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Admission Register for St Luke's School [Indexed], includes; admission number, date of admission, date of birth, name of child and parent, residence, exemption from religious instruction, last school, date of last attendance at school, cause of leaving and remarks. This has been indexed by name of pupil and entries can be viewed on PDF attached

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March 16th 1936 - July 15th 1946


St Luke's School
Abbott, Edwin Arthur
Ablett, Marion
A'Court, Michael
Adams, Jethro
Addicott, Frances Elizabeth Jane
Allchin, Barbara
Allchin, Betty Doreen
Allchin, Philip
Allen, Maureen Dorothy
Allen, Vera Joan
Allenet, Bertram Norman
Allenet, Patrick
Allenet, Royston
Allix, Allan
Allix, Ronald
Allo, David
Amy, Margaret Dorland
Anthony, Lucy P
Arnold, Robert
Ashborn, Barry B
Ashborn, Terrance F
Ashcroft, Maurice Frank Leslie
Ashcroft, Maurice Leslie
Aspinall, Freda
Aston, Alfred Reginald Malcolm
Attwood, Anita Barbara
Aubert, Dennis
Aubert, Kathleen
Aubert, Margaret
Aubert, Violet
Audrain, Simonne
Baker, Brenda May
Baker, Derek
Barnard, Barbara Winifred
Barnett, Marjorie Rhoda
Barrot, Bernard Henry
Barrot, Doris Rose
Bartlett, Barrie Everdell
Bartlett, John Worrell
Bartlett, Peter
Barton, June Edna
Barton, Pamela Mary
Baton, Kenneth
Bayliss, Ronald Hector
Bayliss, Vera
Bayliss, Vera Violet
Bazzaro, Jill
Bazzaro, Jill R
Bean, Maud Alice
Beaton, Basil John
Beaton, Jacqueline
Beckford, Alfred
Beckford, Eulalie
Beckford, John
Beckford, Pamela May
Beckford, Roy
Belhomme, Elayne
Benest, David John
Benest, Doreen
Benest, Edmund
Benest, Graham
Berry, Madeleine
Bertram, Barbara A
Bertram, Doreen
Bertram, Ernest F
Bertram, Jane
Bertram, John
Bertram, Kathleen
Bewhay, Daphne Freda
Bewhay, Edwin
Bewhay, Maureen
Biffin, David Thomas
Billot, Terence
Birbeck, Graham John
Birch, Edwin
Bisson, David
Bisson, Iris
Bisson, Joan
Bisson, Joan
Bisson, Kathlyn Mavis
Blaby, Barbara
Blaby, Gerald Ingram
Blaby, Leslie
Blaby, Pauline
Blaby, Diddana
Blaby, Gerald
Blaby, Pauline
Blaby, Sonia
Blake, John Nigel
Blake, Michael
Blake, Robin Philip
Blampied, Pamela June
Blampied, William George
Blampied, Ann
Blampied, Brian
Blampied, Brian Harold
Blampied, Derek
Blampied, Derek Malcolm
Blampied, Dorothy
Blampied, Gladys
Blampied, Gladys Maud
Blampied, Joan
Blampied, Michael
Blampied, Ronald Edwin
Blampied, William
Blanchard, Joy
Bliault, Ivy Elsie
Blunden, Beryl M
Blunden, Edward
Boizard, Martin Clarence
Bonhomme, Charles
Bonhomme, Derek
Borny, Colin David
Borny, Graeme Garnet
Borny, Michael
Bott, Anne
Bott, Anne
Bott, Jill
Bouchard, Francis
Boucheré, Gloria
Bourgoise, Keith
Bourgoise, Malcolm
Bourgoise, Ritha
Bourniquel, Monique
Brée, William
Bridge, Sybil
Bridgeman, Jean
Brisset, Gabrielle
Brooks, Walter M
Brown, Albert Owen
Brown, Anthony
Brown, Denis Ernest
Brown, Roger Charles
Brown, Stella
Buesnel, Dorothy
Buesnel, Kathleen
Bull, Kathleen R
Burch, Norah
Burgess, Beryl May
Burston, Margaret
Burt, David Clarence
Burt, Ronald
Burt, William John
Bushnell, James W
