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St Mark's Boys School Log Book. This volume records the daily events at the school and has been indexed by name of the person mentioned. The index created by volunteers has been attached as a PDF so that you can see the page numbers the person is mentioned on. The volume has not been digitised to date so you will need to contact the Archive to obtain copies of the relevant pages.

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1883 - 1902


St Marks National school
Brine, John Charles
Vautier, Thomas E C
Eastwood, H H
Dolbel, George
Price, Henry
Wilde, R, Reverend
Price, Reverend
Renouf, E
Luce, Edouard
Gedge, J W
du Feu, J
Barnes, James
Guilliard, Walter
Cavey, E
Troy, Henry
Gregory, H
Gregory, G
Lowe, A
Cox, William
Carrel, Charles
Prigg, J
Langreish, J
Carrel, W
Midgeley, J
Britton, S
Le Couteur, A
Cabeldu, F
Andrews, S
MacColl, Reverend
Guillard, W
Watts, J
Ingram, A
Clement, George
Guilliard, E
Crespin, William
Crespin, C
Higgins, G
Philips, A
Bright, Mr
White, George
Robin, Philip
Chubb, C
MacColl, Malcolm, Reverend
Dolbel, George W
Pluck, A
Le Breton, Arthur
Brown, Manley
de Ste Croix, R
Vickers, J
Garland, George
Melville, George
Carrel, C
Le Maistre, W B
Coutanche, C
Clark, Henry
Mason, George
Hunt, C
Bertram, C
Holloway, Mr
Vautier, T
Cowdery, F
Godrich, J
Hunt, C
de Quetteville, Clement A
Hurley, William
Bichard, F
Fallaise, J
Guilbert, A
Thobs, Thomas
Sinel, Henry
Bisson, George
Donovan, C
Lakeman, Thomas
Sherland, W
McKee, A
McKee, E
Le Cocq, Thomas
Le Cocq, W
Le Sauteur, W
Pepin, J
Clark, W
Hoffman, F
Le Ruez, John
Banks, Henry
Querée, John
Bisson, C
Sebine, Henry
Chubb, John
Briard, J
Dorey, Charles L
Renouf, C G
Corbel, Walter
Mudford, Thomas
Donovan, Cornelius
Carteret, E C M
Giffard, A
Oldreive, W
Ahier, Thomas
Brint, S
Matson, E
Luce, L
Benest, F
Alexander, J
Bright, Mr
Pepin, John William
Arkwill, A H
Rose, F
Rose, T
Rowcliffe, A
Lambert, P
Burridge, William
Giffard, William
Mudford, William
Nursery, C
Carter, Reg
Donovan, Thomas
du Orange, E
Podger, A
Buckthorpe, A
Le Breton, William
Prigg, Jabez
Aubert, B
Ashwell, Reverend
Woodsford, A
Woodsford, J
Ashwell, A H
Cowern family
Davison, William
Hill, William
Blackman, George
Blackman, F
Jewel, Charles
Nursery, Charles Edward
Clark, Walter
Smith, J
Smith, Thomas
Luce, E
Robin, Philip, Lieutenant Colonel
de St Croix, W
Carter, O
Baxter, Alf
Malzard, P H
Le Marquand, George
Pepin, John W
Godrich, A
Ashwell, A H, Reverend
Le Clercq, A
Honeycombe, S
Thorn, R
Sherring, Wilfred
Gallie, W
Marett, A
Single, A
Hamon, George
McFadyen, A
McFadyen, W
Taylor, Reverend
Goldsmith, J
Journeaux, William
Hambly, William
Viel, Walter
Edgar, A H
Legg, Edwin
Thorn, Walter
Hardy, John
Ahier, Fred
Cowern family
Robin, Philip
Bisson, J
