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Jersey National Infants school Log Book. Index available. This volume records the daily events at the school and has been indexed by name of the person mentioned. The index created by volunteers has been attached as a PDF so that you can see the page numbers the person is mentioned on. The volume has not been digitised to date so you will need to contact the Archive to obtain copies of the relevant pages.

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1891 - 1904


St Mark's National School
Wilde, R, Reverend
Gill, Mr
Hemery, Miss
Linden, Miss
Taylor, Fanny
Balleine, Mrs
Ferbrache, Alfred
Gray, Colonel
Sullivan, Florence
Moody, Emily
de la Motte, Reginald
Moon, Rose
Gray, W G
Sullivan, H A
Taylor, H H
Gallichan, M
Hemery, J J
Peake, Copson, Reverend
Wilson, Mrs
Crocker, Edith
Balleine, George Orange, 1842 - 1906, Dean of Jersey, 1888 - 1906
Gouyette, Priscilla
Nicolle, Judge
Lindon, Mrs
de la Motte, Winifred
Nicolle, Esther
Le Cornu, Florence
Thorne, Mrs
Archard, Mr
Luce, Reverend
Gray, W C
Butler, Lilian
Amy, Philip
Tankall, Irene
Moody, C M
Crooke, Edith A
Crocker, E A
Burgess, Florence
Pitman, George
White, Beatrice
Hodges, Archdeacon
Moody, Edith
Millais, Mrs
Simon, Amelia
Gouyette, Edward
Rumsey, Jack
Nicolle, William
Lawrence, Matilda
Laurie, Percy
Williams, Louis
de Gruchy, Mrs
Winchester, Bishop of
Bertram, Lady
Turner, Elizabeth
Martin, Lilian
Arthur, Edward
Le Sueur, Ada
Graut, Harry
Gallichan, Malvina
Page, Gertrude
Archard, T
Gilding, Caroline
Burrows, Edward
Daniel, Miss
Bisson, Clarence
Thorne, D
Pipon, General
Briard, Jurat
Le Cronier, Mrs
Romeril, Magdalen
Kirk, John
Le Cronier, Dr
Goding, Phoebe
Bishop, Harold
Luce, Edouard
Thorne, Mrs
Bisson, Edward
Lindon, Miss
Poingdestre, Florence
du Preiul, Theresa
Linton, Colonel
Brock, Carey, Reverend
Balleine, Miss
Voisin, Harold
Brock, A Walter
Carter, Charles
Mollet, Percival
North, Reginald
Terry, Edward
Smith, Jered
Wilson, Mrs
Turpin, Arthur
Luce, John
Sullivan, Miss
Barnes, Sydney
Hopkins, Annie
Le Cornu, Edward
Luce, Mrs
Le Cronier, Miss
Hopton, Edward, Major General, Lieutenant Governor of Jersey, 1895 - 1900
Hopton, Mrs
Eustache, Annie
Middleditch, Amy
Moon, Elsie
Crooke, Mabel
Carver, Ethel
Wilson, A
Bishop, Lily
Le Sueur, Maud
Le Sueur, Ruby
Hamon, Alice
Horder, Ada
Carson, Albert
Stone, Anna
Bisson, George
Elliott, Dorothy
Balleine, Estelle
Atkins, Watson
Atkins, Beatrice
Gill, S
Asplet, E, Reverend
Randall, Allan
Le Gros, Paul
Sinet, Gertrude
Sinet, Flossie
Perchard, F
Hobbs, Florence
Marrett, Clarence
Hobbs, Ethel
Allen, Eva
Roger, May
Blampied, Wesley
Marrett, Colonel
Amy, Edith
Maugham, Charles
Pitman, Reg George
Cooms, D
Green, F
Bartlett, H
Le Lievre, Walter
Touzel, Beatrice
Hibbs, Fanny
Pawer, May
Bertram, J
Milner, A B, Reverend
Glendewar, Owen
Journeaux, Mabel
Angel, Miriam
Rault, May
Proper, Elsie
Le Breton, Lena
Biles, Mabel
Le Cornu, Bertha
Guillot, Eugenie
Connor, Gertrude
Taylor, Freddie
Page, Gertrude
Hine, Annie
Moore, Gladys
Wallbridge, Violet
Abadie, Henry Richard, Major General, Lieutenant Governor of Jersey 1900 - 1904
Hodgson, Esther
Touzel, June
Journeaux, May
Pipon, Miss
Williams, Reverend
Green, Jessie
Bush, S
Danby, F W
Bush, S
Gallichan, Evangelina
Wylder, Miss
Boudin, Louis
Abadie, Mrs
Chillingsworth, Grace
Gallichan, Eva
Hodge, Mrs
Aubin, Duret
Jeune, Ernest
Le Cornu, Ivy
Bechemin, Augustine
Aubin, Mrs
Thorne, Frances E
Richards, Nina
Sullivan, Miss
Danby, T W


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