Callanan, Kenneth
Camfield, Ann
Camfield, Ann Ena
Camfield, David
Canivet, Anthony Joseph
Canivet, Winifred M
Carey, Angela
Carey, Jillian E A
Carpenter, Elizabeth
Carpenter, Margaret
Carrel, Clive Lauriston
Carrel, Kingsley Norman
Carruthers, Cecil
Carter, Dorothy
Carter, George
Champion, Mazel
Champion, Sheila
Chanter, Anthony Roy
Chanter, Graham Brian
Chare, Jean Christine
Chilard, Laurence Marcel
Chilard, Yvonne Ruby
Chittenden, Brian Keith
Chopping, Roy James
Clark, Allan Thomas
Clarke, George Derek
Clarke, Margaret Winifred
Clayden, William George
Collins, Pamela Dorothy
Connor, Joyce
Coram, Gordon Leslie
Coram, Pauline Margaret
Coram, Yvonne Marie
Couillard, Colin
Couilliard, Pamela
Crocker, Derek Francis
Crocker, Joan Doris
Cross, Anne
Cross, Anthony
Dale, John Hitchcock
Daly, Frederick Charles
Davey, Eunice Betty
Davey, James C
Davey, Jean
Davey, Margaret
Davey, Muriel
Davey, Muriel Florence
Davis, Alec Charles
Davis, Frederick Roy
d'Avoine, Doreen Florence
d'Avoine, Malcolm
de Bourcier, Maurice
de Gruchy, Edward
de Gruchy, Eric Herbert
de Gruchy, Marjorie Velma
de la Cour, David A
de la Cour, Maureen
De La Cour, Vernon
de la Haye, Brian George
De La Haye, Clarence
de la Haye, Margaret
de la Haye, Norman
de la Haye, Patricia
de la Haye, Rosamond
de la Mare , Margaret
de la Mare , Sheila
de la Mare, Valerie
de la Perrelle, Marion
De La Perrelle, Shirley Grace
de Ste Croix, Eva May
Deslandes, June
Dessoude, Henri P
Devenish, Douglas
Devenish, Douglas Ernest
Devenish, Frances Evelyn
Devenish, Reginald
Devenish, Reginald
Dickens, Frank Derek
Diment, Betty
Dimond, Betty
Dobin, Roy William
Dolby, Pauline Lilian
Donoghue, Anthony Bernard
Donoghue, Eileen
Donoghue, Eric
Donoghue, Eric B
Donoghue, Ernest John Andrew
Donoghue, Klazina Lily
Donoghue, Patric Albert
Doublard, John
Doublard, John M
Doublard, Malcolm
Doublard, Malcolm
Doyle, Brian Lawrence
Doyle, John Patrick
Driscol, Meagan
Driscol, Patricia Miguela
Driscoll, Pauline Ann
du Bois, Sheila J M
du Feu, Jean
du Feu, John Stanley
du Feu, Laura Gladys
du Feu, Marjorie A M
du Feu, Stanley
du Feu, Venables A J
Duncan, Malcolm
Dunn, Thora Margaret
Durel, Hilary
Durel, Raymond P
Eager, Kenneth Charles
Elliott, Alfred Wilfred
Elliott, Barbara May
Elliott, Joan
Ellis, Josephine
Ellis, Paul
Eloie, Jacqueline
Eloie, Patricia
Eloie, Patricia Joan
Esnouf, Carol Winifred
Etiemble, Maurice
Evans, Betty Patricia
Evans, Mary
Fairchild, Pamela
Falla, Eileen
Falle, Brian Raymond
Falle, Diane Annette
Falle, Margaret
Falle, Moira Veronica
Falle, Pauline Rose
Faramus, Brian
Faramus, Raymond
Feeney, Bernard
Feeney, Doreen
Ferret, Jean Barbara
Firmin, Olive Frances
Firmin, Peter Frederick
Foott, Myra
Ford, Sheila Dawn
Forder, Barbara
Forder, Barbara Violet
Forder, Jennifer
Forder, Kenneth Charles
Forder, Pamela
Forder, William
Fosse, Rosalie F
Fox, Margaret F
Frampton, Peter Harold
Francis, Raymond Ronald
Francis, Sylvia Evelyn
Freeman, Alan
Freeman, David
Freeman, John Harold
Freret, Lily Ann Mary
Friend, Rosemary Dulcie
Frown, Gloria D
Fry, Agnes
Fry, Mary E
Fry, Patricia Mary
