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St Mark's Boys School Log Book. This volume records the daily events at the school and has been indexed by name of the person mentioned. The index created by volunteers has been attached as a PDF so that you can see the page numbers the person is mentioned on. The volume has not been digitised to date so you will need to contact the Archive to obtain copies of the relevant pages.

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1862 - 1883


St Mark's National School
Martyn, Walter
Brewer, John James
Wyatt, G
Heath, C, Reverend
Davey, Isaac
Heath, Mr
Le Visne, Miss
de la Taste, Mr
Mountain, Dr
Sohier, Mr
Le Hardy, Reverend
Le Vin, Miss
Cumberland, Colonel
Hake, Adolphus
Carter, Samuel
Barry, H B
Munn, Reverend
Long, Mr
Jutting, Miss
Rowe, Simeon
Webb, Harry
McCabe, John
Germain, Philip
Fallaise, Peter
Tramp, John
Carter, Mrs
Dugdale, Mr
Mutton, George
Holland, William
Cotton, Mr
Carter, Samuel T
Tregarten, W F
Brewer, J
Germain family
Brasnell, Miss
Grandin, Francis
Amy, Alfred
Hamon, Samuel
Bassett, Robert
Fontaine, Alfred
Moore, William
Heath, Mr
Carter, Charles
Querée, Joseph
Perrel, Peter
Goodfellow, Thomas
Carter, Mrs
Ahier family
Willing, Mr
Rowe, Simeon
Campbell, W
Harrison, Miss
Honeycombe family
Matthews family
Nicolle family
de la Cour, Mary
Bayley, William
Boomer family
Mill family
Le Cras Family
Warren family
Pickel, Walter
Heath, Mr
Mutton, George
Webb family
Bateman, Mrs
Bassett, Robert John
Perrot family
Brown, J
Renouf, Hubert
Harding family
Penney, John
Heath, Mrs
Jutting, Miss
Thompson, Mr
Nicolle, Elias
Brown, John
Poole, Mr
Young, Mr
de la Taste, Mr
Le Boeuf, Mr
Dodge, William
Brown, George
Higgins, William
Fell, Reverend
Campbell, W
Mitchell, J, Reverend
Cory, William
Fauvel, Owen
Jones family
Jeune family
Lott, Mr
Warren, William
Tibbles, Mrs
Moore family
Thatcher, Mrs
Bull, Dr
Jones, Miss
Le Cras, Francis
Clifton, Charles Fanthorp
Hemery, Colonel
Whittle, John
Turgis, Edward
Little, Miss
de Faye, Mr
Goodfellow, Thomas
Rowe, Simeon
Thompson, Reverend
Coops, Ernest
de la Core, M
Matthews, Henry
Tomasic, M
de la Core, Mary
Bassett, J
Babot, Edwin
Bassett, Robert
Heath, Mr
Harding, Robert
Matthews, H
Heath, Mrs
Carter family
Cooper family
Chant, Mrs
Fentum, Miss
Gale family
Borelle, Mr
Holland family
White, Miss
Clifton, Mrs
Campbell, Reverend
Mills, N
Journeaux family
Gregor, Mr
Pallot, P
Down, A
Hall, W
Burt, W
Coope, Emily
Farnham, Mr
Carter family
Bennett, Mr
Handcock, Reverend
Bilton, Mr
Ball, W
Horant, J
Boielle, Mr
de la Taste, Edward
Anderson, E
Partridge family
Burt family
Davey family
Squibb family
Sainthill family
Moss family
Davey, C
Owen, Miss
Burt, W
Long, W
Carter, Charles W
Handcock, Mr
Boomer, G
Eastwood, Mrs
Eastwood, Miss
Cochran family
Davey, Mr
Long, W
Howard, John
Farnham, J J, Reverend
Le Masurier, W
Carter, W
Journeaux, A
Le Chasseur, G
Querée, E
Sainthill, R
Gales, C
Le Scelleur, J
Remon, Susan
Shirvall, E
Trowbridge, M J
Le Gros, C
Grigg, A
Payne, W
de Gruchy, A
Barton, H
Gale, A
Shirvall, A
Le Scelleur, A
