Bob Le Sueur talks about his experience of the German occupation. Recording originally produced by the Channel Islands Educational Broadcasting Service. Original reference: Res 2. Includes: initial feeling that Jersey was isolated from the war, tourists visiting etc; panic when it was realised that Jersey would be attacked; going to the Royal Square to hear the Bailiff's announcement of the Island's surrender; anticipation of the Germans' arrival and fears that they would ransack the Island; surprise at the disciplined behaviour of the occupying forces; shock at arrival of the first slave workers; reading notice in the Evening Post of imminent deportations; thoughts on suffering and patriotism; atmosphere and behaviour of people on the day of the deportations; mixing with Spanish slave workers; story about José, a slave worker, and his adopted son; treatment of the slave workers; feeling among the population that the island authorities were collaborating; rise of the Jersey Democratic Movement; feeling of living in a vacum and living day by day; thoughts and feelings on the liberation; discusses entertainment, plays put on at the Opera House, parties held; friends who sheltered 'Bill' [Feodor Burryi], a Russian slave worker, at a flat in Grosvenor Street; mentions women who had relationships with German Officers; treatment of Russian prisoners of war by their own government; mentions Gestapo headquartes at 'Silvertide', Havre des Pas and Mr Wolff, head of local Gestapo branch. Recorded by Sheila Sibson in 1971. Duration: 44 minutes.




1971 - 1971


Sibson, Sheila
Le Sueur, Bob
Jersey Democratic Movement
Burryi, Feodor ('Bill')
Wolff, Mr (Gestapo Officer)
Channel Islands Educational Broadcasting Service


oral history | sound | Occupation | armies | deportations | liberations | slavery | collaboration | entertainments | Amateur dramatics | Prisoners of war | Russians | spaniards | Royal Square | Silvertide | Opera House | Grosvenor Street


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