Gallichan, David
Gallichan, Jean Veronica
Gallie, Winifred
Gallienne, Ann
Gallienne, Jill
Garnett, Beryl
Garnett, Freda
Garnier, Alan Graeme
Garnier, David
Garnier, Doreen
Garnier, Doreen Mary
Garnier, Maurice Francis
Garnier, René
Gautier, Alfred Gautier
Gautier, Maurice Allex
Gavey, Thelma Isobel
Gavey, Thelma Isobel
Geary, June Eleanor
Geary, Peter
Gibbins, Margaret Joan
Gibbs, Myra
Gibson, Grenville S
Giffard, Malcolm Edward
Girling, Patricia
Glendewar, Donald Sidney
Godfray, Hazel Nora
Gorvel, Monica
Gosling, Roger C
Gosselin, Doreen
Gosselin, Patricia
Gosselin, Rita Mavis Joan
Gosselin, William Alfred Charles
Goubert, Bernard G
Goubert, Edmund Charles
Goubert, George Francis
Gould, Graeme
Gould, Graeme Wilfred
Gould, Maureen
Gould, Raymond
Goutté, Barbara
Gray, Pauline
Greaves, Marion
Greaves, Raymond George
Green, Trevor Francis
Gregory, Francis
Gregory, Kathleen
Grimshaw, Clive
Grimshaw, Roy Frederick
Grimshaw, Valerie Renne
Gruber, Madeleine Hannah
Guédard, Maurice
Guégan, Jeanine
Guégan, Monica
Guillemet, Denise
Guillemet, Donald Charles
Guillemet, Monique
Gulley, Dorothy
Guy, Colin Roy
Guy, Hazel Mary
Haigh, Brian
Haines, Alan
Haines, John Raymond
Hairon, Georgette
Hairon, Michael
Halls, Dennis Gilbert
Hammond, Dorothy Geraldine
Hamon, Betty May
Hamon, George Derek
Hamon, Jean Ethel
Hamon, Olive
Hamon, Reginald
Hamp, Margaret Phyllis
Hampton, Catherine
Hannaford, Eileen May
Hannaford, Jesse F
Hardisty, David
Hardisty, Paul
Hardisty, Paul Reuben
Hardy, Dorothy Rose
Harper, Violet
Harrison, John St Helier
Harrison, Patrick
Hassall, Bernard Edmund
Hassall, Peter Denis
Hawkins, Mona Jean
Hawkins, Patricia D
Haycock, Richard Henry
Hayward, Bijou
Hayward, Colin
Hayward, Marie Therese
Hayward, Yvonne
Heath, June Eleanor
Heath, Rosemary Noelle
Hector, Kathleen
Hennequin, Edward
Hennequin, Pamela
Hill, Ivy
Hill, Ivy Grace
Hill, Michael Harold
Hingston, Paul B
Hocquard, David P
Hodge, Alan
Hodge, David
Hodge, Roselle Mary
Hodgettes, Olive Myrtle
Hodgskin, Shirley Patricia
Hodgskin, Trevor John
Holbert, Pamela May
Holley, Barbara Kathleen
Holley, Margaret Valerie
Hollings, Beryl Gwendolen
Hopkins, David
Hopkins, Rosemary
Horsfall, Cyril Joseph
Hotton, Jean Margaret
Houillebecq, Wilfred
Houillebecq, Beryl Eva
Houillebecq, Graham
Houillebecq, Jacqueline
Houillebecq, Margaret Rose
Houillebecq, Marjory Ellen
Houillebecq, Marjory Ellen
Houillebecq, Pauline
Houillebecq, Wilfred
Howard, Derek
Howe, Kenneth D H
Hoyland, Mary
Huck, Diana Margaret Rose
Huelin, Margaret M
Huelin, Maureen K
Hughes, James
Humber, Raymond
Hunt, Philip
Hurel, John
Hurel, Patrick
Hurley, Jacqueline June
Ibbott, Arthur Anthony
Illien, Bernard
Isaacs, Clive
Jackson, Malcolm
Jeanne, Olga
Jégou, Margaret
Jéhan, Doreen Olive
Jehan, Frederick William
Jéhan, Mary
Jehan, Stella Maris
Jeune, John Philip
Jeune, John Sidney
Johns, Ian Herbert
Jones, Denis Egerton
Jones, Margaret Maureen
Jones, Valerie Adeline
Journeaux, Barbara Anne
Journeaux, Margaret Doreen
Journeaux, Patricia June
Kelly, Doreen
Kelly, Shirley
Kent, Anthony
Keyho, Betty Emily
Keyho, John Albert
