Alexander Coutanche talks about Miss Amy Marguerite Filleul, a benefactor of the National Trust for Jersey, and her family. Includes: knew the family well; information on the Filleul family and their home, Fauvic House; Amy Marguerite's father, Augustus Philip Filleul married a Miss Scarborough and made his fortune in shipping coal from Cardiff; he built a house in Newport, Monmouthshire and called it 'Grouville'; information about Clement Bailhache, a solicitor in Cardiff, possibly the son of a Nonconformist minister in St John, who was eventually knighted and became a King's/Queen's Counsel; After the death of Augustus Philip from appendicitis in 1902 or 1903 his fortune was held in trust and Mrs Filleul became very nervous for the health of her children; as a result Dudley Scarborough Atteleyn Filleul, Amy Margueite's brother, was sent to St Luke's church house to be a resident pupil of the curate, a Mr Bache; this is how Alexander Coutanche got to know the Filleuls as his father was a warden of St Luke's; Mrs Filleul loved to travel, though she never stopped mourning her husband; Amy Marguerite took after her; they liked to stay in 'pensions de famille' in France, Germany or Switzerland; Dudley went to Pembroke College, Oxford as a commoner, but never took a degree; instead went into the London stock exchange as a clerk; Alexander Coutanche was in London as a student at the time and they met often; When the First World War came Dudley served with the Royal Jersey Milita and then worked at a munitions works in Birmingham; was refused a transfer to the British army because of a mild heart problem; after the war the family bought a house on Market Hill and transferred furniture from the house in Newport; there was far to much to fit in the house, but Mrs Filleul couldn't part with anything as it reminded her of her late husband; they eventually sold the house and the furniture was put back in storage; settled in St Luke's district; Dudley died of pneumonia in the early 1930s; mother and sister heartbroken, worst fears had been realised; travelled less and less, Amy Marguerite came to look like her mother; had few friends, Alexander Coutanche was out of touch with her for the last few years of her life, couldn't penetrate the loneliness that surrounded her. Copied onto cassette from a 2 track mono tape, speed 3 ¾ ips, duration approximately 20 minutes. Sound quality OK, background hum throughout recording. Copy made 04/02/2002.




National Trust for Jersey
Coutanche, Lord Alexander Moncrieff, 1892 - 1973, Bailiff of Jersey, 1935-1961
Filleul, Amy Marguerite
Filleul, Augustus Philip
Filleul, Dudley Scarborough Atteleyn
Scarborough, Miss
Bailhache, Sir Clement
Bache, Mr
St Luke's Church
Pembroke College, Oxford
Royal Jersey Militia


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