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West of England Insurance Company, Fire Insurance Registers, including a description of the property, its situation and the construction materials. The details of the insurer and their trade or possessions are listed and often the names of tenants of the property are given. Consult the index to obtain date/page of the entry and then view entries in the relevant PDF of the volume.

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April 4th 1842 - May 12th 1845


West of England Insurance Company
Abel, John George
Achilles (Barque)
Adams and Fowler
Adams, William
Ahier, Philip
Allain, Mr
Allen, James
Allix, George
Almond, James
Almond, Jane
Almond, Mary Susan
Amédée, Aumont,Louis
Amiraux, Matthew
Amy, George
Anderson, Mr
Andrews, Edward
Andrews, John
Anley, Louisa
Anley, Matilda
Anley, Philip
Appleby, James
Armand, Francis
Armand, Mrs
Arthur, Nicholas
Asplet, John Aaron
Asplet, Philip
Aubin, Charles
Aubin, James
Aubin, Sarah
Babot, George
Baker, A
Baker, John
Balders, Jane
Bannister, William Feaver
Barbier, John
Bartley, Robert
Batters, Ann, nee Le Riche
Baynes, Susan
Bedford, Edward Rogers
Beer, James
Belford, Edward Rogers
Benest, Caesar Augustus
Benest, Francis
Benest, Frederick John
Benham, John
Bensa, Lewis
Bernard, Emilie Charlotte
Bertram, Charles
Bertram, Francis
Bichard, Peter
Binet, Eliza
Binet, John
Bisson, Philip
Bisson, George
Bisson, Philip
Bisson, Thomas
Black, Archibald
Blackenbury, Captain
Blackmore, James
Blampied, Thomas
Bosdet, John
Bosdet, Peter
Bott, Peter
Bourdon, Edward
Bowdidge, John
Bowring, John
Bowring, John Paul
Brady, John Henry
Brée, George
Bree, Philip
Briard, Edward
Brodie, John
Brodie, John and Company
Brookes, John
Brown, Nicholas
Brown, Robert
Brown, William
Budd, Elizabeth Jane, née Taylor
Budd, Peter
Buesnel, Ann
Bull, W
Burchell Frederick
Burgess, John, Hartley
Burke, William
Burlston, Elizabeth
Burman, Mr
Burton, Georgina Elizabeth
Burton. Mrs
Butler, George
Cack, Mr.
Cairns, George
Campbell, Colonel
Carré, John
Carrel, John
Carter, James
Casey, John
Chadwick, John
Champion, Elizabeth
Chapman, Mr
Chilston, Thomas
Church, Mr
Clark, Melbourne
Clarke, Elizabeth
Clarke, Melbourne
Cochran, Samuel
Cockram, John Arnold
Coen, Mary Lucy
Coleman, Mr
Coleman, William
Collas, Edward
Collas, John Jervaise Le Vesconte
Collett, Cornelius Samuel
Collins, A C
Collins, Alfred Claudius
Collyer, William
Cook, Mathew
Corbel, John
Corbett, Ross
Corbin, Thomas
Cornish, Charles
Cornish, Sophia, nee Hudson
Coudray, Jacques
Couillard, Pierre
Coulomb, John Baptiste
Coutanche, Charles
Coutanche, Edward
Coutanche, Jane Magdeline, née Laverty
Coutanche, John
Coutanche, Joshua
Coward, William
Cowell, Margaret
Cowley, William
Cox, Mary Ann
Cox, Wiliam
Coxwell, Margaret
Croad, William
Cunningham, John, Reverend
Dalgliesh Robert Twentyman