Howard Family
de la Taste, Edward
Long, W
Boomer, Georgina
Howard, Mr
Sainthill, R
Journeaux family
Anderson, E
Eastwood, Mary
Navarre, Mr
Boielle, Mr
Carter, C
Cochran, Lydia
Sherer, Admiral
Brewer, Mr
Harvey, Captain
Brewer, J
Clifton, Mr
Single, William
Carter, Charles
Thorn, Willie
Danby, T W
Le Cras, Clarence
Gale, Frederick
Le Breton, Albert
Boomer, George
Le Masurier, Walter
Cochrane, F
Filleul, Mr
Hemery, Mr
Price, Mr
Price, Henry M L
Henry, Andrew
Peirson, Charles
Price, Henry, Reverend
Henry, Andrew
Eastwood, Mary
Faucett, Colonel
Pirie, Mr
Barnes, Mr
Penson, Charles
Langler, A
Egrie, William
Ahier, Miss
Le Seelleur, Alfred
Willis family
Vautier, Thomas
Langler, Francis
Bryne, Mr
Price, Mr
Fawcett, Colonel
Marshall, George
Heywood, William
Langler, P T
Pigeon, Joseph
Chevalier, H
Nursey, Fred
Holmes, Charles
Ruff, F
Ruff, A
Wakeham family
Langler, Alfred H
Spencer, H
Scott, Walter
Simpson, James
Wright, Edwin
Sherer, Admiral
de la Mare, B
Summerhayes, Edward
Mourant, John
Plege, Mr
Luce, E
Hemery, Colonel
Archard, Mr
Beck, H
Airth, Robert
Cobden family
Whelan family
Price, J
Marshall, Henry
Langler, J T
Davy, Mr
Brine, John Charles
Vautier, Thomas Elias
Croad, W
Croad, R
Robin, P
Bird, C
Payn, George
Druce family
Phelan family
Beck, H
Ashelford, E
Fox family
Werrin family
Luce, E
Luce, A
Mallet, F
Marshall, H
Marshall, E
Overton, Mr
Vibert, Mr
Plege, J N
Price, Henry
White, F
Langler, F
Spencer, Charles
Honeycombe, Richard
White, Miss
Gray, W C
Brine, J C
Le Brun, W
Matson family
Druce, Joseph
Langler, T
White, S
Le Riche, F
Day, G
de Quetteville, P
Rundle, R
Carter, T
Matson, John
Gould, Mr
Matson, Walter
Smith, A
Hutchings, M
Wayland, William
Cory family
Price, Henry
Bullen, J
Briard, P
Langlois, P
Eastwood, H
Vautier, T E C
Le Marquand, J
Lihou, F
Henry, Walter
Allen, Henry
Voisin, F
Jerom, Ralph
Robin, P
Brine, J C
Mutton, Frank
Mutton, William
Single, William
Ronsby, Arthur
Eastwood, Harry
Le Gresley, F
Morley, William
Blampied, G
Mourant, C
Sleep, A
Decaux, George
Decaux, John
Fontaine, G
Smith, W
Borelle, Mr
Mourant, William
Godfray, William
Godfray, E
Hanby, W
Hanby, H
Podger, Charles
Holland, Frank
Laventure, A
Arrowsmith, C
Burt, W
Vautier, P T
Thomas, E
Rowland, J
Falle, Thomas
Clement, George
Allen, John
Lander, Henry
Hocquard, J
Esnouf, J
Le Seelleur, P
Pirie, Mr
McFadyen, Thomas
White, Alfred
Banks, George
Coom, Ernest
Amy, V
Mutton, William
de Gruchy, W
Hutton, P
Honeycombe, John
Dyson, F L
de la Cour, W
Marett, Charles
Vibert, John
Virture, C E
Watts, Henry
Canivet, F
Jones, A
de la Cour, P
de la Londe, C
Cory, W
Gellender, E
de la Cour, F
Vibert, J
Gallichan, M
Le Gallais, Theodore
Coutanche, J
Viel, Charles
Le Couteur, Thomas
Swietoslawski, A
Le Sueur, E
Stansbury, J
Le Sueur, T
Le Breton, Thomas
Ereaux, R
Le Maistre, W B, Reverend
Bisson, James
Dolbel, George
Glover, Mr
Sharland, S
Smith, F
Dyson, R
Jordan, J
Cooper, D
Vautier, W
Nicolle, Charles
de la Camp, C
Catt, S
Guppy, W
Robin, Philip
Marquand, A
Jean, P
Le Sueur, E


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