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Jersey National Infants School log book. This volume records the daily events at the school and has been indexed by name of the person mentioned. The index created by volunteers has been attached as a PDF so that you can see the page numbers the person is mentioned on. The volume has not been digitised to date so you will need to contact the Archive to obtain copies of the relevant pages.

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1878 - 1892


Jersey National School
St Mark's National School
Gruchy, Anna
Viel, Louisa
Le Cras, Louisa
Bennett, Ellen
Hemery, J J
Gray, Mr
Thorne, Mrs
St Croix, Miss
Eastwicke, Mr
Le Breton, Mrs
Gray, W C
Bull, H J, Reverend
Bull, Miss
Briard, P
Voisin, F
Bryant, Miss
Bellis, R, Reverend
Le Cronier, Mrs
St Croix, Mrs
Pilbeam, J U, Reverend
Pilbeam, Mrs
Le Brocq, Miss
Gray, Major
La Cloche, Mrs
La Cloche, Miss
de Ste Croix, Miss
Gee, Clarice
McMerkin, Annie
Clement, Reverend
Le Feuvre, Reverend
Archard, Mr
Hemery, Mrs
Robin, Mr
Clement, George
Langton, P
Tapper, Reverend
Gedge, J W, Reverend
Lawrell, Miss
Thorne, Mrs
Lefevre, P A, Reverend
Durell, H L
Nicholson, Honorable Mrs
Sherer, General
Brasford, Rosa
La Maistre, W B, Reverend
Godfray, Henry N
Parker, Maud
Wilde, Reverend
Viel, Alice
Barton, Laura
Lee, E C, Reverend
Wilson, Major
Laurell, Miss
McKenzie, Julia
Le Ruez, Mabel
Gilbert, John
Dethan, Arthur
Carrel, Kate
Martin, John
Wilson, Colonel
d'Auvergne, E F, Reverend
Le Cronier, Sarah
Bellis, Richard
Leslie, Ada
Wilde, R
Gallichan, Malvina
Bree, Annie
Richardson, Elvina
Ryan, M J
Sullivan, Louisa
Winchester, Bishop of
Pipon, Mrs
Pipon, General
Gough, Reverend
Dipton, Maud
Bisson, Clara
Le Sueur, Louisa
Picot, F
Lindon, Miss
Syborn, Ada
Buttering, Thomas
Benham, Nellie
Single, Eva
de Gruchy, W L
Benest, C
Carrel, Florence
Matrat, M
Pretoria, Bishop of
Pitman, Fanny
Bertram, Lady
de Quetteville, Clement A
Scott, Adèle
Daniel, Miss
Luce, Edouard
Marett, Daisy
Pipon, P G
Le Cras, Charles
Griffin, Emma
Le Cronier, Mrs
Briard, P
Renouf, C G
Baskins, Florence
Courtland, Single
Gallichan, M
Wilson, Annie
Malet de Carteret, E C
Collas, J M
Wallbridge, Alice
Wray, Henry, Major General, Lieutenant Governor of Jersey 1883 - 1887
Wray, Mrs
Dale, Sarah
Perchard, Mabel
Paskins, Florence
Taylor, Fanny
Gedge, Reverend
Thorne, Frances E
Perchard, John
Poingdestre, Ernest
Rodda, William
Nicolle, Judge
Hemery, Julia J
Millais, Mrs
Peake, C V, Reverend
Balleine, George Orange, 1842 - 1906, Dean of Jersey, 1888 - 1906
Mourant, Gertrude
Le Couteur, Miss
Le Cronier, Mrs
Danford, John Warren
Wherry, Willie
Wherry, Lucy
Bertram, J
Jones, Sydney
Campbell, Clifford
Taylor, F F
Parker, Alfred
Laurence, Philip
Channing, Ethel
Bertram, Mr
Balleine, Mrs
Asplet, Orica
Henwood, Winifred
Downer, Elizabeth
Millais, Mrs
Poingdestre, Clara
Jordan, Arthur
Le Gros, Henry
Burrows, G N
Sullivan, A
Downer, E
Allix, Lilian
Bull, Miss
Arrowsmith, Gertrude
Linden, Miss
Neil, May
Wilson, Mrs
Osborne, May
Le Blancq, Walter
Downer, L
Le Cornu, Alice
Jeune, Thomas
St George, Mabel
Packer, Reverend
Thomas, Ives
Moat, Reverend
Le Cornu, Alice
Taylor, H H
Harris, Emily
Le Masurier, John
Loigle, Eugene
Carter, Edmund
Prunier, Francis
Williams, Alice
Goselin, William
Percival, Clarice
Bossy, F A
Balleine, Florence
Jones, Beatrice


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