Davidson, Solomon
Day (ship)
Day, Mrs
de Caen, Mary, née Dean
de Gruchy, Charles
de Gruchy, Harriet Rachel
de Gruchy, John
de Gruchy, Mr
De Gruchy, Philip
de Gruchy, Rachael
de la Lande, Philip
de la Cour, Nicholas
de la Garde, Charles
de la Haussaye, Auguste Mathurin Guerin
de la Haye, Philip
de la Lande, Jane
de la Mare, Francis
De Montvaillant, Catherine
de Quetteville, Philip
de St Croix, Philip
de Ste Croix, Philip
de Veulle, John
De Veulle, Philip
Deal, Janvrin Pitt
Debeisay, Madame
Dennis, Judy
Denton, Caroline Jane
Derbyshire, Elias
Deslandes, Jane
Donnelly, Timothy
Dorey, Philip
Drury, Henry, Captain
Duheaume, Caroline
Duheaume, William
Duncan, Eliza
Duncan, George
Dustin, John
Duval, Elizabeth
Duval, L
Duval, Peter John
Duval, Philip
Ebdon, Mary
Ebdon, Mary, nee Lipscombe
Esnouf, Elizabeth
Esnouf, John
Esnouf, Philip
Falla, Isaac
Falle, Ann Elizabeth
Falle, George
Falle, Mary Jane
Fauchon, Charles
Fauvel, John
Fauvel, Philip
Felgate, Thomas Fane
Fentum, Mr
Filleul, Philip, Reverend
Fixott, Charles
Fowler, John Seymour
French, Thomas
Fricker, Philip
Frost, John
Gabeldu, Elizabeth Mary
Gabeldu, John
Gabeldu, Philip
Gallichan, Mary
Gallichan, Thomas
Gallie, John
Garris, Francis
Gautier James
Gautier, James
George, Hamon
Gibaut, Moses
Gibaut, Philip
Gibb, William
Giles, William
Godfray, Clement Dumaresq
Godfray, Philip
Goodfellow, Charles
Goodrich, Thomas
Goodyear, Grace
Gorey, George
Gosselin, Thomas
Gosset, Richard
Gould, William
Goupillot, Aimé
Grandin, Philip
Grange, Thomas, Reverend
Graves, Major
Graves, Major General
Gray Thomas
Gray, Thomas
Green, John
Greig, Mary Ann
Groizard, Louis
Guillaume, Théophile
Guiton, John
Hacquoil, John
Hadweir, Charles
Halliday, Lionel
Hambly, William
Hamon, Edward
Hamon, Jane, née, de la Perrelle
Hamon, John
Hamon, Judith
Hamon, Philip
Hancock, Mr
Hansford, John
Harben, Thomas
Harding, Philip
Harrison, Ann
Hart, Montague
Hawkins, Mary
Hazell, William
Helier, Simon
Helleur, Daniel
Helleur, Francis
Hellyer, Robert
Hethbridge, James
Hibbs, Ann
Hide, Elizabeth
Higgs, Mr
Hine, James Baker
Hocquard, Charles
Hocquard, Elizabeth
Hocquard, Francis
Hogg, James
Holffson, Jacob
Hollis, Joseph Peachy
Holloway, John
Hollway, Lieutenant R N
Holt William
Horman, Peter
Horn, Ann Cecilia
Hotten, Charles
Houghton, Captain
Hubert, Francis
Hubert, John
Huelin, George
Huggins, John
Hutton, Peter
Hyde, Elizabeth
Hyne, Frederick James
Hyne, John
Ingram, Robert
Ireland, Henry
Iryon, Edward Jeremiah
Isaac, Elizabeth
Jackson, John
Jackson, Michael
James, Maria, née Heathcote
James, Mr
James, Thomas
James, William
Janvrin, Frederick
Jarvis, Henry, Reverend
Jean, Edward
Jean, Francis
Jenne, Francis
Jeune, Reverend
Jewell, Eleanor
Jewell, Joel
Jewell, Maurice
Jewell, Simeon
Jones, Edward
Jones, Edward
Jones, James Jeffrey
Jouault, Frederick Francis
Journeaux, Edward
