Applications of evacuees with surnames beginning with letters T-Z wishing to return to Jersey after the Occupation.Each volume of applications includes; names of applicants, date they left the Island before the Occupation, names of children, occupation, date of birth, address in Jersey and address in United Kingdom.




1943 - 1945


Ward, Alice
Ward, Wendy Eve
Ward, Edith Florence
Ward, Leslie Charles
Ward, Dorothy Thelma
Ward, Monica Vernon Foster
Ward, Cyril Raymond
Ward, Elizabeth
Ward, Percival James
Ward, William
Ward, Beatrice
Ward-Simpson, Vere Elliot
Ward-Simpson, Evelyne Nellie
Warder, Helier Philip
Warder, Margeret Rose
Warder, Jean Mary
Warder, Beatrice Emily
Ware, Beaumont George
Ware, Constance Matilda
Wall, Laura Daisy
Cosy Corner Café
Wallace, Marjorie
Wallace, Constance Maud
Wallace, Victor Mendle
Wallbridge, James Henry
Wallis, David Cockburn
Wallis, John Cockburn
Wallis, Montague Calverley
Wallis, Louisa
Wallser, Michael A
Wallser, Patricia W
Wallser, Phyllis
Wallser, Jean A
Wallser, Basil C C
Wallser, Avys Maude
Wallser, Arthur William
Wallser, Violet Arthuretta
Wallser, Gertrude Alice
Walmsley, Alice Ada
Walmsley, James Harold
Walmsley, Joyce May
Walmsley, Ellen Violet
Walmsley, Richard
Walmsley, Rosemary
Walsh, Madeline R
Walsh, Dorothy T
Walsh, George Y
Walsh, Dorothy S
Walsh, David Charles
Walsh, Jane Mary
Walsh, Barry William
Walsh, Michael John
Walsh, Lilian Ann Dorothy
Walsh, Mary Ann
Walsh, Patrick William
Walsh, Marie Emelie Augustine
Walshe, Mary Rose
Walters, Sally
Walters, George
Walters, David
Walters, Alice
Walters, George Miles
Walters, John William
Walton, Adrian Athelstan
Walton, Athelstan Roland Spink
Walton, Pearl Elizabeth
Walker, Alice Elizabeth
Walker, Andrew Nilson
Walker, Dorotha S
Walker, Mary
Walker, Anthony
Walker, Clarence Alfred
Walker, Irene Alexander
Walker, Charles
Walker, Clifford Charles
Walker, Mabel Violet
Walker, Gladys Olive
Walker, Eric Montague
Walker, Muriel Cecile
Walker, Jill Rozel
Walker, Eric Lionel
Walker, Peter de Bourdeaux
Walker, Margaret Joan
Walker, Melville Stuart
Walker, Violet Hetty
Walker, Thomas Bertram
Walker, Richard Samuel
Walker, Madeline Joyce
Walker, Tom Oswald Phillip
Walker, William
Walker, Celene
Walker, William George
Walker, June
Walker, Gladys
Walker, William Orr
Walker, Anne Lascelles
Walkley, Albert Edward
Walkley, Elsie Matilda
Wade, Collingwood Clifford Collen
Wade, Victorine
Waddell, Edith Margaret
Wadsowrth, Thomas Osman
Wadsworth, Annie Maria
Waghorn, Zay
Wagstaff, Colin
Wagstaff, David
Wagstaff, Irvin
Wagstaff, Mary
Wakeham, Reginald
Wakeham, John
Wakeham, Lily Jane
Waldock, Mabel
Voke, Sonia Mary
Voke, Charles Henry
Voke, Florence Lily
Vowden, Bertram Lewellyn
Vowden, George Henry
Vowden, Elizabeth Pricilla
Vowden, Kathleen May
Vowden, Thelma
Vowden, Geoffrey
Vowden, Maurice
Vowden, George
Vowden, Maurice George
Vowden, Ada
Vowden, Nora Jane
Vitel, Francis George
Vitel, Euphrasie Marguerite
