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Gorey National Boys School Log Book.This volume records the daily events at the school and has been indexed by name of the person mentioned. The index created by volunteers has been attached as a PDF so that you can see the page numbers the person is mentioned on. The volume has not been digitised to date so you will need to contact the Archive to obtain copies of the relevant pages.

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1908 - 1916


Gorey National Boy's School
Miles, I M
Harrison, Mr
Bush, Mr
Pallot, J W
Pallot, Robert
Pallot, Reggie
Le Cocq, Reggie
Fischer, Miss
Love, R D, Reverend
Le Breton, Elmo
Le Cocq, Clifford
Neil, Jack
de Caux, Philip
Richmond, Henry
Stevens, Neville
Le Monnier, Sydney
Poingdestre, F
Le Tourneur, Henry
Carrel, Charles
Read, Thomas
Falle, Cecil
Baudains, Charles
Dobin, Frank
Cooke, W
Noel, Frank
Gallichan, Alfred
Gallichan, Donald
Carrel, Edwin
Le Breton, A
Kensington, William
Milner, A B
Gallichan, Jack
Cantrell, George
Routier, Jack
Coram, Harry
Gallichan, Wilfred
Le Tourneur, Walter
Villalard, George
Ahier, Albert
Le Breton, Adrian
Marie, Celestin
Pallot, Charles
Davey, George
Lafolley, Sydney
Lafolley, E
Mallet, Arthur
Cooke, Willie
Turgot, Stanley
L'Amy, Mrs
Mallet, Charles
Kershaw, Mrs
Spiers, Edward
Bree, Mrs
Bree, Mr
Chilard, John
Bellot, Wilfred
Pallot, Harry G
Le Clercq, John
Single, Vera
Cappelain, Godfrey
de Caux, Francis
Brown, Robert
Allen, Mr
Crooke, Norman
Hairon, Achille
Mallet, Arthur
Ahier, Alfred
Richardson, P N
Lafolley, Arthur
Ferris, Mr
Barnard, William
Sauvarin, J
Germain, Mr
L'Amy family
Neil, George
Woods, T
Cory, Centenier
Cummings, Centenier
Coram, Harry
Connolly, C W H, Reverend
Perchard, Stanley
Le Monnier, Peter
Hotton, Mr
Turner, Sir Hilgrove
Duval, Jean Victor
Duval, Mrs
Goslonde, Annabel
Baker, Madeline
Stott, Myles
Le Cocq, Sybil
Ashworth Kershaw, R
Nicolle, Alice Louisa
Le Clercq, John
Dugan, John
Dugan, Mrs
Taylor, R W
Stott, William
Page, H F
O'Connor, Dr
Le Masurier, A G
Short, Edward
Short, Edwin
Coker, Mr
Neil, Willie
Videgrain, Emile
Videgrain, Albert
Tracey, Fred
Gallichan, Willie
Gallichan, Harold
Puttick, William
Marie, Auguste
de Caux, Harold
Le Tourneur, Bertie
Abraham, Bertie
Baudains, George
Videgrain, Charles
Springate, Miss


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