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St Helier's New Street Infants' Log Book. In 1924 the Infants School was amalgamated with Don Street and Halkett Place Infants Schools and relocated to the Don Street School as Halkett Place Infants' School. This volume records daily events, attendance figures and reports. An index of names has been created and attached with page numbers relating to entries. The volume has not been digitised to date so you will need to contact the Archive to obtain copies of relevant entries.

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1923 - 1936


St Helier New Street Infants school
St Helier Halkett Place Infants school
Emily, Clara Elsie
Balleine, F E
Richards, Athalie
Mesny, Rose Leslie
Cherrill, A H
Ozouf, E M
Le Brocq, Dr
Ceppi, Marc
Simmons, Mr
Cauvain, Frank
White, Derrick
True, Leonard
Fox, Grace
Freeman, Rita
Rye, Sidney
Swanson, Doreen
Breen, Edward
Le Clercq, Olive
Freeman, Alfred
Fox, Georgina
Manning, Ernest
Manning, Gladys
Donaldson, P
Stephens, D
de la Haye, G R
Dyer, Violet
Noel, Edward
Osmont, Raymond
Waters, Myra
Howlett, Doris
White, William
Manning, Doris
Bartram, Gertrude Elsie
Woods, Phyllis
Le Breton, Mr
Ozouf, Lily
Tucker, Muriel
Robins, Francis
Le Poidevin, John
Bridle, Joyce
Balston, Douglas
Robins, Gladys
Moore, Renée
Corbet, C G
Mackintosh, N T
Kermarec, Alice
Ricketts, Norman
Clunn, Ivy
Lempriere, Florence
Lempriere, Ada
Corbet, Sydney
Mills, George
Davis, Winnie
Piquet, Stanley
Fosse, Doris
Freeman, Joyce
Diggle, Jimmy
Podger, George
Monamy, Cyril
Tostevin, Vernon
Frost, Stanley
Cawley, Barbara
Laffoley, Jeanne
Avery, George
Buckley, Grace
Holt, Miss
Kermarec, Evelyn
Vasse, Maggie
Vivian, Gladys
Robinson, Willie
Taylor, Maude
Fox, Bernard
Clunn, Albert
Le Goubin, Edna
Jones, Willie
Le Marquand, Jurat
Boquého, A L
Channing, Violet
Baudains, Reggie
Smith, Ronald
Amy, R A
Becquet, Winnie
Mellor, Miss
Filleul, Irene
Roath, Mrs
Mallet, Mabel
Ozouf, Leon
Reynolds, William
Phillips, W
Breen, V
Egan, Diana
Bencher, Mr
Reynolds, Mrs
Wynn-Williams, Mr
Gallichan, D
Davy, W
Kermarrec, Pauline
Le Feuvre, Mr
Le Sauvage, Mr
Aubert, Doreen
Bentliff, Dr
Renouf, Madelaine
McKinstry, Dr
Hampton, Lord
Parker, Richard
Crocker, Joan
Filleul, Mr
Mao, Pere
Marett, P T, Lieutenant Colonel
Le Moignan, Dulcie
Godfray, Winifred
Parker, Clifford
Gale, Ida
Falla, Clifford Alfred
Le Gros, Alfred George
Parker, Barbara
Jones, Maurice
Berry, Fred
Noel, Winnie
Jones, Monica
Norris, Lily
Faiers, Eileen
Payn, Violet
Ahier, Miss
d'Authreau, Mr
Andrews, Vernon
Hingston, Harold
Faiers, Ronald
Nicolle, Fred
Gottrel, George
Duckworth, Fred
Le Cocq, Cyril
Vincent, Edward
Quemper, John
Wallser, Thomas
Buckley, Thomas
St George, Joan
de la Cour, Jean
Le Vesconte, Betty
Pearse, Ernest
Rose, Reginald
Lobb, Amy
Le Gros, Alfred
Maré, Pere
Le Neveu, P
Thompson, F W
Case, Jack
Irwin, Nurse
Bickford Smith, Mr
Deslandes, Pauline
Blackmore, Valerie
James, Joyce
Roberts, Lucille
Daly, C
Guy, Hazel
Buckley, Patricia
Norris, Lilian
Hibbs, Snowden
Lucas, Kenneth
Pitcher, Violet
Quemper, Francis
Harfleet, Margaret
Lisson, Dorothy
Mollet, Doreen
Mollet, John
Price, Mr
Laugeard, Betty
Masterman, Henry
Andrews, Vera
Gerard, Beatrice
Jeune, Barbara
Lisson, Mrs
Bressat, Betty
Jones, Audrey
Kenny, Margaret
Le Poidevin, William
Belliard, Douglas
Connetta, F
Cox, Beryl
Le Poidevin, Doreen
Mildren, Margaret
Highfield, Gordon
Norris, Joan
Le Poidevin, Dennis
Le Breton, Mr
Boudier, Bernard
Maguire, William
Maguire, Cecilia
Renouf, Thomas
Emerson, Adèle
Courcoux, G
Le Goubin, A
Cartwright, P
Ham, D
Le Gros, Esther
Gilley, G
Berry, Barbara
Phillips, Dennis
Hudson, Mr
Hudson, George
Lisson, Dorothy
Beckford, Basil
Berry, Clifford
Egan, Philip
Le Normand, Leonard
Osborne, Basil
Fossey, Malcolm
Fallaize, Harold
Manley, Richard
de la Perrelle, W
Reece, Mr
Showell, Reuben
Rennell, William
Berry, William
Holt, Miss
Ollivier, Marjorie
Spear, Mr
Delph, Donald
Duhamel, Joyce
Egan, Mrs
Egan, Philip
Langlois, Pearl
Thorne, Donald
Thoene, Mrs
Drelaud, Joan
Routier, John
Masterman, George
Highfield, Daphne
Priddis, Margaret Mary
Maindonald, Percy
Sunshall, S
Corbel, Mr
Perkins, Pearl
Beer, Joan
Duhamel, Dorothy
Richecoeur, Mavis


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