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St Matthews Mixed school Millbrook Log Book.This volume records the daily events at the school and has been indexed by name of the person mentioned. The index created by volunteers has been attached as a PDF so that you can see the page numbers the person is mentioned on. The volume has not been digitised to date so you will need to contact the Archive to obtain copies of the relevant pages.

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1894 - 1915


St Matthews Mixed School
Jones, Lydia C
Howell, Col
Jones, D M
Le Metias, Charles
Le Blancq, Frederick
Clayden, Lilian
Latham, Rev W
Milner, Rev A B
Plymen, Lily
Renouf, Miss
Laurens, Ellen
Diment, Fred
Bisson, Hilda
Butters, Eli
Vibert, Philip
Noel, Lillian
Lees, Jane
Jennings, Henry
Laurens, M M E
Le Sueur, Frank
Mourant, Rev P J
Risbridger, Colonel Sergeant
Risbridger, William
Risbridger, Dulcie
Jennings, Ralph
Woolley, Bertram
Duhamel, Auguste
Bayne, Family
Le Gros, Miss
PiInel, Mildred
Stewart, Loyola
Pleuvin, Joseph
Wilcox, Arthur
Journeaux, Vera
Shipperlee, Frank
Davis, Sergeant - Major
Nicolle, Alice L
de Visme, Robert
Bayne, Miss
Lees, Annie
Pleuvin, Marie
Ronxin, Jean Baptiste
Le Cheminant, Charles
Jeune, Maud
Carter, Edward
Hall, James
Le Sueur, Emma
Le Sueur, Mabel
Le Sueur, Mary
Moite, Elsie
Goldsworthy, Ida
Goldsworthy, Ivan
Paul, Lily
Allix, Albert
Allix, Henry
Allix, Violet
Allix, Elsie
Goldsmith, Lewis
Woolas, Frederick
Barnes, Frank
Woonton, Albert
Osborne, Wilfred W
Mauger, A
Le Templier, Evelyn May
Bott, Ernest B
Bott, Violet D
Le Masurier, Violet M
de La Rue, Auguste
Phillips, Florence
Le Metais, Alfred Charles
Lamerton, Mabel
Laurens, Ellen
Laurens, Augusta
Stanton, William
Gibaut, Gladys
Gibaut, Emily
Le Rosignol, Isabelle
Blake, Gertrude
Steele, Mrs
Steele, James, Rev
de St Paer, Margureite M
Stewart, Francis M
Olsen, Julius H
Stewart, Xavier
Anley, Philip
Anley, David
Syvret, Alice
Carré, Thomas Philip
Noel, Philip
Martin, Maud
Duvey, Gladwin A
Moitie, E S
Duvey, Archibald
Alexander, Eliza
Parker, Elsie
Courcoux, Edith
Pinel, Elsie
Hamon, Percy
Luce, William
Allix, Ethel
Le Masurier, Charles
Le Masurier, John
Acourt, Alfred
Battrick, Percy
Clayden, L M
Bray, M
Le Pied, L
Martin, J
de La Cour, M
Le Blancq, Clarence
Martin, William
de St Paer, Phyllis
Jeune, Frederick Charles
Langford, R J, Rev
Green, Margaretta
Collin, Charles
Le Pivert, Jean
Paul, Elsie
Poingdestre, Hilda
Warren, Arthur
Luce, Mary Elsie
Hall, George
Hall, Albert
Knudzton, Lucille
Knudzton, Evelyn
Knudzton, Lena
Parker, William Charles
Voivenel, Francois
Harris, Janet
Le Rat, Alfred
Way, Ellen M
Olsen, Ole
Poignand, Winter
Le Marquand, Lily
Le Pied, Albert
Le Marquand, Arthur
Strapp, Ethel
Strapp, Francis
Clayden, Maud
Ballam, Henry
Jennings, Henry
Eva, Dinel
Claydon, George
Vale, Harold
Cochrane, Lily M
Cochrane, Harold
Dauce, Albertina
Dauce, Charles
Mauger, John
Tucker, William
Cross, Alfred
Barrot, John
de Ste Croix, Clara
de Ste Croix, Ruby
Corcoux, William
Lees, Edward
Tremeur, Guillaume
Norman, Percy
Dy Feu, Alfred
Surcouf, Peter
Bray, Violet
Pinel, Albert
de La Cour, Percy
du Feu, Agnes
Lewis, Emma
Way, Margaret
Porter, Frank
Le Lion, Blanche
Le Blancq, Mary
Paul, Jane
Le Masurier, Edith
Philips, Maud
Le Page, Anthony
Jeune, George
Blaise, Jean
Duchemin, Henry
Huelin, Charles
Huelin, Nancy
Brock, J Walter, Rev
Louise, Saint
de La Cour, Hilda
Le Brun, Jane
Alexander, George
Le Monnier, Elie
Le Monnier, Ernest
Laurens, Ellen
Kett, Edward
Poignand, John
Courtell, Anna
Le Blancq, F
Parker, H
