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St Peter's (Coin Varin) Boys School Log Book.This volume records the daily events at the school and has been indexed by name of the person mentioned. The index created by volunteers has been attached as a PDF so that you can see the page numbers the person is mentioned on. The volume has not been digitised to date so you will need to contact the Archive to obtain copies of the relevant pages.

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1900 - 1916


St Peter's (Coin Varin) Boys school
St Matthew's Roman Catholic school
McGrath, John
Burrows, W
Le Vacon, C, Reverend
Powell, Dr
Burrows, Mr
Balleine, F E
Weale, Mr
Archard, Mr
Gill, Mr
Weale, Miss
Brideaux, Mr
Godfrey, Miss
Alierou, Albert
Jenée, Peter
Bishop of Portsmouth
Powell, Osborne C
Camiot, Peter
McKillen, Mary Sarah
Nemesius, Brother
Hubert, John
Hall, Monsignor
Bush, S
Bryant, Louis
Ehrhard, J, Reverend
Bryant, M
Ollivier, Pélérin
Xaveria, Madame
Gouaziou, Miss
Lyons, Peter
Collins, Ellen
Ahern, Miss
Harrison, Mr
Connolly, Simon A
McCarthy, Miss
Gilmot, Miss
Flynn, Maurice F
Davis, Mr
Scanlon, John
Baffie, Eugene, Reverend
Carew, N
Quinn, V
Germain, Mr
Tobin, Annie
Le Page, Mr
Cotter, Right Reverend
Cory, Deputy
Luxon, Centenier
Durand, Ernest
Richard, Francis
Voisin, W B
Lynch, Frances
Le Liard, Joseph
Morvan, Willie J
Page, A J
Moynihan, P J
Toudic, Francis
Cotillard family
Le Voguer family
Reynolds, J C
Carrot, Lucien
Meagher, R
Marett, E, Dr
Le Feuvre, E
Morcé, Francis
Chappuis, Dr
McPhillips, Mr
Reynolds, Mr
Raimbault, Léon
Raimbault, Marcel
Reynolds, J C
Jéhan, Jean
Le Flohic, Albert
Cotard, Charles
Falla, Dr
Stenou, John


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