Kail, George
Kaye, Charles
Kaye, Julia
Kendick, John
Kendra, Mary, nee Nicolle
Kendra, Mrs
Kennedy, Captain
Kennedy, Thomas Fortescue, Captain
Kennedy, Thomas Fortesque, Captain
Kenney, John
King, John
Kingston, Mrs
L Gresley, Edward
Lafolley, Thomas
Lafond, Peter
Lambert, Harriet, Sophia
Lang, Jane
Langer, John
Langlois, Helier
Langlois, John
Laurens, Charles
Laurens, John
Le Bas, Nicholas
Le Boulanger, Ann Margaret, née Norman
Le Boulanger, Margaret Ann, née Norman
Le Bourdon, Edward
Le Boutillier, Jane
Le Boutillier, Peter
Le Brocq, John
Le Brocq, Ramié
Le Brun, Elizabeth
Le Brun, John
Le Brun, Mary, nee Beaucamp
Le Brun, Peter
Le Clerc, Peter
Le Couteur, Daniel
Le Couteur, John
Le Cronier, Philip
Le Feuvre, George Clement
Le Feuvre, George John
Le Feuvre, Margaret, née Leigh
Le Fond, Peter
Le Franc, John
Le Gallais, Betsy
Le Gallais, George
Le Gallais, Richard
Le Gallais, Susan
Le Geyt, George, Captain
Le Grand, Mary Ann
Le Granile, Mary Ann
Le Gresley, Francis
Le Gros Elias
Le Gros, Betsy
Le Gros, John
Le Gros, Mary
Le Gros, Thomas
Le Maistre, Edward
Le Maistre, Francis
Le Maistre, Henry
Le Maistre, Peter
Le Montais, Elizabeth, née de Jersey
Le Montais, Francis John
Le Montais, Mrs
Le Neveu, John
Le Quesne, Clement
Le Quesne, Nicholas
Le Quesne, Philip
Le Riche, Philip
Le Rossignal, Philip
Le Rossignol, Helier
Le Rossignol, John
Le Ruez, Edward
Le Ruez, John
Le Ruez, Philip
Le Sueur, Ann
Le Sueur, Clement
Le Sueur, John
Le Sueur, Philip
Le Touzel, Nancy
Lee, Henry Lewis
Leigh, Ann
Lemprière, Thomas
Lesbirel, Francis John
Lesbirel, John Francis
Levy, Barnett
Lidiard, Richard
Liege, William
Lillicrap, Frances Adams
Lipscombe, Henry
Lock, Thomas
Lotherington, Joseph Kinwyn
Lott, Ann
Luce, John
Luier, Susan
Lynch, Ann, nee Smith
Machon, John
Major, Hannah
Mallett, John
Malzard, Henry
Malzard, Isaac
Manuan, John
Marett, John
Marett, Philip
Mars (ship)
Martel, Philip Daniel
Martin, John
Martin, Joshua
Maryon, William
Matthews, Charles
Matthews, Elizabeth
Matthews, John
Mauger, Charles
Mauger, John
May, John Willis
May, William
Maynard, Mr
McCoubrey, Hans
McDonald, Alexander
McKenzie, Charles
McQueen, Major
Messervey, Thomas
Messervy, Joshua
Messervy, Thomas
Metherell, William
Millais, Thomas
Millard, Henry Moser
Miller, David
Moignard, John William
Morgan, Harriet
Morgan, John
Morris, Francis
Mourant, Philip
Mourant, Philip John
Much, William
Netton, Richard
Newton, Beadon
Nicolle, Edward
Nicolle, John
Nicolle, Joshua Mauger
Nicolle, Mary Ann
Nicolle, Philip
Noel George
Noel, Ann
Noel, George
Noel, Hugh
Noel, Matthew
Noel, Philip
Norfolk, Thomas
Norman, Mrs
Orvis, William
Oxenham, Charlotte Matilda
Pace, William Napper, Captain
Page, Ann
Pagett, Daniel
Palmer, George
Parfitt, James
Payn, Elias
Payn, John
Payn, Philip
Payne, Elias
Pearce, William
Pearse, John
Pellier, Philip
Pening, John Smith.