Vitel, Ernest
Vivian, Arthur James
Vivian, Arthur George
Vivian, Rosalie
Vivian, Patricia Margarite
Vivian, Helene Dorothy
Vivian, Dorothy Louise
Voisin, Alfred Charles
Voisin, Alex Clarence
Voisin, Alex Ernest Edward
Voisin, Alfred John
Voisin, Arthur James
Voisin, Florence May
Voisin, Amy Maud
Regent Confectioners
Voisin, Edith May
Voisin, Eric Peter
Voisin, Francis Ogier
Voisin, Gerald Francis
Voisin, Kenneth George
Voisin, Rosemary Jean
Voisin, Doreen Eleanor
Voisin, Louisa Matilda
Voisin, Peggy Florence
Voisin, Ronald James
Voisin, William Charles
Voisin, Ruby May
Vetier, Reginald Francis
Vetier, Joyce Ada
Vetier, Reginald Stanley
Vibert, Denis
Vibert, Gordon William
Vibert, John Le Gros
Vibert, Ralph
Vibert, Muriel Aileen Priaux
Vibert, Thomas
Vibert, Florence Jessie
Vibert, Vivian
Viel, Arthur Douglas
Viel, Christine Violet
Viel, Edward J K
Viel, Edward George
Viel, Iris Lillian
Viel, Judy Catherine
Viel, Gordon Noel
Viel, Sheila
Viel, Linda Violet
Vigot, Francis John
Villalard, Yvonne
Villalard, Eileen Beatrice
Villalard, David John
Villalard, George
Villalard, Ronald
Villalard, Beatrice
Villette, Edward Charles
Villette, Albert Achille
Villette, Florence Emily
Villette, Albert Alfred
Vincent, Cyril
Vincent, Leslie Arthur
Vincent, Roma Alicia
Vincent, Hilda Elizabeth
Varaillon, Patricia
Varaillon, Jennifer
Varaillon, Louis Gerald
Varaillon, June
Varaillon, Alfred
Varaillon, Bertha May
Vardon, Helen Dorothy
Vardon, Alfred James
Vardon, Ellen Amelia
Vardy, Paul David Norton
Vardy, George Cyril
Vardy, Bozena
Varley, Edith B M
Vasse, Ernest James Francis
Vasse, Elsie May
Vasse, Joseph Ernest Marie
Vasse, Kathleen Helen Maud
Vasse, Leslie Ronald
Vaudin, Mary Frances Roselle
Vaughan, Ethel Winifred
Vautier, Anna Louise
Vautier, Eric Alfred
Vautier, Lily
Vautier, John Norman
Vautier, Walter
Vautier, Eliza J
Vachell, Arthur Cadogen
Vachell, John Tanfield
Vallois, Vernon
Vallois, Carlton Edward
Vallois, Amelia Jane
Vallois, Elizabeth Ann
Vallois, Ellen Sophie
Vallois, Sheila Mary
Valpy, Kathleen Phyllis
Valpy, Philip Labey
Vance, Lucy Isobel
Vance, William John
Trent, Florence, Lady
Underwood, Alfred William
Uniacke, Norman Joseph
Uniacke, Thora Phyllis
Unwin, Reginald Thomas
Unwin, Loretta
Unwin, Basil V T
Unwin, Robert A V
Unwin, Ivor R R
Unwin, Lilian E
Unwin, Margaret R M
Unwin, Jeanne Alexandrine
Urvay, Michael
Urvay, Barry
Urvay, Roy
Urvay, Nora May
Usborne, Grace Gordon
Usher, Sidney Noel
Usher, Phyllis Dane
Turner, John G Le M
Turner, Rose Maud
Turner, John Peter
Turner, Gerald Evely Neville
Turner, Leonard George Henry
Turner, Mabel Lily
Turner, Lilian Maud
Turner, Mabel Maud
Turner, Margaret Nelson
Turner, Norma Gordon
Turner, Nance Mary Gordon
Turner, Lionel Harry
Turner, Phyllis May
Turner, Ronald
Turner, Reginald Francis
Turner, Rene Lucien
Turner, Terence Heal
Turner, Walter
Turner, Valentine E Relf
Turner, William Francis Le Masurier
Turner, Matilda Rose
