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Log Book for St Mark's Boys' School. This volume records the daily events at the school and has been indexed by name of the person mentioned. The index created by volunteers has been attached as a PDF so that you can see the page numbers the person is mentioned on. The volume has not been digitised to date so you will need to contact the Archive to obtain copies of the relevant pages.

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1935 - 1957


St Mark's National Boys' School
d'Authreau, William Victor
Le Breton, Muriel Olive
Neel, Amy Tessier
Gruchy, Dorothy, née Ahier
Catelinet, Marie, née Picot
Le Breton, John Langlois
Gale, John Orlando
Burnham, Mary Ann, née Lund
Danican, Desmond Louis Emile
Hubbard, Michael
Noel, Linda Louisa
Arthur, Fay Evelyn
Webster, James William Arthur
Quenault, Eric John
Le Feuvre, Ellen Marguerite
Durand, Mary Margaret
Richard, Athalie
Remon, Margaret Rose
Lloyd, Megan Isobel
Bennie, Irene Evelyn, née McCaig
Burman, Irene Violet, née Filleul
Thorburn, Dorothy Joan
Ceppi, Marc
McKinstry, Dr
Simon, Reginald
Le Breuilly, Thomas Kenneth
Le Breuilly, Emma
Thompson, Mr
Bird, Charles B
de la Mare, Frank
Parmée, Mr
McDonnell, Leo
Le Claire, Richard
Taylor, Hedley
Price, Mr
Dorey, Jurat
Langford, Mr
Valpy, Reverend
Billot, Mr
White, Ronald
Lennard, Edwin
O'Meara, Dr
Le Vesconte, Kenneth
Baker, R
Taylor, H
Aubert, John
Dingle, D
Le Sueur, L
Sarahs, R
Gallichan, G
McAvoy, R
de Gruchy, P
Maçon, Colin
Flambard, B
Le Blancq, J
Keywood, E
Noel, Charles
Dingle, B
Hilton, J
Hubert, M
Bryant, Richard
Hotton, C
Corbel, Mr
Ingram, A V
Horn, Geoffrey
Rabet, Maurice
Porée, Cecil
de Gruchy, Raymond
Garnier, Clarence
de Gruchy, Denis
Moignard, Brian
Syvret, Mr
Bennett, E M
Wallis, Dr
Le Bourgeois, Mrs
Le Bourgeois, William
Bougourd, Ronald
Bond, Nurse
Bull, M
Romeril, M
Pestel, G
Stoodley, D
Le Breton, Brian
Woodsford, M
Pirouet, E
Channing, Donald
Lockyer, Gary
Ahier, Gerald
Beaugie, Philip
Aubet, Gerald
Baudet, Philip
Porée, Raymond
Turner, Peter
Ahier, Brian
Clarke, Kenneth
Le Gac, John
Gibson, Mr
Morley, Ralph
Harper, Mr
Morrison, J P
Watkins, David
Chevalier, Robert
Best, Graeme
Carré, A L, Dr
Candlin, G A, Deputy
Chopping, Roy
Le Marquand, Mervyn
Le Sueur, Edwin
Perchard, David
Sohier, Philip
Amy, David
Hurel, Peter
Collas, Senator
Butler, R
Smith, Benjamin B
Whiteman, W
Holley, Paul
Wakeham, John
Gregory, David
Perchard, Geoffrey
Smith, Anthony
Godfrey, Mrs
Griffin, Cardinal
Stayte, Michael
de Ste Croix, Anthony
Capitain, Father
Carter, A B


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