Pennec, John
Perchard, John
Perée, John
Perrée, John
Picot, George
Picot, John
Pike, John
Pillier, Philip
Pipon, Edward
Pirouet, Philip Joshua
Poingdestre, Joshua
Polley, John
Pouclée, Miss
Powell, Captain
Puma (barque)
Queripel, John
Queripel, Catherine Nevies
Queripel, John
Quesnel, Charles
Quirk, Joseph Bennet
Quirk, Joseph Bennett
Radcliff, Alexander
Ralph, Elizabeth
Ramsey, Samuel
Ranwell, William
Remon, James
Renaut, Edward
Renouf, Mrs
Richardson, Captain
Richardson, Eliza
Rickard, Grace
Ridgway, Samuel, Captain
Rive, Susan
Robert, Margaret
Roberts, Robert Richard, Captain
Robillard, Elizabeth, née Balson
Robin, Judith
Robinson, Doctor
Roddis, George
Rogers, George
Rossignal, Mathew
Rouet, Peter
Rydon, Grace
Saunders, Bernard
Saunders, Mark
Sauvage, Francis
Sauvage, Philip
Savage, Edward
Scholefield, Matthew
Sebire, Mr
Selous, Mary Ann, née Le Boutillier
Sharkey, Edmund
Sherer, Margaret
Shuer, Margaret
Sibley, John
Sidney, Richard Chase
Simon, Henry
Simon, Samuel
Simpson, Charles Wright
Sinel, George
Sinnatt, Jacob
Sinnatt, Thomas Way
Sladdon, Major
Smith, Ann, née Burch
Smith, Charles
Smith, Eliza
Smith, Harriet
Smith, Samuel
Smith, William
Sohier, Madelaine Mary
Sohier, Philip
Sohier, Susanna, Mary
Sorsoleil, Francis
Sorsoleil, Philip William
Sorsoleil, William
Steach, Thomas
Steer, William Frederick
Stevens, James
Stevens, Thomas
Stone, Benjamin
Story, George, Major
Swietosliske, Julia Georgina, née ward
Symonds, Sir William
Syvret, George
Thompson, Vincent
Thoreau, Peter Thomas
Tocque, Charlotte Susan, née de Bourcier
Tocque, John
Tocque, Thomas
Toque, Mary
Touet, John
Treeve, John, Lieutenant
Treeve, Richard, Captain
Twentyman, Robert
Tyson Edward Jeremiah
Tyson, Edward Jeremiah
Umphilby, Edward William
Van Cortlandt, Mrs
Vardon, George
Vardon, John Thomas
Vaudin, George
Vautier, Abraham
Vautier, Charles
Vautier, Edward
Vibert, Elizabeth
Villeneufue, Esther
Vincent, Helier
Voisin, Francis
Vonberg, Daniel
Vontom, Peter
Waller, Matthew
Ward, Mary Budd
Ward, Mary Maynard Budd
Warrington, William Henry, Captain
Watts, Robert
Welsh, Major General
Whale, Charles
Whale, Charles William
White, Martin, Captain
Wilcock, Charles Jeffrey Dormer
Wilson, Charles Carus
Witham, John
Wolffson, Jacob
Woodward, Abraham
Wooton, Mary
Wooton, Mrs
Wotton, Mrs
Yealland, George Hamblin
Younghusband, Maria


registers | insurance | insurance agents | fire insurance | 1, Albert Place | 1, Clarendon Terrace | 1, Coie Terrace | 1, King Place | 1, Prospect Place, New St John’s Road | 10, Broad Street | 10, Hope Street | 10, King Place | 10, The Terrace, St Helier | 11, Commercial Buildings | 11, Commercial Buildings The Pier | 11, Devonshire Place | 12, Charing Cross | 12, Colomberie | 15, Broad Street | 15, Colomberie | 15, Kensington Place | 16, Sand Street | 17, Gloucester Street | 17, The Coie, St Saviour’s Road | 18, Belmont Road | 18, Broad Street | 18, Library Place | 18, New Street | 18, Parade Place | 18, Peter Street | 2, Chelsea Place | 2, Clarendon Terrace | 2, Coie Terrace | 2, Douro Terrace | 2, Edward Place, St Helier | 2, Halket Place | 2, King Place | 2, Parade Place | 2, Queen Street | 2, Seymore Place, Guernsey | 2, Waverley Terrace, St Saviour’s Road | 2. Coie Terrace | 21, Commercial Buildings | 21, George Street | 23, Bond Street | 23.Bond Street | 24, Ann Street | 24, Halkett Place | 24, Upper Halkett Place | 25, Upper Halkett Place | 26, Commercial