Turpin, Cordelia Beatrice
Turton, Angela
Tuthill, Maria F
Tyson, Emma Gertrude
Turner, Alexander Crosbie
Turner, Mary Georgina
Turner, Arthur Ronald
Turner, Salome Rundle
Turner, Charles Ronald
Turner, Daisy Enid Joan
Turner, Dorothy Rose
Turner, Dorothy Violet Fanny
Turner, Ernest Barr
Turner, Ethel May
Turner, Elsie E Jane
Turner, Francis Arthur
Turner, Frank A
Turner, Kenneth Francis
Turner, Francis George
Turner, Kathleen
Turner, Francis William Geoffrey
Turner, Mary Ellen
Turner, Herbert Roderick
Turner, John
Turner, Marie Josephine
Turner, John Alfred
Tricot, Francis E
Tricot, Jean
Tricot, Francis
Tricot, Eric
Tricot, Muriel
Trigg, Brian
Trigg, Rita
Tirgg, Robert
Trigg, James
Trigg, Edith
Triscott, William Alfred
Triscott, Lydia L
Triscott, William
Trotter, Frank
Trotter, Gladys Joyce
Troy, Adrian
Troy, Michael
Troy, Mary Medina Marguerite
Troy, Anne Margaret
Troy, Richard Edward
Troy, Lily Margaret
Trump, George
Trump, Caroline
Trump, Mary
Truscott, Elizabeth
Tucker, Stephen
Tucker, Amelia Eunice
Tucker, Gladys
Tucker, Grame
Tucker, Howard William
Tucker, Doris Irene
Tuckey, Frederick Douglas
Tuckey, Herbert William
Tuckey, Doris Rose
Tuckey, William Robert
Tuckey, Nellie Louise
Trapps, Ida Gertrude, née Leigh
Travers, Eugene E F
Travers, Blanche M
Traver, Edmund M
Travers, Lucille L B
Tregidga, John Henry
Tregidga, Florence Ellen
Tregidga, Leslie
Trehiou, Geoffrey
Trehiou, Kenneth
Trehiou, Eugene Charles
Trehiou, Lois Anne
Tressidder, Leonard
Tressidder, Gloria Joyce
Tressidder, Gerald Leonard
Tressidder, Beatrice May
Treston, Sheila Blanche
Touzel, Anthea Beatrice
Touzel, Albert Edward
Touzel, Dorothy Mary
Touzel, Alfred George
Touzel, Elizabeth
Touzel, Beatrice
Touzel, Clara Louisa
Touzel, Derek
Touzel, Doreen Olive
Touzel, George Thomas
Touzel, Hilda Jane
Touzel, Jane
Touzel, Linda Catherine
Touzel, Philip J Le Neveu
Touzel, Rita Madge
Touzel, Vernon Blampied
Touzel, M, Mrs
Touzel, Wilfred Alfred
Townend, George William
Townend, Diane Jane
Townend, Rose
Townend, Thomas Henry
Townend, Walter Stanley
Townsend, Philip Ernest
Townsend, Arthur George
Toy, Royston George
Tombs, Heather
Tombs, Jill
Tombs, William Thomas
Tombs, Eva Alice
Toms, Barbara Woodland
Toms, Dorothy Constance
Toms, Frazer Woodland
Tonks, Cecil James
Torch, Christine Elizabeth
Torch, Alfred Peter
Tostevin, Lilian Esther
Tostevin, Leonard Roy
Tostevin, Gail
Tostevin, Barrie
Tostevin, Vera
Tostevin, William
Tostevin, Eva Blanche
Tierney, Minnie Irene
Tierney, Maud Mary
Tilley, Diana
Tilley, George Henry
Tilley, Florence Evelyn
Tindall, Henry George
Tindall, Maud Alice
Tinley, Beryl Newport
Tirel, Arthur Douglas
Tirel, Beryl Kathleen
Tirel, Dorothy Olga
Tirel, Frank George
Tirel, Sylvia
Tirel, Francis Emile
Tirel, Monica Margaret
Tirel, Louise Augustine
Tirel, Leslie Donald
Tirel, Marcel Piere Francois
Tirel, Marcella Jeanette
Tirel, Irene
Tisson, Beryl
Tisson, Cecil Charles
Tisson, Allan
Tisson, Margaret
Tisson, Charles William
