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St Paul's Girls' School (from 1913 St Helier's New Street Girls' School) Log Book. This volume records daily events, attendance figures and reports. An index of names has been created and attached with page numbers relating to entries. The volume has not been digitised to date so you will need to contact the Archive to obtain copies of relevant entries.

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November 4th 1897 - February 29th 1924


St Paul's Girls' School
St Helier's New Street Girls' school
Chadwick, D
Le Feuvre, R F
Gill, S
Mellor, Ada
Le Masurier, Ethel
Renouf, Laura
Le Masurier, Maud Marion
Elliot, Stella
de Ste Croix, Stella
Huelin, Gladys Mabel
Statt, Olive
Giffard, Gerty
Trump, Violet
Case, Minda
Moody, Mrs
Blanchard, Mrs
Anthony, Mr
Amy, Mr
Le Bas, Mr
Bertram, J
Baker, W Duke, Reverend
Truscott, Mrs
Bertram, Mrs
Hindle, C, Reverend
Le Roux, James
Pirouet, Thomas F
Varin, Eunice
Le Feuvre, C F
Lilycrap, Dorothy
Hindle, Mrs
Mellor, Lucy H
Pallot, Lydia Ann
Salmon, Mr
Highfield, Miss
Whistler, Mr
Jeandron, Mrs
Dale, Elsie
Bartlett, Maria Miller
Bone, Mr
Troy, G
McCabe, Miss
Alexandre, G P
Lesbirel, Constance
Noel, Elsie
Binet, A
Balleine, F E
Bush, S
Vincent, Ina
Adkins, Mr
Rossier, P A
Richardson, P N
Roy, G
Le Roux, Alice Mabel
Driscoll, Eliza Ann
Picot, Hilda
Danby, Mr
Caton, T
Perkins, Elsie
Baudains, Mr
Chappuis, Dr
Harrison, S
Prince, Mr
Le Feuvre, E
Turpin, Florence Louise
Dunstan, Morfydd
Goaziou, Annie Mary
de Gruchy, Myrtle V
du Heaume, Amy
Spencer, Frances
Guiton, Lilian
Cabot, Florence
Pinel, Emily
Le Piez, Florence
Venement, Edith
Cummings, Elsie
Le Boutillier, Irene
Statham, Reverend
Mesny, Mr
Boone, Mr
Falle, Mrs
Dean of Jersey
Buttfield, Mrs
Le Roux, Grace Lisette
Smith, Jessie
Bowring, Miss
Burt, Miss
Mollet, Bessie
Le Ray, C
Alexandre, Mrs
Grimshaw, Hilda
Bell, Reverend
Stevens, Miss
Dunsford, Miss
Witt, Winnie
Moody, Charlotte
Ensor, G, Reverend
Darling, O W, Reverend
Baton, T
Randall, Phyllis
Gale, Bertha
Le Breton, Rubina
Poynder, A, Reverend
Dean, F, Reverend
Amy, Louise Marguerite
de Carteret, Mr
de Carteret, Mrs
Synott, Mr
Dr Barnado's Homes
Walker, Mr
Goodfellow, Lily
Goodfellow, Lorna
Hotton, Mrs
Le Bas, G C
Mitchell, Lily Beatrice
Germain, Mr
Poynder, Mrs
Dothement, Louise
Dothement, Adele
Richardson, Blanche Amy
Le Rossignol, Mrs
Ambert, Mrs
Le Couteur, Marie Marguerite
Bishop of Winchester
Perkins, Winifred Annie
Stevens, Miss
Tucker, Dorothy
Cory, J
Norris, Lily
Guillou, Lily
Vernon, Sir William Henry Venables, Bailiff of Jersey
Butler, Lily
Masters, Iris
Lawrence, Marjorie
Hawksford, C V
Kelling, P W
Journeaux, Ethel
Dimond, W M
Heritage, Henrietta Amy
Fox, Mabel
Marett, Elsie
Marett, Ethel
Moyse, Mabel
Watkins, Mabel
Watkins, Elsie
Neville, Alice
Barrow, Mr
Goulton, Lilian
Huelin, Grace
Page, A F
Harben, Edith
Grandin, Mildred de Carteret
Le Bourgeoise, Adeline
Andrews, E
Guiton, Doris
Emily, Miss
Starck, Miss
Stone, Florence Eliza
du Pré, Lilian
Le Breton, Susan
Nursey, Anna
Watterson, Annie May
Payn, Jurat
Le Sueur, Elsie Maud
Hadley, Arthur Victor
Fudge, Mabel
Amy, Aileen
Pallot, Rose
Plasting, Mr
Cadiou, Margaret Fanny
Husband, Lucy
Kay, Lilian Grace
Coombs, Winifred Ada
Le Cronier, H
Bresset, Vera
Payn, Eva Winifred
Robinson, Lilian
Wilson, Winnie
Davey, Nellie
Bailey, G
Guiton, Gladys Gertrude
Davy, Ethel Albina
de Ste Croix, Lilian Agnes
Hunt, Winnie
Jeune, Lily
Touzel, Dorothy
Male, Ena
Ellis, Ivy
Davey, Constance
Channing, Edna
Kellaway, Doris
Robins, Ethel
de la Perrelle, Lucille
Wesley Dennis, Miss
Mauger, Lily
Frost, Amy
Frost, Gladys
Gruchy, Gladys
Hacquoil, Dora Jane
de Gruchy, Myrtle Victoria
Cabot, Emily
Filleul, Irene
Cabot, E
Richardson, V
Le Blancq, Louisa P
Cheeryl, Mr
Mundy, Marguerita Adeline
Ceppi, Marc
Renouf, C
Osmond, Maud
Bowden, Yvonne
Lobb, Mabel
Ayling, Grace
Collins, Grace
Marett, Dr
Le Feuvre, Walter
Mauger, Dorothy Christiania Bearman
Hannigan, D
Burt, Miss
Corbel, Mr
Blampied, Mr
Turner, Mr
Le Brocq, Dr
Bastard, Kathleen
Daniel, Miss


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