Buildings | 26, King Street | 26, Royal Square | 27, Beresford Street | 27, Queen Street | 28, King Street | 3, Clarendon Terrace | 3, Don Road | 3, King Place | 3, Pembroke Terrace St Mark’s Road | 3, Summerland Place | 3, Upper Grove Place | 3, Val Plaisant | 3, Windsor Crescent | 33, Parade Place | 37, Upper Halkett Place | 39, Albion Place | 4, Douro Terrace | 4, King Place | 4, New Street | 4, Oxford Place, Bath Street | 4, Portland Place | 4, Stopford Terrace | 4, Upper Grove Place | 44, King Street | 46, King Street | 48, King Street | 5, Charing Cross | 5, King Place | 5, Seal Street | 5, Stopford Terrace | 5, Trooper’s Yard, St Helier | 5, York Street | 50, Snow Hill | 53, King Street | 54, Parade Place | 55, King Street | 6, Grove Place | 6, King Place | 6, Peter Street | 6, Providence Street | 66, King Street | 7, Halkett Place | 7, Kensington Place | 7, King Place | 7, King Street | 7, Library Place | 7, New Street | 7, Parade Place | 77, Mont Durant, Guernsey | 8, Cheapside | 8, Chelsey Place | 8, King Place | 8, Peter Street | 9, Cheapside | 9, Hope Street | 9, King Place | 9, Wharf Street | Adelaide Academy, Adelaide House, Rouge Bouillon | Adelaide Place | Adjoining Above | Albert Cottage, Val Plaisant | Albert Place, St Aubin | Albion Inn, Halkett Street | Albion Place, New Street | Alderney | Alphington House, St Saviour | Alphington, Five Oaks | Alva Place, Clare Street | Anley Street | Ann Lane | Ann Street | Apsley Place | Apsley Place, St Helier | Aquila Road | Arcade Row, King St | Bagatelle | Bath Street | Beau Regard, St Lawrence | Beaumont Village | Belleaue Place, St Mark’s Road | Bellefield, Bagatelle | Bellozanne | Belmont Distillery | Belmont Road | Belmont Street | Beresford Street | Brighton Place, Rouge Bouillon | British Hotel, New Street | British Tavern, St Peters Valley | British Union Hotel, St Peter | Broad Steet | Broad Street | Brunswick Cottage, New St John’s Road | Buckingham Lodge, Duhamel Place | Burleigh House, Trinity Road | Burrard Street | Calcutta Warehouse, 46, King St | Camperdown House, St Peter | Castle Street | Castle Tavern, St Aubin | Cattle Lane | Cheapside | Cheapside Street | Chelsea Cottage, Georgetown | Chestnut Farm, Mont a l’Abbé | Chevalier Road | Church Lane | Clare Street | Claremont House, St Helier | Claremont Terrace | Clarence Road | Clarence Terrace | Clarendon Road | Clarendon Terrace | Cliff Cottage, St John’s Road | Clifton House, Trinity Road | Coach and Horses Inn, Halkett Street | Coach and Horses Inn, Hill Street | Coie Terrace | Coie Terrace, St Saviours Road | Coie, St Saviour’s Road | Colomberie | Commercial Buildings | Commercial Buildings, South Pier | Commercial Street | Conway Street | Cotmarsh Farm, Broad Town lane, Wooten Basset Mills | Cross Street | Customs House, North Pier, St Helier | David Place | Don Road | Don Street | Don Street Chapel | Dorset Street | Duhamel Lodge, Duhamel Place | Duhamel Place | Duke of York Inn, Hill Street | Dumaresq Street | Duoro Terrace | Eagle Terrace | Eagle Terrace, Upper Bath Street | Ellora House, New St John’s Road | Empinghorn Cottage, Simon Place | Esplanade | Faldouet, St Martin | Farmers Inn, St Aubin | First Tower | Five Oaks | Fort Henry, Grouville | Fort Regent | Francis Street | Francis Street, Colomberie | Garden Lane | Gardener’s Lane | George Street | Georgetown | Glen Cottage, Millbrook | Gloucester Street | Golden