Part two of item R/03/C/7, a sound recording of a speech in which Norman Le Brocq, founder member of the Jersey Communist Party and former Deputy of the States of Jersey, talks about his occupation experiences. Continuation of audience questions following the speech, including: a polish slave worker called Mariam/Maryam Polski? who Norman le Brocq was acquainted with; still in touch with some former slave workers, including Feodor Burryi and Mikhail Krohin; repatriation of slave workers after the liberation; was never arrested by the Germans - most people arrested were caught due to carelessness; gives the case of Louisa Gould as an example of this - she was informed on for hiding Feodor Burryi; Billy Mace, a member of the Feldgendarmerie used to warn people in advance if they were due to be searched - he warned Louisa Gould that her house would be searched, and Feodor Burryi was moved, but she had kept some papers on which he had practiced english as a keepsake - this was enough evidence to convict her for hiding an escaped prisoner; her brother, Harold Le Druillenec is also mentioned; according to Norman Le Brocq, the Nazis were not very efficient - caught more people through informers than detective work; once someone was convicted of an offence it was often accidental where they ended up; also mentioned is Alison Griffiths, a student who did many interviews with Norman le Brocq on his occupation experiences for her thesis, and the possibility of this being published. Recorded on 30/09/1990. Good sound quality. [Same recording as item L/D/25/L/36]




September 30th 1990 - September 30th 1990


Le Brocq, Norman
Krohin, Mikhail
Polski, Mariam
Burryi, Feodor ('Bill')
Gould, Louisa Mary, née Le Druillenec
Le Druillenec, Harold Osmond
Mace, Billy
Griffiths, Alison


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