Kinnard, Jill Leone
Knight, Ernest Ronald
Knights, Harold William
Kyte, Harry
Kyte, Peggy Edith
Laffoley, Gladys
Laignel, Thelma
Lambert, Max
L'Amy, David William
L'Amy, John George
Lancashire, Gwendoline
Lander, Christine
Lane, Alan John
Lane, Betty
Lane, Cornelius George
Lane, John Francis
Lane, Margaret Joan
Lane, Peter Ernest
Langdon, David
Langdon, Edward
Langdon, Roger
Langlois, Eric Edward
Langlois, Roy
Larkin, Clifford Anthony
Larkin, John David
Larkworthy, John P
Laugeard, Mary
Launay, Roy Ernest
Laurent, Malcolm Peter
Lawrence, Edward Robert
Lawrence, Marjorie
Lawrence, Philip
Lawrence, Robert Denis
Le Blancq, George
Le Borgne, Francis
Le Borgne, Francis Jean
Le Boutillier, Betty Joan
Le Breton, Alan Victor
Le Breton, Alison
Le Breton, Brian Charles
Le Breton, Gloria
Le Breton, Graeme
Le Breton, Marlene
Le Breton, Thomas
Le Breton, Yvonne Mary
Le Chevalier, Cecil Francis
Le Chevalier, Linda Margaret
Le Chevalier, Roy Charles
Le Clercq, Eileen Mavis
Le Coat, Alan
Le Coat, Yvonne
Le Cocq, Pamela
Le Cornu, Sheila Editha
Le Corre, Beryl May
Le Couilliard, Monica
Le Dain, Graham Philip
Le Dain, Patricia Mary
Le Duc, Betty
Le Duc, David
Le Duc, David George
Le Duc, Geoffrey Philemon
Le Duc, John Harold
Le Duc, Royston Richard
Le Flohic, Brian
Le Flohic, Diana
Le Flohic, Michael
Le Fondre, John Nicolle
Le Goupil, Patricia V
Le Goupil, Raymonde O
Le Guyader, Malcolm
Le Houerou, John V
Le Huquet, Phyllis
Le Huray, Ruth A
Le Lievre, Bryan William
Le Long, Freda R J
Le Long, Leslie
Le Maistre, Clifford John
Le Marchand, Martyn
Le Marquand, Francis Henry
Le Marrec, Bernard C
Le Marrec, Jeanne
Le Marrec, Léonie A
Le Marrec, Pauline
Le Masson, Marcel
Le Masson, Mary
Le Masurier, Donald Arthur
Le Masurier, Doreen May
Le Masurier, Pamela
Le Masurier, Vernon William
Le Men, Gabrielle
Le Men, Julien
Le Men, Simonne
Le Mercier, Betty
Le Mercier, Douglas
Le Mercier, Douglas R
Le Mercier, Eric
Le Montais, June K
Le Neveu, Cynthia Pearl
Le Pennec, June Renée
Le Quelenec, Cyril John
Le Quelenec, John William
Le Quelenec, Leonard A
Le Riche, Eric John
Le Rougetel, Brian M
Le Sueur, Jean
Le Sueur, John W
Le Sueur, Kenneth J
Le Sueur, Leslie
Le Sueur, Patricia M
Le Sueur, Robert
Le Templier, Clive Reginald Philip
Le Tourneur, Bernard
Le Tourneur, Doreen
Le Tourneur, Roy
Le Tourneur, Wilfred
Le Vesconte, Jill
Lees, Anthony
Lempriere, Betty
Lemprière, Eileen
Lemprière, Eileen Jean
Lempriere, John
Lemprière, Norman
Lenaghan, Ronald
L'Enfant, John du Pré
L'Enfant, Leonard
Lenfant, Richard Hacquoil
L'Enfant, Ruth Phyllis
Lewis, Cyril
Lewis, Denis Arthur
Lewis, Marion
Lewis, Sylvia
Lidster, Eric
Lihou, Doreen
Limbrey, Amy Florence
Lloyd, David
Lloyd, Miriam
Lockey, Michael Montague
Lockley, Peter
Lodge, Theodora
Long, Christine
Loughlin, Stancy Ann
Lovett, Anne
Lovett, Brian Crisp
MacKay, Jean
Mackay, Jean Adeline
Mackay, Mary
Mackay, Winifred
Mackay, Winifred Beatrice
Maloret, Louis
Maloret, Madeleine
Malzard, Reginald
Malzard, Sheila
Marcel, Doreen
Marie, Basil
Marie, Colleen Ann
Marie, Desmond
Marie, Madeleine
Marie, Maureen
