert
Refault, Amelia
Refault, Emily J
Refault, Robert
Rendall, Augusta
Rendall, Edith L
Rendall, Thomas
Rendle, David
Rendle, Elizabeth
Rendle, William
Rennell, Harry
Rennells, Alice
Rennells, Charles
Rennells, Elizabeth
Rennells, Maria
Renouf, Fred
Renouf, George
Renouf, Henry
Renouf, James
Richards, Elizabeth
Richards, Jessie
Richardson, Emma
Rive, Florence
Roberts, Ellen
Roberts, James
Roberts, Mary
Roberts, Matilda
Robinson, Georgina
Robinson, Miriam
Robrough, Eliza
Robrough, Elizabeth
Robrough, Ellen
Robrough, Emma
Rondel, John
Rondel, Philip
Rose, Isabella
Rose, Alfred
Rose, Eliza
Rose, Louisa
Rose, Susan
Rose, Thomas
Rousby, Archie W
Rowe, Amy
Rowe, Louisa
Ruff, Albert
Ruff, Elizabeth
Russell, Lucy
Saunders, Ada
Saunders, Ellen
Scadden, Selina
Scott, Adèle
Seage, Florence
Seamean, William
Seney, Clara
Shambrook, Effie H
Shambrook, Henry
Shamrock, Louisa
Sheppard, Ellen
Simmonne, Eliza
Simmonne, Emile
Simmonne, Ernest
Sinclair, Agnes
Sinclair, Emily
Sinclair, Florence
Sinclair, William
Sinel, Alice
Sinel, Florence
Single, Emma
Single, Percy
Sleep, Arthur
Small, Susan
Smith, Amelia
Smith, Arthur
Smith, Cicely May
Smith, Clarence
Smith, Frederick
Smith, Georgina E
Smith, Rhoda
Smith, Walter
Spencer, Grace A
St Croix, Annie
St Croix, Emily
Stansbury, Alice
Stansbury, Eliza
Statt, Elizabeth
Statt, Emma
Stear, Ellen
Steel, Clarence W
Steel, Clement
Steel, Esther
Stephens, Amelia
Stephens, Annie E
Stephens, Henry
Stephens, Louisa
Stevens, Elizabeth
Strang, Isabella
Sullivan, Magdaline J
Syvret, Annie
Taylor, Edmund
Taylor, Florence
Taylor, Lottie
Therin, Charles
Thomas, Bertha
Thorn, Charles
Tibot, Ada
Torode, Amy L
Tostevin, Georgina
Trolic, Emile
Trowbridge, Alice
Trowbridge, Florence E
Trowbridge, Sidney
Tucker, Albert
Tucker, Alice
Tucker, Handley
Valentine, Selina
Vance, George
Varcoe, Amelia
Varcoe, Annie
Varcoe, Helena
Varcoe, Mary A
Vautier, Elsie
Vickers, John
Viney, Jessie
Volley, Annie
Volley, Eliza
Wakeham, Annie
Wakeham, Esther
Wakeham, George
Walbridge, John
Wallbridge, Alice
Wallbridge, Bessie
Wallbridge, Elizabeth
Wallbridge, Sarah
Walters, Maria
Warren, Alfred
Warren, Mary Ann
Watts, Christopher Alfred
Watts, Elizabeth
Watts, Emma
Watts, George
Watts, Henry
Watts, James
Waugh, Eric
Waugh, Katherine E
Waugh, Lilly
Waugh, Wallace
Way, Edith
Way, Edwin
Way, Frederic
Waylan, Ellen
Waylan, Margaret
Waylan, Mary
Weay, Alfred Francis
Webb, Annie
Wetherall, Elvina
Wetherall, George
Wheeler, Susan
White, Alfred E
White, George
White, Henry
White, Mary A
White, Samuel
Whittle, Alice
Williams, William
Wilson, Louisa
Wiltshire, John
Woodford, Edith A


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