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St Mark's Boys School Log Book. This volume records the daily events at the school and has been indexed by name of the person mentioned. The index created by volunteers has been attached as a PDF so that you can see the page numbers the person is mentioned on. The volume has not been digitised to date so you will need to contact the Archive to obtain copies of the relevant pages.

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1902 - 1935


St Mark's National School
Balleine, T E
Brine, John Charles
Cutland, John Foote
Prigg, Jabez Luther
Le Feuvre, Lydia A
Buesnel, Edmond C
Hibbs, Gordon E
Le Fleming, Hugh
Guppy, J
Gill, S
Florance, Mr
Brine, Charles
Romeril, F
Ahier, P
Hall, I
Hall, A
Le Sueur, Clement
Luce, Edouard
Bush, S
Danby, J W
Cudlipp, Herbert
Hancock, Reverend
Le Branchu, J
Danby, T W
Renouf, George
Hake, Henry
MacNeill, Thomas
MacNeill, J
Bouchere, A
English, A
Howard, R
Asplet, A
Nerac, P
Stevens, W
Olury, S
Downton, G
Le Breton, G
Honeycombe, W
Bailey, A
Hall, Thomas
Gaudin, G
Le Mesurier, Alfred L
Otway, Lady
Cocq, C
Montgomery, A, Colonel
Marett, J
Clech, R
Thelland, Annie Louise
English, A
Bailey, Alf
Goubert, Sid
Machon, J
Howard, Robert
Hall, Thomas
Bisson, Harold
Stevens, Neville
Downton, George
Le Breton, George
Gaudin, E
Mordrette, Raoul
Neville, C
Le Sueur, E
Le Feuvre, E
Pipon, George
Dingle, H
Harrison, H E B
Thorne, William
Clements, E
Cavey, M
Paul, William
Reed, William
Holmes, C
Hiatt, Fred
Denis, William
Neil, D
Remy, William
Boon, Mr
Hubert, S
Champion, W
Pluck, A
Farley, J
Farley, S
Thorne, W
Morrison, F
Neville, H
Neville, C
Palmer, W
Le Breton, A
Baudains, C
Le Quesne, P
Desvergez P
Collet, J
Moore, S
Plumbley, F
d'Authreau, William Victor
Le Boutillier, Harold Randolph
Balleine, F W
Lyle, L
Le Bas, Frank
Guiliana, Albert
Le Cras, George
Pagett, J, Reverend
Gould, Alf
Le Meur, E
Beckford, H
Chapman, W
Wilson, H
Dickinson, C
Bree, E
Neville, R
Jenson, B
Allan, H
Devenish, R
Jeune, A
Aubin, E
Le Caudey, H
Carter, H
Edwards, F J
Filleul, A
Tank, F
Le Sauvage, S
Le Gros, Ernest Philip
Pagett, Joseph
Martin, H
Nerac, P
Neville, C
Bisson, Elie
Gosling, Reverend
Hubert, S
Bichard, J
Baudains, A
Baudains, J
Thorne, P
Cain, R
Pigeon, W
Stopher, J
Single, E
Le Saux, F
Neville, B
Bree, A
Bree, E
Pain, S
Stephens, B
Carter, H
Hoar, E
Wallis, A
Little, Louisa M
Cavey, Malcolm
Luce, C
Drelaud, George
Jarnett, F
de la Haye, Sid
Watts, William
Laurens, Malcolm
More, Reverend
Germain, T G
Little, William
Falle, William
Neville, B
Wilson, Henry
Gallichan, Wilf
Aubin, Edward
Le Breton, Alf
Gale, Leslie
Le Gros, C
Gruchy, Bernard
Benest, E
Webber, W
Page, A F
Touzel, R
Audrain, Albert
Collett, J
Gale, L
Machon, William
Thorne, P
Monet, H
Wilson, H
Pain, S
Butcher, A
Dusedeau, E
Dickenson, C
Richardson, G
Banks, A
Le Gros, Herbert
Briggs, F
Mauger, William
Gallichan, Herbert
Finnegan, Leonard
Neville, Harold
Le Bas, S
Hubert, K
Macon, Clifford
Nicolle, E
Poore, Miss
Le Lievre, C
Le Boutillier, J
Devenish, Albert
Dickenson, Cyril
Devenish, Reg
Farley, Stan
Howard, Albert
Boon, Mr
Vautier, Mr
Champion family
Fox, Eric
Norris, Leonard
Danican, L
Noor, Edward
Elliot, W
Chevalier, C
Le Feuvre, C
Renouf, William
Smith, William
Cornu, J
Journeaux, W
Brine, Charles
Jeffs, B
Bailey, H
Matson, E
Robin, C, Colonel
Chapman, W
de Castro, J
Noel, S
Watts, B
Clark, Edward
Benest, F
Stokes, H
Billot, J
Hardman, R
Andrews, W
Chaffe, William
Cunningham, C
Gilley, C
Bliaux, C
Gallie, R
Gallie, Bertie
Hyne, Cecil
Blampied, F
Bliaux, George
Little, William
Hibbs, Miss
Le Marquand, A
Sampson, Reginald
Richommes family
Le Lievre, Miss
Anley, J
Anley, R
Vann, Aubrey
Vann, C
Le Brun, G
Richard, Peter
Bird, Charles
Walker, Arthur
Cabot, Philip
Harding, Clarence
Neal, A T
Noel, D A
Le Breton, M
Filleul, I
Williams, Wyn
Avery, G E
Sibley, Charles
Ceppi, W M
Arthur, M
Nicolle, Leonard
Le Marquand, E M
Cabot, J P
Quémard, F
Gruchy, Dorothy, née Ahier
McKinstry, Dr
Mackin, Stanley
Ceppi, Marc
Carter, A B
Le Ber, Horace
Bellie, Victor
Coles, Reg
Romeril, Cyril
Pitman, Charles
St George, Charles
Le Conte, Eric
Beckford, Claude
Le Quesne, Walter
Ozard, Hector
Falle, Robert
Blanchard, Royston
Morin, Alfred
de Ste Croix, Herbert
Moon, Oswald
Symons, Arthur
Le Rue, Cyril
Williams, Ivor
Gruchy, D
Neel, A T
Le Breton, M
Filleul, Miss
Bird, Charles
Rolland, Harold
Cabot, J P
Le Marquand, E U
Averty, G E
Buesnel, E
Rodda, R
Hughes, Ronald
Marsh, Harold
de Guelle family
Hyde, James
Malet de Carteret, R, Jurat
Falle, Samuel, 1854 - 1937, Dean of Jersey, 1906 - 1937
Prigg, William
Turpin, J
Turner, E C
Bird, E B
Renouf, J
Renouf, Mrs
du Feu, Herbert
Ereaut, Herbert F
Martin, Peter
Le Breton, M
Gruchy, Mrs
Lobb, John
Cowley, Miss
Le Breton, Miss
Neel, Miss
Avery, Mr
Tostevin, Raymond
Mallett, Mr
Buesnel, Eric
Beckford, Ken
Beckford, Claude
Arthur, Donald
Vibert, Leonard
Arthur, Allan
Emily, Miss
Le Feuvre, Mr
Ruff family
Beuzeval, Charles
Thompson, Mr
Duke of Kent
Prince of Wales
Ceppi, Mr


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