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La Motte Street Boys school Log Book.This volume records the daily events at the school and has been indexed by name of the person mentioned. The index created by volunteers has been attached as a PDF so that you can see the page numbers the person is mentioned on. The volume has not been digitised to date so you will need to contact the Archive to obtain copies of the relevant pages.

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1943 - 1952


Philipp's Street Elementary School
St Helier (La Motte) school
La Motte Street Boys School
d'Authreau, William Victor
Le Breton, Muriel Olive
Burnham, Mary
Sarahs, Ronald
Whistler, F H
Channing, Donald
Woodsford, Mr
Pirouet, Elizabeth
Ferguson, George
Horn, Kenneth
Francis, Raymond
Baker, Richard
Drelaud, Peter
Wallis, Dr
Crowell, Ronald
Francis, John
Nolan, Miss
White, Monica
Aubert, John
Clarke, Derrick
Dingle, Donald
Horn, Geoffrey
Le Blancq, George
Le Breton, Brian
McAvoy, Robert
Porée, Cecil
Reynel, Frank
Husband, Mr
Ceppi, Marc
Le Claire, Brian
Gallichan, Edwin
Baillie, R
Jesty, S
Smith, Francis
Knackfuss, Colonel
Bleul, S
Le Sueur, Kenneth
Le Claire, K
Rabet, Malcolm
Lockyer family
Barnard, Derek
Dale, John
Flambard, Bernard
Garnier, Clarence
Le Blancq, Frank
Maçon, Colin
Lindsay, Robert
Blanchet, Edward
Dingle, Brian
Minchington, Roy
Reed, John
Rabet, Maurice
Pestel, Geoffrey
Pestel, David
Banks, Kenneth
Ricou, Kenneth
Phillips, C J
Perchard, Malcolm
Chapron, Ronald
Snow, Brigadier General
Hilton, John
Romeril, Richard
O'Brien, Henry
Guy, Fred
Adams, Jethro
Bree, Jurat
Avery, G E
Turpin, J A
Horton, Eva
Arthur, Roy
Parmée, C C
Leadbetter, Mr
Morin, F
Moignard, H
Mauger, R
Le Sueur, L
Macon, Raymond
Corbel, Mr
Le Masurier, Malcolm
Ferey, Mr
Thompson, Mr
Clark, Jack Henry
Lennard, Edwin
Le Monnier family
Roberts, William Ivor Lewis
Kelly, Thomas
Price, Mr
Durand, Miss
Drewry, H P
Bowden, George F E
Chuterede, J, Rt Hon
Morison, J P
Clarke, Kenneth
Ahier, Brian
Askew, John
Mauger, Reginald
Little, Kenneth
Le Sueur, Leslie
Mahrer, Colin
Smart, Gordon
Bennett, Maurice
Dumosch, David
Mauger, Arthur
Bertrand, Maurice
Williams, Graham
Sheather, John
Bertram, John
Metcalfe, Graeme
Goode, Leonard
Alluto, Raymond
Alluto, Francis
Best, Graeme
Aubert, Geoffrey
Carlyon, Bertram
Keen, Charles
Devenish, D
Miller, D
de la Cour, William
Walmsley, Clifford
Dorey, Judge
Hunt, Reverend
L'Enfant, L
Le Blancq, Maurice
Gray, P
Shales family
Jackson, B
Watkins, Victor
Saunders, Geoffrey
Collins, Ben Stewart
Le Roux, Miss
Medder, Police Constable
Krichefski, Deputy
Le Quesne, Philip
Noel, Charles
Hotton, Clarence
Godfray, Malcolm
Grice, Rex
Smart, Gordon
Le Maistre, John
Layzell, Walter
Vivian, Arthur
Knight, Derek
Briggs, Alan
Godfray, Peter
Marshall, Denis
Mayne, Ronald
Sharp, Raymond
Marsh, William
Le Blancq, Frank
Turner, Peter
Mahoney, Derek
L'Enfant, Edward
Aubert, Gerald
Mitchell, Alan
Journeaux, David
Gallie, Fred
Gallie, C
Megaw, Robert
Ricou, Leslie
Grimshaw, D
Allen, Graham
McKinstry, Dr
Moir, Guthrie
Stephens, H E
Porée, Raymond
Baudet, Philip
Quertier, G
Harper, Mr
Gallichan, Graeme
Maytum, Anthony
de la Haye, Arthur
Villalard, David
Romeril, Michael
Davison, Eric
Richomme, Barry
Raffray, C
Stephens, G
de la Cour, David
Olley, Reginald
du Val, Snowdon
Collas, Jurat
Harrison, Mr
Troy, Mr
Sinel, Mr
Allen, Mr
Longson, Mr
Luxon, Mr
Le Cornu, Mr
Hill, Mr
Holley, D
Hart, Arthur
Nevins, Philip
Mitchell, Alan
Holmes, Mr
Jackson, William
Lobb, Ronald W
Ryan, Deputy
Allen, Mr
d'Authreau, C J
Renouf, Donald
Gallichan, Edward
Halliwell, Eric
Crawford, Stuart
Beauchamp, Desmond
Bond, Derek
Knight, Gary
Vetier, Reginald
Gallichan, Anthony
Le Guillou, Michael
Laffoley, Roy
Godfray, Graeme
Huelin, Robin
Clayton, Norman
Blackmore, Roy
Terry, Walter
Jones, Brian
Harben, Graham
Coote, John
Gosselin, George
Faulkner, William
Dingle, M
Collins, Robin
Baudains, Leonard
Rayson, David
Harper, Mr
Nicolle, Michael
Harvey, Howard
Adams, Raymond
Adams, Fred
Harben, Robin
Halliwell, Keith
Farmer, Barry
Noel, Graham
Laugeard, Graham
Barry, Brian
de la Haye, Arthur
de Carteret, Guy
Carré, Dr A L
Le Brocq, Deputy
Collas, Senator
Cazalet, Mr
Messrs Donaldson
Darling, Dr
Le Geyt, Sherlock
Horn, W J
Lobb, John
Worrall, Mr
Danican, Desmond Louis Emile
Stevens, L
Downer, A A H
Le Quesne, J P


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