Marie, Michael
Marie, Ronald Reginald
Mariette, Daphne
Marks, Elizabeth A
Marriott, Brian
Marsden, William James Alfred
Martin, Eileen Jean
Martin, Godfrey James
Martin, Peter Arthur
Martin, Roger
Mason, Graeme Vernon
Mason, John
Matson, Brian M
Matson, Doreen Ellen
Matson, Henry George
Mauger, Heather Una
Mauger, Jeanette Germaine
Mauger, John
Mauger, Pamela Jane
Mauger, Rosemary Ann
Mauger, Tony
Maytum, Peter John
McAllister, David
McAllister, James
McAllister, Patricia Mary
McAllister, Patrick
McDermott, Duff
McDermott, Duff
McDermott, Evelyn
McDermott, Yvonne
McFeeters, Alistair
McFeeters, David
McGarry, Thèrese Carmel
McIntyre, Patricia
McIntyre, Roger
McLinton, Colin
McLinton, Ivor Derek
McLinton, Sheila Mary
Mead, Mary Elizabeth
Mellish, Douglas C A
Mellish, Maurice W R
Merton, Brian
Mesch, John Michael
Mesch, Nina Mary
Mette, Pierre René
Mignot, Stella Lilian Arnold
Miller, Judith Mary
Morcel, Barbara
Morrow, Hugh
Moss, Valerie Irene
Moss, Vivienne Audrey
Neville, Barbara
Newington, Jean
Newington, Joseph
Newington, Maureen
Newington, Thomas
Newington, William
Newington, William John
Newman, Ronald Edward George
Nicolle, Ernest
Nicolle, Michael Sidney
Nicolle, Pamela Dorothy
Noble, Brian
Noble, Brian
Noble, Vera Florence
Noble, William
Noel, Barbara Helen
Noel, Basil Graeme
Noel, Patricia
Noel, Robert Laurens
Noel, Thomas Graeme
Norman, Beryl Margaret
O'Brien, Yvonne Mary
Ogier, Joan
Ogier, Pamela
Ogier, Sheila
Olver, Frederick John
Osborne, Maureen Rose
Osborne, Vernon Francis
Osment, Peter Edward
Ozard, Clarence
Ozard, Muriel
Ozard, Muriel Olive
Ozouf, Douglas Edward
Page, Emily K M
Pain, William Charles
Paine, John Lawrence
Pallot, Donald Walter
Pallot, Eric
Pallot, Herbert Reginald
Pallot, Maldwin B
Pallot, Ruth
Palmer, Leslie James
Palmerton, Kenneth Cyril
Palomo, Gloria
Pavey, David William
Pavey, Dennis Charles
Payne, Barbara E M
Payter, Ann Elizabeth
Peace, Anthony
Peachey, Derek Ray
Pearce, Iver
Penney, Colleen
Penney, Fay
Perchard, Laurence j
Perkins, Annette
Perkins, Basil
Perkins, Brian
Perkins, George Mark
Perkins, Joan Frances Lilian
Perkins, Kathleen Louisa
Perkins, Myrna
Pettequin, Joyce Dorothy
Pharo, Derek Thomas
Pharo, Graeme Martin
Phillips, Margaret A
Phillips, Mavis
Pigeon, Henrietta Rose
Pilkington, David Terence
Pinel, Cynthia
Pinel, Helen
Pitcher, Nanette
Pitman, Denis
Pitman, Graeme Ivor Golding
Poingdestre, Joyce Louisa
Poingdestre, Monica Amy
Poole, Roy Dennis
Powell, David
Powell, Hazel
Powell, Margaret
Price, Gerald Stanley
Price, Kenneth Gerald
Pugh, Christine Wendy
Quenault, Edith
Quenault, Florence
Quenault, Maurice Louis
Quenault, Michael
Quenault, Michael Emile
Rabet, Graeme Ernest
Radcliffe, Jill
Ramus, Charles George
Ramus, Joseph
Ramys, Charles George
Ratcliffe, Daphne
Ravard, Jeanne
Rayson, Charles
Read, Frederick J H
Read, Marguerite Leonora
Reindorp, Edward
Reindorp, Isidor
Renault, John Gilbert Alexander
Rendall, Iris Hilda
Renouf, Anita
Renouf, Bernard
Renouf, Charles
Reynel, Elizabeth
Richards, Derek
Richards, James
Richmond, John
Rive, Dorothy
Roberts, Jean