Tisson, Gloria
Tisson, Anthony
Tisson, Dorothy
Tisson, Florence
Tisson, Ronald William
Titcombe, Fred
Titcombe, Nora Evelyn
Titcombe, Peter John
Tite, Edward Albert
Tite, Hilda Maud
Thomson, Lilian
Thompson, Zenobia Ida
Thompson, Samuel
Thompson, Annie
Thompstone, Patricia Ruby May
Thomson, Margaret
Thomson, Peter
Thomson, Edith
Thomson, Arthur
Thomson, Kenneth
Thomson, Beatrice
Thomson, Lilian
Thomson, Archibald Charles
Lenndy Thomson, Florence
Thomson, Robert Edward Norman
Thoreau, Mary
Thoreau, Rosemary
Thoreau, Brian
Thoreau, Reginald William
Thoreau, Bertha Evelyn
Thoreau, Vivian Philip
Thorn, Colin Michael
Thorn, Gordon William Powell
Thorn, Donald Elizabeth MacDowgall
Thorne, Donald
Thorne, Florence Rose
Thorne, Olga Elizabeth
Thorne, Allen
Thorne, Graham
Thorne, Colin
Thorne, Jean
Thorne, Walter W
Thorne, William Hatton
Thornton, Florence Crewe
Thackray, Donald
Thackray, Hilda
Thackray, Margaret Sheila
Thair, Lily F
Thelwell, Leslie Hughes
Thelwel, Georgina Florence
Therin, Peter Emile
Therin, Jean Lillian
Thiebot, Mary Ann
Thiebot, Mary Elizabeth
Thomas, David Arthur
Thomas, Arthur Yves Adrian
Thomas, Gladys Violet
Thomas, Bertha Mahala
Thomas, Charles Henry
Thomas, Charles Frederick Harry
Thomas, Frank G
Thomas, Frederick W F
Thomas, Frederick
Thomas, Dorothy V F
Thomas, Frederick Isidore
Thomas, Pamela Ann
Thomas, Mazie Lilian
Thomas, Frederick Walter
Thomas, Gertrude Mary
Thomas, Jenny
Thomas, Jessie
Thomas, William Edward
Thomas, Yves Joseph Peter
Taunton, William Garnett
Taylor, Roy Francis Arthur
Taylor, Fay Lilian
Taylor, Joy Doris
Taylor, Arthur George
Taylor, Doris
Taylor, Albert John
Taylor, Elsie
Taylor, Cecilia Blanche
Taylor, Brian Christopher
Taylor, Christopher Helier
Taylor, Emma Maud
Taylor, Clifford Robert, Captain
Taylor, Francis, Lieutenant Colonel
Taylor, Kathleen, née Mollet
Taylor, Florence
L'Etacq Hotel
Taylor, George
Taylor, Graham William
Taylor, Margaret Ann
Taylor, Alfred George
Taylor, Irene Maud
Taylor, Joyce Elsie
Taylor, Leonard
Taylor, Leonard
Taylor, Minnie Eliza
Taylor, Minnie Mary
Taylor, Richard Charles
Taylor, Pamela, née Trump
Ratel, Mr
Taylor, Violet Grace
Taylor, John A
Taylor, Walter
Taylor, Lillian Maud
Taylor, A
Taylor, R E
Taylor, Willoughby Frank Bertrand
Taylor, Kathleen Anne
Talibard, Michael John
Talibard, Mary Elizabeth
Talibard, Cyril Arthur
Talibard, Hilda Phoebe
Talmage, Ethel Gertrude
Talmage, Ivan William
Tanner, William Allan
Grouville Hall Hotel
Tanner, Eva
Tardivel, Annie Elizabeth
Tardivel, Alice Frances
Tardivel, Doreen
Tardivel, Douglas George
Tardivel, Gladys May
Tardivel, John Edward
Tardivel, Rozelle Jeanne
Victoria Hotel
Tarr, Harold Alfred, Captain
Leighton Hotel
Tarratt, Ethel Georgina
Taunton, Anne Rollo
Taunton, Huge Lupus
Taunton, Annie de Ste Croix
Coutanche, Lord Alexander Moncrieff, 1892 - 1973, Bailiff of Jersey, 1935-1961
Bailiff's Chambers


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