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Leoville School, later St Ouen's Central School Log Book. This volume records the daily events at the school and has been indexed by name of the person mentioned. The index created by volunteers has been attached as a PDF so that you can see the page numbers the person is mentioned on. The volume has not been digitised to date so you will need to contact the Archive to obtain copies of the relevant pages.

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September 6th 1915 - July 26th 1961


Simon, Peter
Lobb, A
Hutchings, F
Laverty, Pauline
Luce, Mr
Gorin, Cyril
Gorin, Margaret
Roberts, John
Roberts, Cyril
Coutanche, Melvyn
Roberts, Graham
Quenault, Sonia
Pattle, Anne
Le Bihan, Simone
Laverty, Pauline
Higgenbotham, Audrey
Leonard, Edward
Hacquoil, D
Desmond, Doctor
Picot, Bernadette
Baal, K, Deputy
Le Marquand, J
Flowerdew, Mrs
Heavingham, Joyce
Syvret, Elizabeth
Quenault, R
Vibert, J
Turner, D
Le Moignan, P Godel
Vautier, E G
Lucas, G
de Gruchy, F A L, Deputy
Richardson, E J A, Reverend
Le Brocq, J
Wimberley, H C A
Syvret, Mr
du Feu, J
Denny, W R
Hacquoil, R
Stevenson, Colonel
de Faye, Mr
Clennet, David
Luce, J E
Richardson, S
Lempriere, E
Le Moignan, David
Huby, David
Syvret, Elizabeth
Goody, Doctor
Huby, Graham
Hacquoil, F
Picot, J
Richardson, Reverend
Le Cron, Yves
Swales, Yvonne Wendy
Chevalier, A
Le Gresley, J
Syvret, Joan
Hacquoil, Phyllis May
Le Lai, N B
Hosking, Mrs
Michel, Mrs
Michel, Mr
Syvret, Joan
Treussard, Gloria
Le Blancq, Susal
Shanks, Hilary
Taillandier, Robert
Drouin, Michael
Pirouet, Martin
Vibert, John
Picot, Jeanne
de La Rue, Isobel Ruth
Garrett, Walter
Hacquoil, George
Pipon, Anne
Cornelius, Arna
Higgett, Mr
Goodchild, David
Le Gresley, Jennifer
Syvret, Edward
Pirouet, Richard
Duval, Mr
Le Boutillier, Mrs
Goodchild, Thomas David
Le Mottée, Inis
Hewlett, Rooney
Garrett, Frank
Hewlett, Stephen
Luxon, Miss
Scriven, Sonia Neale
Le Gros, E
Ahier, R
Gicquel, Mr
Le Druillenec, Harold Osmond
Myles, K
Le Gallais, Michael
Drouin, Maurice
Le Monnier, Leah
Le Mottee, Maurice
Noel, Madeline
Mauger, Mrs
King, Grace
Syvret, C J
de Gruchy, F, Major
Wimberley, H C A
Cabot, Miss
Courval, Nicole
Treussard, Sheila May
Clements, Anthony
Cantrell, Mr
Eager, Mrs
Eager, Vivianne
Butler, R
Sheppard, W W
Hannigan, Father
Mc Donnell, M
Gallery, M
Bage, R
Hewlett, M C
Bowyer, Rosemary
Coxcroft, J, Reverend
Le Quesne, Mr
Hewlett, M R
Syvret, Kathleen
Curry, Kathleen Mary
Inman, Peter
Harrison, Sydney
Sauvey, Herbert
Pearce, Paul
Surcouf, Theresa
Wootton, R, Reverend
Butler, Richard
Syvret, Lelia
Downward, Reverend
Carre, A L, Doctor
Le Marquand, J J
Huelin, Colonel
Young, Miss
Vibert, Phyllis
Barette, David
Huelin, Mary
Udall, Constance
Hewlett, Clement Noel Ward
Luce, Mrs
Lambotte, Benjamin
Swain, Mr
Gough, Austin
Priddy, Dilwyn
Holmes, E R
Syvret, Kenneth W
Journeaux, Bert
Hacquoil, D
Frigot, P
de la Haye, Keith
Darling, Doctor
Leonard, A
Huelin, G
Dennis, L
Redman, Reginald
Vibert, Brian
Syvret, Edward
Duchess of Kent
Clarke, Sir Fred
Harper, Mr
Beamish, Mrs
Huby, Margaret
Desreaux, Mrs
Lobb, Arthur P
Carpenter, F
de Gruchy, F, Major
Smith, Ronald Francis
Jackson, Patricia W
Ball, Mr
Bois, Mr
Sutehall, Mr
Montgomery, Field Marshal The Viscount of Alamein
Gibson, Harold
Chuter-Ede, Mr
Prouten, A
Le Bail, C
Bowers, Miss
Le Gros, E P
Le Feuvre, Max
Le Blancq, F C
Lewis, Richard Maurice Hull, Brigadier
Grasett, Sir Edward, General, Lieutenant Governor
Price, Mr
Sauvey, Mr
