VHS tape of 8 separate films: 1) Filmed by David Bishop in 8mm B&W. Film shows the Jersey Model Aero Club, Les Landes. 0h 04m 17s. 2) Filmed by David Bishop in 8mm colour. Film shows a Hovercraft on trial at Gorey. 0h 03m 17s. 3) Filmed by David Bishop in 8mm colour. Films shows various scenes of Jersey, including: Jersey Pottery, Gorey, Anne Port, States Airport, Corbiere, St Aubin, Ronez, Moulin de Lecq, St Ouen and the swings at Mount Bingham. 0h 03m15s 4) Filmed by David Bishop in 8mm colour. The official opening of Fort Regent swimming Pool. Bishop family in Howard Davis Park. 0h 08m 27s 5) Filmed by Stanhope Landick in 16mm. Film shows the SS St Patrick arriving in St Helier. Dixie Landick home on leave. Ken Landick. Family meal. St Andrew's Church. Wedding of Estele de la Cour to Charles de Gruchy (later a Jurat). 0h 04m 56s 6) Filmed by Stanhope Landick in 16mm. Film show a German bunker at Bel Royal and camouflage netting. 0h 00m 50s 7) Filmed by Stanhope Landick in 16mm. Film shows Jersey Road Race. Man in beret. Anti-tank defences. Beaumont. Picnic on beach at L'Etacq. The marina restaurant. Sailing in St Aubin's Harbour. Royal Mail van and postman (Stanley Theodore Landick) House 'Alabama'. The Hamon Memorial Church, Mont Les Vaux. Family outing at Le Hocq Hotel and a Vicar in a striped blazer. 0h 04m 33s 8) Filmed by Stanhope Landick in 16mm B&W. Film shows St Aubin's Bay. Long pan left to right showing empty harbour. First part of film featuring Mr Aubrey Jolley (master at Victoria College Preparatory). Jersey Airport BEA DC 3 Pionair. 0h 03m 16s. This film is located in the Audio Visual Area of the Jersey Archive.




1940 - 1970


Victoria College Preparatory School
British European Airways
Jersey Film Archive
Bishop, David
Landick, Stanhope
Landick, Dixie
SS St Patrick
Landick, Ken
de la Cour, Estele
Gruchy, Charles
Landick, Stanley Theodore
Jolly, Aubrey


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