Downs, A
Ellett, C
Mutton, A
Malzard, Leon
Brideaux family
Pallot, R
Lempriere, J
Turpin, J
Bliault, A
Hambly, W C
Ashwell, A H
Nursery, George Sydney
Vautier, Thomas Elias Cabot
Bryant, Arthur
Burrows, Edward H
Luce, Edward
Pepin, J W
Cutland, John F
Brine, John Charles
Hammond, Henry
Le Cras, Henry
Copson Peake, Edward
Tocque, Fred
Hamby, William
Smith, J
Ashwell, A H
Romeril, F
Viel, Walter
Langler, Alfred H
Duval, George
Asplet family
Angell, R
Guilleaume, Charles
de Guelle, Albert
Neale, A
Bisson, William
Messervy, J Arthur
Langler, Alfred
Berry, Herbert
Gosselin, Alf
Le Couteur, George
Mauger, A
Le Feuvre, L
Hymen, George H G
Benest, R
Carter, C
Billot, Stanley
Alexander, John Winter
Langlois, John Henry
Stone, C
Gosselin, Arthur
Kendall, W
Coutanche, P
Carter, William
Le Couteur, Thomas
Stephens, C
Le Feuvre, A
Langlois, John H
Gill, S
Alexander, John W
Bundy, F
Bundy, W
Balleine, W
Le Gallais, T
Le Feuvre, E
Beaugeard, Percy
Winchester, Bishop of
Pinton, A W
Le Feuvre, L A
Wilde, R
Averty family
Honeycombe family
Cawley Family
Plint family
Arrowsmith, W
Shambrook, W
Stephens, F
McFarling family
Mesny, J
Philips, A
Thorne, C
Brown, W
Brown, A
Honeycombe, A
Baker, P
Le Cocq, C
Noble, F
Mutton, H
Marett, George
Richardson, William
White, Walter
Driscoll, W
Medder, William
Owen, Guy
de Gruchy, Stanley
Jerrom, J
Prigg, J
Bligh, Andrew Pascoe
Buesnel, Edmond Clement
Allen, A
Parkes, C
Oldreive, H
Oldreive, S
Honeycombe, W
Barnes, A
Gallichan, R
Stephens, F
Richardson Family
Willmett, J
Jordan, R
Grant, E
Woodsford, C
Willmett, W
Cornish, J
Medder, C
Matthews, J
Pigeon, G
Bailey, J
Darling, P
Lempriere, J
Grant, H
de Gruchy, P
Le Cras, P
Davey, A
Taylor, F
Benest, P
Gaudin, C
Davey, E
Horton, P
Brown, A
Lee, A
Bretel, J
Plymen, G
Bligh, Andrew Pascoe
du Feu, W
Reed, A
Renouf, E M
Burrows, Edward H
Laurens, F
Leslie, J
Touzel, H
Connell, W
Pearce, W
Willmett, A
Hunt, T
Cawley, H
Hibbs, G
Stephens, A
Matson, W
Shambrook, A
Luce, Edward
Prigg, Jabez
Brine, John Charles
Langlois, John H
Buesnel, Edmond Clement
Woodsford, Harry
Leech, Alick Charles
Cutland, John F
Burrows, Edward H
Laurens, Herbert
Le Breton, A
Le Breton, W
Poingdestre Family
Ahier, C
Wyatt family
Bartlett family
Ryan family
Le Lievre, H
Bligh, Lawrence P A
Coutanche, H
Ereaut, G
Jerram, H
Langlois, H
Woodsford, H
de Gruchy, P
Bisson, J
Oldreive, Henry
Le Bas, William
Le Feuvre, L A
Gill, Mr
Fox, E
Hibbs, G
Stephens, A
Cornish, A
Oldreive, P
Coles, J
Andrews-Bligh, P L
Penney, J
Ereaut, Gordon Stuart
Jeune, Mr
Le Feuvre, Mr
Cowdery, P
Lancashire, F
Fox, Edward
Whittle, Henry
Lancashire, H
Gill, S
Penny, J
Penny, W
Robin, Philip
Florance, C
Hibbs, Gordon Ewart
Le Fleming, Hugh
Newcombe, William
Le Bas, R
Buesnel, E


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