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Jersey National Infants school Log Book. This volume records the daily events at the school and has been indexed by name of the person mentioned. The index created by volunteers has been attached as a PDF so that you can see the page numbers the person is mentioned on. The volume has not been digitised to date so you will need to contact the Archive to obtain copies of the relevant pages.

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1904 - 1924


Jersey National Infants School
Grove Place
Halkett Place
Balleine, George Orange, 1842 - 1906, Dean of Jersey, 1888 - 1906
Briard, P
Robin, C J
Pipon, P J, General
Bertram, J
Hemery, Miss
Thorne, Mrs
Wilson, M, General
Balleine, Miss
Pipon, M, Miss
Hodges, Mrs
Aubin, Durett
Gray, W C, Colonel
Gallichan, Malvina
Danby, J W
Beasley, Winifred
Le Cornu, Ivy
Bonnard, Kathleen
Sullivan, Miss
Stone, Anna
Wilson, Mrs
Balleine, Estelle
Addison, Mr
Sullivan, F
Le Masurier, Lily
Danby, T
Luce, E, Reverend
Sullivan, Florence A
Gallichan, Evangelina
Harrison, H
Carey Brock, Reverend
Bush, S
Aubin, Judge
Stevens, Winifred
Aubin, Dr
Wilson, Anne C
Gallichan, Eva
Guiton, Elsie
Guiton, Lily
Hodges, I M
Norman, Martha
Harrison, H I B
Le Feuvre, Reverend
Le Monnier, Clifford
Le Brocq, Iris
Thorne, Frances E
Milner, A B, Reverend
Williams, Reverend
Humby, Maud
Falle, Samuel, 1854 - 1937, Dean of Jersey, 1906 - 1937
Humby, Maud
Linton, Mrs
Davis, Arthur
Poingdestre, Mr
Philips family
Pitcher, Grace
Stephens, Dorothy
Chappuis, Dr
Le Cronier, Mrs
Hodges, V M
Le Feuvre, E
Grandin, Doris
Bree, Miss
Munday, J A
Ingham, N F, Reverend
Love, Reverend
Daniel, Gladys
Bree, Irene Grace
Noel, Irene
Thomas, Elsie
Touzel, Stuart
Le Masurier, A G, Reverend
Mourant, Miss
Gale, Miss
Ginton, George
Harris, Irene
Gale, Jennie
Germain, Mr
Smith, Lily
Le Ruez, Kenneth
Le Claire, Francis Leon
Page, A F
Germain, T
Wylder, Miss
Wylder, Mrs
Falle, Mrs
Falle, Miss
Mundy, Marguerita Adeline
Quarrie, Herbert W
Le Cronier, Mrs
Balleine, A F
Gougette, William
Le Ruez, Doris
Le Ruez, Eileen Doris
Humby, Victoria Maud
Ingham, I F, Reverend
Winchester, Bishop of
Le Quesne, C
Buttfield, C B
Gough, Hugh Sutley, Major General, Lieutenant Governor of Jersey, 1904 - 1910
Pinel, J E
Journeaux, Elsie
Vernon, Sir William Henry Venables, Bailiff of Jersey
Huelin, B
Poingdestre, C
Sangan, L J
Le Riche, A P
Le Sueur, Matilda
Starck, Miss
Perkins, Lily
Le Roy, Lily
Beacon, Mary
Norman, Percy
Passmore, L
Mahieu, Jane
Gale, Jennie Leslie
Starck, Marjorie Sabina
Rouilleul, Marie
Rouilleul, John
Taylor, Edith
Phillips, Gertrude
Marett, Gertrude
Vincent, Albert
Acourt, Florence Maud
Le Sueur, Stanley
Smith, Alfred
Mabey, Raymond
de la Rue, Ernestine
Krichefski, Bernard
Smith, William
Sanguy, Sydney
Daniel, Miss
Horner, Arthur
Hamon, Clarence
Cornish, Cyril
Lakeman, Gladys
de la Mare, Elsie
Hobbs, William
Cornish, Madeleine
Hotton, Grace
Vallois, John
Cawley, Bernard
Stephens, Miss
Le Sauteur, William
Stephens, Lieutenant
Le Jacon, Alfred
Hotton, Harry
Stopher, George
Picot, John
Picot, Queenie
Benest, Lionel
Benest, Ruby
Gibson, Blanche
Leal, Dorothy
West, Harold
Allchin, Alfred
Lainy, Leda
Morris, Iris
Monamy, Lilian
Samson, George
Varney, Veda
Jones, George
Cornish, Clarence R
Marett, Lily
Symons, William
Cherrill, A H
Misson, Clifford
Caton, Ruth
Ceppi, Marc
Vivian, Edmund
Braggs, Dorothy
Warren, Harold
Hotton, A
Starck, Marjorie S
Donaldson, Phyllis
De Gruchy, Walter
Balleine, F E
Hopkins, P
Sherwood, Horace
Mas, A
Cawley, Herbert
Perkins, Doris
Beuzeval, Jack
Pinwell, James
Le Brocq, Dr
de la Haye, Gertrude Ruth


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