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St Ouens Wesleyan School Log book. This volume records the daily events at the school and has been indexed by name of the person mentioned. The index created by volunteers has been attached as a PDF so that you can see the page numbers the person is mentioned on. The volume has not been digitised to date so you will need to contact the Archive to obtain copies of the relevant pages.

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May 2nd 1889 - September 1st 1915


Lucas, John
Vibert, Philip
Spargo, Mrs
Hacquoil, Louisa A
Burrows, Edward H
Crawshaw, James E, Reverend
Le Cornu, Albert
Le Cornu, Philip
Le Cornu, Elizabeth
Vaudin, Mr
Le Marquand, Ernest
Amy, Hedley
Amy, Elizabeth
Amy, Elsie
Amy, John
Amy, Clara
Amy, Florence
Amy, Alice
Brideaux, Miss
Alexander, Francis
du Feu, John P
Hamon, John
Le Marquand, Annie
Amy, Thomas G
Forster, W J
Amy, Sydney A
Fleury, E J
Iley, Sarah J
Le Gresley, Ada
Le Breton, Francis A
Levée, Eliza
Sangan, Anna Françoise
des Hayes, Jeanne Marie
Gill, Mr
Le Main, James
Misson, John F
Milon, Ada
Barette, Emma L
Luce, Alfred F
Perrée, Georgina
Treussard, Jeanne Marie
Vibert, Elizabeth
Le Boutillier, Arthur
Le Marquand, John R
Luce, Lydia
Thoreau, Julia
Hamon, Peter
Gossett, John
Vibert, Ada A
Vibert, Philip T
Bastard, Walter
Francis, Charles
Guard, Francis
Guard, Lydia
Guard, Alice A
Bastard, John
Hubert, Edward
Forgeard, John F
Hansford, Elias J
Milon, Dora
Battrick, Clara
Lucas, Ellen M
Vibert, Annie
Malzard, Anna Rachel
Lucas, Ada H
Godeaux, Louisa Margaret
Amy, Anna M
Abraham, Robert
Duvergne, H P S
Le Moignan, Philip
Rolland, Rosalie
Treussard, Jeanne Marie
Treussard, Alfred Leon
Burton, Clara
Romeril, John Philip
Bénard, Anastasie
Langlois, J R
Hunt, Mrs
Hunt, W Stanley
Le Moine, Elizabeth
Le Moine, Henri
Bentlif, Doctor
Amy, Francis
Amy, John
Briard, Anna J
Hamon, Francis
Vautier, Thomas P
Williams, Louise, née King
Le Boutillier, Annie
Le Gresley, John Francis
Williams, Walter
Webber, Charles
Syvret, Alfred C
Bishop, C H, Reverend
Le Marquand, Alice J
Le Marchand, Marie
Le Cornu, Anna J
Milon, Lilian Maud
Mauger, John
Du Heaume, Philip
Syvret, Mary Ann
Morin, Francis
Barrette, Emma
Alexandre, Philip
Alexandre, Jane
Amy, Anna
Le Moine, Louis
Campbell, Mr
Linschooten, Frances Evan
Thomas, Mrs
Wilde, Mrs
Le Gresley, Blanche
Le Feuvre, Philip John
Vautier, Anna
Webber, Charles
Syvret, Alfred C
Briard, Edward L
Selous, Louisa
Le Marquand, John Phillip
Baudains, George
Bechlet, Louisa
Le Brocq, John England
Amy, Florence
Amy, Thomas
Le Gresley, Ernest
Le Gresley, John S
Godfray, Laura
Godfray, Jane
Godfray, Winter
Le Brocq, Francis
Le Brocq, John
Le Boutillier, John Wesley
Baudains, George
Badminton, Eva
Le Marquand, John
Le Riche, Clara
Spargo, Charles
Syvret, Francis John
Symons, Charles
Barette, John
Romeril, Laura
Rive, Alice
Le Couteur, Ada
Mauger, Louisa
Briard, Edward L
Halliday, Rose M
Le Gresley, Blanche
Burrows, Edward H
Luce, Elizabeth
Vibert, Laura
Vibert, Jane
Le Brocq, James
Hamon, George
Vibert, James
Rio, Francis J
Alexandre, Jane
Alexandre, Anna
Alexandre, John
Le Couteur, Mary
Saintilant, François
Hubert, John
Le Cornu, Alice Jane
Le Mottee, Francis
Vibert, Jane
Hubert, Edward
Le Brocq, Sydney Philip
Priaulx, Philip
Bennett, Edward
Vibert, Elizabeth
Lesbirel, Winter
Malzard, John
Sylvester, Alice
Perrée, Elizabeth J
Mauger, Elizabeth
Mauger, Clara
Le Breton, Florence
Morin, Francis
Lucas, John
Clement, Canon
Le Brocq, John
Briard, Elias
Le Feuvre, Philip J
Crossman, Louisa Jane
Skelton, James
Duval, Jane
Le Feuvre, Miss
Luce, Edouard, Reverend
Pirouet, Laura
Pirouet, P H
Pirouet, John Ph
Pirouet, James
Archard, Mr
Wilde, R, Reverend
St Ouen's Wesleyan School
Luce, Elizabeth


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