Roberts, Terence
Robinson, Maria
Robinson, Pamela Doreen
Roden, William Roy
Rogers, Phyllis Margaret
Romeril, Jean Margaret
Romeril, Kenneth B
Romeril, Richard David
Rossi, Yvonne C J
Routier, Michael
Rowley, Rita Florence
Rowley, Robert
Ruaux, Donald
Ruellan, André Clement
Rumming, Edna May
Saint, John A F
Samson, Donald George
Samson, Violet May
Sanderson, Roy William
Saunders, Roger Thomas
Saunders, Anthony
Saunders, Geoffery
Saunders, James Nelson
Saunter, Brian A
Saunters, Terence Charles
Scowen, Michael
Scriven, Robert Henry
Selby, Pamela
Sergeant, Doreen Ethel
Seymour, Brian
Shales, Derek
Shales, Earl Walter John
Shales, Violet Celine Elizabeth
Shales, Yvonne Olive
Sharp, Robert
Sharp, Robert Elliot
Shorto, Robert
Shorto, Roy
Shorto, Shirley
Simon, David
Simon, Nancy Margaret
Skinner, Ronald Brydon
Slater, Gerald
Smith, Christopher M
Smith, Elizabeth
Smith, Olive May
Smither, Margaret
Snell, Brian Thomas
Sohier, Rosemary
Spratt, Iris Ivy Bertram
Spriggs, Patricia
Stapley, Elizabeth
Stapley, Mary
Steptoe, Ellen
Stokes, Richard
Stokes, Sylvia
Stokes, Valerie
Stone, Clive
Stone, Madge Yvonne
Stone, Thomas Henry
Stoodley, Sidney Joseph
Surcouf, Kenneth
Surcouf, Rodney
Susans, Diane
Susans, Mary Rose
Swiss, Petronel Joan
Syvret, Myrtle \m
Tanner, Mary E
Tanner, Myrtle H
Taylor, Joy
Temple, John William
Temple, George F
Temple, Helena
Temple, Helena May
Thelwell, Colman
Thelwell, John
Thiel, Ronald Edward
Thomas, Mary
Thompson, Raymond
Thomson, John David
Thuillier, Yvonne H
Thurland, David Francis
Tipping, Barbara Alice
Titheridge, Barbara
Titheridge, Edward
Tizard, William
Torpy, Owen W
Torpy, Owen Wilfred
Torpy, Wilfred John
Trapnell, Edward P
Trapnell, Patrick Edward
Tricot, Eric
Turner, Barbara Joyce
Turner, David H
Turner, Derek Sydney
Turner, Normal Edwin
Turner, Stanley
Turquet, Leonard
Turquet, Madeleine
Turquet, Maurice
Turquet, Yolande
Valin, André Maurice George
Valin, Robert Julien
Vardon, Dorothy
Vardon, Eileen
Vaudin, Barbara Jean
Vaudin, Gordon
Vernon, Dawn
Véron, Lorraine
Vezier, Ada Emily Winifred
Villars, David George
Wakeford, Michael
Walker, Marian Clara
Walker, Patricia
Walker, Patrick Instrell
Walsh, Ernest
Walsh, George
Walsh, June
Walsh, Madeleine Ruth
Walters, Betty Barbara
Walters, Dennis George
Walters, Gordon
Walters, Valerie I
Ward, Thomas
Warder, Helier Philip
Warder, Margaret Ross
Warn, David
Watts, Elizabeth
Wavell, Brian
Wavell, Brian Stewart
Wavell, Charles Mansell
Way, Derek Harold
Way, Pauline
Weekes, Maxwell
Weeks, Wallace
Welling, Patricia Mary
Werrin, Graeme
Werrin, John Frederick
Wesley, Pamela Mary
White, Brian
White, Mary
White, Ronald
Whittingham, Yvonne Mary
Wightman, Pauline
Wilden, Dennis
Wilkinson, Dorothy E
Williams, Jean Kathleen
Williams, June
Williams, Lennard Richard
Williams, Maurice
Williams, Robert Richard
Willy, Ramon Vincent
Windybank, Cyril
Wood, Dorothy
Woodman, Dolores A M
Woonton, Michael
Wright, Florence Ethel
Wright, Graeme Le Gal
Yates, Cynthia Ethel
Yates, Michael A
Yvon, George G
Yvon, Phyllis


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