Hacquoil, John
Newport, Andrée
Barrie, Andrée
Le Moignan, Jenna
Le Moignan, Gladys
Le Moignan, Mildred
Le Moignan, Sylvia
Huchet, Edward
Huchet, Francis
Le Maistre, Melina
Mauger, Noel
Mauger, David
Bougeard, Cecil
Leonard, Betty
de Caen, Ernest
Hacquoil, Stamford
Le Brocq, Betty
Le Brocq, Geraldine
Roscouet, Muriel
Le Maistre, Margaret
Cauvain, Graeme
Le Marquand, Stanley
Downer, Mr
Vibert, Phyllis
Lambotte, Mavis
Hockey, Bernard
Foote, R
Samson, Albert
Parrott, George
de Gruchy, Brian
Bentlif, Doctor
Botrel, Marina
Botrel, David
Le Tarouilly, Charles
Le Masurier, Bertie
Tredan, Royston
Quérée, Enid
Guiton, Kenneth
Boschat, Raymond
Le Feuvre, E
Gordon, Mary
Roscouet, Adèle
Manley, Major
Rice, Mr
Rolland, Gerald
Le Cocq, G C H
Le Quesne, E, Deputy
Corbel, C G
Brée, P E, Jurat
Godfray, Bessie, née Mollet
Le Gresley, H F
Amy, J H, Deputy
Vibert, Nurse
Vardon, P C W
Noel, Nancy
Le Boutillier, Francis
Rebindaine, John
Luce, Enid
Rive, Rosina
Langford, C
Le Gresley, Henry
Malet de Carteret, A
Dorey, Mrs
Norman, Mrs
Norman, Reverend
Parmée, C C
Dorey, E A, Jurat
Downer, Arthur Alfred Henry
Meagher, Lilian Margaret
Roscouet, Harold
Carré, Edwin
Park, Mrs
Landick, Stanhope Huard Curtis
Catelinet, Mrs
Allen, Miss
de Caux, Allan
Lempriere Family
Minchington family
Boschat, John
Lobb, Arthur P
Cox, Charles
Fromage, Maurice
Turner, Mr
Perriot, Joyce
Horton, Mrs
Fromage, Olive
Hawkins, Gordon
Le Gallais, Joyce
Shepherd, Miss
Roscouet, Annie
Le Brocq, Evelyn
Minchington, Derrick
Oliver, Doctor
Desnos, Cyril
Thompson, Mr
Le Bailly, Francis
Stuber, Mona
Le Corff, Jacqueline
Ahier, Miss
Selous, Miriam
Norman, Madeline Louise
Grellier, F M
Simmonds, Nurse
McKinstry, R N, Doctor
Brideaux, Lewis
Fraser, Miss
Le Gresley, Henry
Wynn Williams, Mr
Gosling, Mabel
Pirouet, Linda
Le Marquand, Jeffrey
Vautier, Edward
Collins, Marjorie
Gould, Edward
Le Brocq, Linda
Mindu, Emma
Amy, Kathleen
Vardon, P C W
Barette, Kenneth
Syvret, Emma
Syvret, Harold
Vibert, Alfred E
Francis, Charles H
Hows, Violet
Stone, Violet
Falle, Mrs
Falle, Dean
Stoodley, Mr
Renouf, Jurat
Le Lay, Rosalie
Svyret, Clarence
Andrews, Norman
Le Cornu, Charles
Martin, Cyril
Amy, Ellen
Vibert, Elsie
Huelin, Gladys
Valpy, Reverend
Avery, G E
Huelin, Lawrence Lucas
Hows, Stanley
A'Court, Arthur
Le Maistre, Henri
Vibert, Dorothy May
Pezet, Alinder Maud
Luce, Percy Philip
Huelin, George Raymond
Barette, Stanley Edward
Le Bail, Beatrice
Vautier, Elsie Maud
Le Brocq, Doctor
Carré, Eva
Ceppi, M
Cherrill, Mr
Pezet, Irene
Noel, Doris
Vibert, Harold
Le Boutillier, Ida
Alexander, Violet
Grésille, Hilda
Le Gresley, Henry
du Feu, Lydia
Langeard, Olive
Vibert, Ida M
Le Blancq, Mrs
Le Blancq, Frederick Charles
Priaulx, Clarence
Vibert, Gladys
Chaperon, Raymond
du Feu, Linda
Edwards, Doctor
Vautier, T
Balleine, Edith Maria
Cooper, Florry
Du Feu, Francis
Godfrey, Charles, Corporal
Guilleaume, Arthur
Le Cornu, Philip
Ahier, Phyllis
Pepin, Mrs
de Carteret, Miss
Vibert, Gertie
Luce, Hilda
de Carteret, M
Symons, Doctor
Hacquoil, James
Hacquoil, Stanley
Le Marquand, E
Selous, Clarice
Gartrell, Miss
Huby, Francois
Page, A F
Pepin, Reverend
Mercier, Augustine
Le Maistre, Violet
Le Marquand, Dorothy
Powell, Mrs
Vernon, William Venables
Pitman, Miss
Le Gresley, Miss
Coutanche, E L
Jandron, L M
Reynolds, J C
Powell, W M
Vaudin, Mr
Le Feuvre, E, Reverend
Aubin, Jurat
Balleine, F E
de St Croix, Stanley
Le Huray, A M
Chaperon, Laura
Leoville School
St Ouen's Central School


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