Moignard, H
Woolly, Jessie
Mercier, J
Turner, George
Turner, William
Turner, Rhoda
Turner, Jane
Dorland, Isabel
Dorland, Stanley
Blaise, Maria
Blaise, Alice
Blaise, Emile
Phillips, Mary Anne
Phillips, Emelia
Phillips, Francis
Hamon, Alfred
Goldsmith, Violet
Herve, Jean
de St Paer, Amy
Battrick, Mary Jane
Roberts, Gladys
Le Brun, Alice M
Woonton, George
Noel, Lilian
Brown, Gladys
Silvey, Jessie
Silvey, Ellis
Camiot, Peter
de La Cour, Hilda
Ahier, Abraham
Jeune, George
Courcox, Beatrice
Wilcox, Robert George
Le Rossignol, M
Audrin, Francis
Syvorn, Claudia
de St Paër, Charles
Langlois, Florence
Langlois, John
Hearn, Kathleen
Porter, Ethel A
Jegou, Adelaide
Jegou, Walter
Adams, B
Le Rossignol, Montague
Le Sueur, Louisa
Goldsmith, Sergeant
Barney family
Barney, Clementine
Syvorn, R
Reece, R
Male, Evelyn
Quesnel, Fred
Le Lion, Philip
Burrows, Edward H
Le Marquand, John
Fauvel, Florry
Burrows, Lilian
Courantan, Jeanne
Gulley, William
Le Marquand, Agnes
Le Marquand, Reginald
Hamling, Annie
Collas, Ada Jane
Lerat, Eulalie
Raison, Victoria
Male, Henry
Male, Arthur
Paul, Thomas
Renaut, Lydia
Renaut, Elizabeth
Richards, Doris
Richards, Gladys
Le Vesey, Francis
Cross, Mary
Davis, Evelyn
Davis, Ross
Fauvel, Florence
Le Templier, Evelyn
Marie, Percy
Fox, George William
Kendall, Percy
Kendall, Lily
Grandin, Flornece C
Collas, Elias, Rev
Journeaux, William
Barrot, Louis
Hamon, John
Le Boutillier, Francis
de La Cour, James
Clement, Elizabeth A
Eager, Clarence
Nash, Ellen
Nash, Albert
Anley, John
Goubert, Eunice
Goubert, George
Le Charpentier, Henri
Connel, Albert
Poingdestre, Lily
Way, Mabel
Courcoux, Bertie
Poingdestre, Clarence
Turner, Lily
Martin, Stephanie
Hearn, Annie
Parker, Herbert Clarence
de La Cour, George
Queree, William
Barbier, Alice Jane
Barbier, Philip John
Barbier, Francis John
Jeune, Anna
Mead, Agnes
Mead, Arthur
Blaise, Baptiste
Bray, Margaret
Bray, Violet
Hearn, Margaret
Hearn, Francis
Hearn, John
Palmer, John Henry
de Ste Croix, John
de La Cour, Bella
de La Cour, Clara
Moitie, Florence
Le Cornu, Alice
Le Feurvre, E, Rev
Alexandre, Rose
Soper, Mabel
Cornec, Joseph
Cornec, Francoise
Warren, Charles
Porter, Clarence
Quesnel, Mabel
Quesnel, John
Dunlop, Dr
Bray, Ethel Belle
Luce, Edouard, Reverend
Larbalestier, T C
Brideaux, Mr
Cross, Harry
de St Croix, Laura
Shacknell, Daisy
Shacknell, Edith
Vosin, Clarence
Vosin, Alice
Vosin, Blanche
Lawford, Elizabeth
Gruchy, C R
Balston, L Jane
Clifford, John
Beaufils, Andre
Moignard, H
Bisson, W
Diment, George
Le Bon, Annie
Balleine, F
Sollit, Reginald
Lucas, Francis
Smith, H G
Bray, Ethel
Lesbirel, Hilda
Martin, Leopold
Walker, Maria
Syvron, Ruby
Brogan, Elsie
Mullen, Alice
Valois, John
Syvron, George
Le Bon, John
Blaise, Jacques
Luce, Walter
Le Cornu, Emily
Blaise, Reine
Luce, John
Balston, Thomas
de La Perrelle, Amelia
Simon, John
Balston family
Porter, Clarence
Le Cornu, John
Clement, Miss
Woolly, Florry
Peake, Edward Copson, Rev
Falle, Alice
Langlois, Thomas
Langlois, Alfred
Poingdestre (4 sisters)
Horman, Harry
de St Croix, Amelia
Battrick, Mary J
Le Gallais, Alice
Gilley, Elsie
May, Philip
Le Sueur, Alfred
Norman, Louisa
Le Cornu, Alice
Salmon, Douglas
Salmon, Charles
Hall, Elsie
Le Cornu, Ellen
Lees, Elizabeth
Le Page, Frederick
Collas, Elias
Luce, E, Reverend
Collins, Charles
Eliot, Edward, Rev
Le Feuvre, Rev
Gill, S
Archard, Mr
Wilde, V R
de St Paer, A
Le Rossignol, Emma E
Arthur, Alice R
Reed, M J
de St Paër, Charles
St Lawrence (Millbrook) school
St Matthew's Mixed Elementary School


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