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St Paul's Infants and Girls school Log Book. The school was divided into seperate Girl' and Infants' departments when the school relocated fromUnion Street to the New Street building in 1871. This volume records daily events, attendance figures and reports. An index of names has been created and attached with page numbers relating to entries. The volume has not been digitised to date so you will need to contact the Archive to obtain copies of relevant entries.

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October 1st 1862 - November 1st 1897


St Paul's National School
St Paul's Girls' School
Cleeve, Mrs
Atkinson, Mrs
de la Taste, A
Cleeve, W C, Reverend
Willing, Rebecca D
Perram, Mrs
de la Taste, Miss
Kendra, Miss
Gruchy, E F
Hooper, Miss
Marshall, Mr
Marshall, Mrs
Bennett, Mrs
Nicolle, A C
Sorel, Miss
Kendra, M
Solomons, Mrs
Monet, A
Barry, Reverend
Bennett, Sarah
Barry, H B
Bennett, Mr
Little, Miss
Forrest, Mrs
Charleton, Mrs
Rider, Miss
Ives, Mrs
Stammes, Mrs
Atkinson, C
Marshall, Miss
de Quetteville, Mrs
Horne, C
Watson, Mrs
Bailhache, Reverend
Patten, Mrs
Patten, Miss
Watson, Mrs
Watson, Miss
Tregarthen, W F, Reverend
Gruchy, Elizabeth F
Sorel, John
Sorel, A
Bowler, Mrs
Horne, Mrs
Kemp, Miss
Hancock, Miss
Cameron, Miss
Fisher, Miss
Sorel, S
Nicolle, C
Dawe, Miss
Millais, Mrs
Monet, Alice
Campbell, W, Reverend
Le Couteur, Miss
Le Cronier, Miss
Atkinson, Miss
Gruchy, L
Sutton, E
Herrivel, Helena
Smith, Mary Ann
Douglas, Robert, Reverend
Douglas, Mrs
Wright, Miss
Griffiths, Miss
Gossett, Miss
Poingdestre, Mrs
Paul, Mary Ann
Le Montais, Mrs
Reynolds, Charlotte F
Le Grand, Amelia
Hodsel, Miss
Renouf, Miss
Stracham, Amelia A
Russell, Jane E
Pirouet, A S
Danby, T W
Lindon, Reverend
Lindon, Mrs
Lindon, Miss
Le Cornu, Caroline E
Rendle, Charlotte M
Sketchley, Martha
Stone, Susan
Daniel, Lucy
Pirouet, Alice
Cronin, Elizabeth
Christopher, Louisa
Egland, Charlotte
Daniel, Amelia
Tregagle, Amelia
Single, Ada
Le Geyt, Mary Ann
Edgar, Alice
Curtis, Emily
Rendle, William
Hake, J
Andrews, Mary
Daniel, Lucy
Pirouet, Alice
Twynam, Rosina
Davis, Matilda
Cooper, Alice
Furzer, Mary Ann
de la Perrelle, Maud
Thatcher, Florence
Collett, Sarah
Hake, Jannett
Twynam, Annie
Pirouet, Mrs
Major, Miss
Willis, J A
Vaudin, W J
de St Paer, L E
Christien, E
Juste, Mary M
du Feu, Annie
Poingdestre, Elvina
Cropp, Louisa
Hunt, Emily
Slader, Rosa
Fauvel, A
Casson, A
Carter, M
Hunt, E
Coutanche, L
Renourd, L
Le Sueur, L
Le Gresley, D
Brewer, Mr
Smith, Henry B
Le Masurier, W
Webber, George A
Bragg, R
Hodges, Reverend
Briard, P
Gallichan, M
Voisin, F
Baker, Reverend
Wilde, R, Reverend
Chilcott, Alice
Hitchings, Louisa
Everson, A
de la Perrelle, Maud
Clark, Annie
Prigg, Ruth
Archard, T
Atkinson, Francis H, Reverend
Atkinson, Mrs
Green, Louisa
Clement, George
Langlois, P
Vertue, C E
Beck, Mr
Le Rossignol, G
Le Gallais, Theodore
Le Maistre, W B, Reverend
Godfray, Henry N
Bisson, James
Hennequin, Annie
Boyce, Richard, Reverend
de Gruchy, W L
Wilde, Mrs
Gee, Miss
Taylor, W J, Reverend
Harris, Clara
Abbott, Alice
Murphy, Gertrude
Nicolle, Alice
Coward, Ellen
Rabey, Alice O
Aubin, Lily
Woodsford, Edith
Cabeldu, Leah A W
Bosdet, Mr
Launey, Miss
Bright, Mr
Cabeldu, Annie M
Hemery, Miss
Nicolle, Alice L
Benest, C
de Quetteville, Clement A
Ahier, L
Balleine, J J, Reverend
Adams, T
Hall, K
McFarline, M
Taylor family
Moody, Reverend
Nicolle, L
Gosling, Ada
Malet de Carteret, E C
Orange, Edward
Honeycombe, Gertrude
Arthur, Alice
Clayton, Sir William
Stoneman, Maud
Male, E
Brehot, L
Selby, A
Aubin, A
Billot, Victoria
Osment, E
Blampied, A
Watts, E
Lehudé, E
Le Geyt, Laura
Baker, M
Humber, L
Le Cornu, H
Arrowsmith, M
Underhill, E
Tramp, F
Gallichan, M
Taylor, N
Oldridge, A
Davison, M
Bucknell, M
Lane, M
Stevens, Muriel
Asplet, Mary
Le Gresley, Anna
Wallis, Emma
Malzard, P H
Daniel, C T
Jones, A
Sarre, M
Lindsey, Elizabeth
Baker, A
Touzel, A E
Bowden, Louisa
Vincent, Eliza
Pigeon, Beatrice
Watkins, Rachel
Watkins, Florence
Bisson, Alice
Hutenet, Mary
Snell, Reverend
Marrett, J
Gallichan, E
Gallichan, Susan
Mutton, R
Averty, M
Cross, M
Murphy, F
Coutanche, A
Burrows, Edward H
Law, Helen S
Le Sueur, Deputy
Smyth, Henry A, Reverend
Tostevin, Rosa
Stoneman, E
Le Cornu, Edith
Moyse, Lilian
Le Geyt, Lilian
Atkinson, T, Reverend
Norman, Annie
Coom, Florence
Coom, Bertha
Lambert, Christine C
Lesbirel, Hilda
Brewer, Emily
Prigg, Mrs
Stirling, Reverend
Buttfield, Mr
Brewer, Mr
d'Authreau, Mary
Morbaker, B
Le Cronier, Ernest
Le Masurier, Lilian
Birmingham, Florrie
Herault, Delphine
Cabeldu, Jeanne Rosalie
Bulstrode-Pryor, E, Reverend
Rive, Miss
Peake, Mrs
Hobbs, Augustine
Griffiths, J, Reverend
Pryce, E B, Reverend
Balleine, H
Le Sueur, H
Ourell, Herbert
Wheeler, Colonel
Wheeler, Mrs
Winton, A
Luce, Edward
Le Four, Ethel
Pryce, Mrs
Millais, Mrs
Buttfield, C B
Brophy, A
Moss, C
Cave, K
Varoon, S
Blampied, Mary
Carrel, Clarisse
Newman, Elsie
Renouf, L
Douglas, R, Reverend
Brock, Reverend
Renouf, E B
Turner, Lily
Pirouet, Amelia
Hilton, E
Gray, Colonel


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