Lion, Mulcaster Street | Great Union Road | Green Street | Greve de Lecq, St Ouen | Grouville | Grouville Common | Halkett Place | Halkett Street | Havre des Pas | Hawthorn Cottage, St Saviour’s Road | Hemery Place | Hibernia Vale Cottage, St Aubin | High Street, St Aubin | Hilary Place | Hill Street | Honeydene, Rouge Bouillon | Hong Kong Villa, Parade Road | Horatio Place, de Carteret Street | Hyde Place, Clarendon Road | James Street | John Street, St Helier | Journeaux Street | Kensington Place | Kent Coffee House, Market Street | King Street | La Chasse | La Falliu, St Saviour’s Road | La Follie, St Helier | La Mielle, St Brelade | La Motte | La Motte Street | La Motte, St Clement | La Motte, St Helier | La Rondes, St Mary | La Rue du Hocq | La Rue du Hocq, St Clement | Lane End, Culmstock, Devon | Le Prés, Grouville | Leicester House, St Helier | Library Place | life insurance | Longueville, Grouville | Magnolia Cottage, St Aubin | Mainland, St Lawrence | Maistre Street, St Aubin | Marina Boarding House, Marine Parade, Brighton | Market Place St Aubin | Market, St Aubin | Maufant, St Saviour | Mechanics Institute, Royal Square | Metropolitan Wine Stores, Wharf Street | Millais, St Ouen | Millbrook | Millbrook, St Lawrence | Minden Place | Mont a L’abbe | Mont Cochon | Mont des Vignes, St Peter | Mont Les Vaux, St Aubin | Mont Mado | Mont Mado St John | Mont Mado, St John | Moulin Vincart, St Lawrence | Mount Wise | Mount Wise St Helier | Mount Wise, Mont a l’Abbé | Mount Wise, St Helier | Mulcaster Street | Museum Street | Navy and Friends Inn, Waterloo Street | Navy Cottage, Green Street | New Market Inn, Minden Place | New St John’s Road | New Street | New Street, St Helier | Noirmont, St Brelade | North Pier St Helier | North Pier, St Helier | Old St James Street | Old St John’s Road | Old Street | Ordinance Yard | Osmond Lodge, Clarendon Road | Palace Terrace | Parade Place | Parade Road | Parisian Millinery Establishment, Queen Street | Pembroke terrace St Mark’s Road | Pembroke Terrace, St Mark’s Road | Peter Street | Philips Street | Phillips Street | Pier Road | Pitt Street | Plaisance Terrace | Plough Inn, Providence Street | Poonah Road | Portland Place | Prince of Wales Coffee House, Market Street | Priscilla Road | Prospect House, Broad Street | Public Baths, Bath Street | Quatre Bras, St Saviour | Queen Street | Quirk’s Brewery, James Street | Regent Road | Richmond House, Clarendon Road | Richmond Villa, Clarendon Road | Roman Catholic Chapel, Vauxhall Street | Rose Cottage, Great Union Road | Rosemount, St Helier | Roseville Street | Rouge Bouillon | Royal George, Havre des Pas | Royal Oak, Wharf Street | Royal Square | Saint Matthew’s Chapel, St Lawrence | Sand Street | Sea View Cottage, St Helier | Sea View House, St Aubin. | Seaton Place | Ship insurance | Sidney Cottage, Great Union Road | Simon Place | Simon Place, St Saviour’s Road | Sion, St John | Six Rues, St Lawrence | Six Rues, St Mary | South View House, St Helier | Southampton Hotel, Bath Street | Southampton Place, St Helier | Southampton Terrace | Springfield Brewery, Trinity Road | Springfield Terrace | St Aubin | St Aubin’s Harbour | St Aubin’s Hotel | St Aubin’s Pier | St Aubin’s Road | St Brelade | St Helier | St Helier Harbour | St John | St John’s Hill, Mont a l’Abbé | St John’s Road | St Lawrence | St Lawrence Hotel, St Lawrence | St Lawrence Valley | St Mark’s Place | St Mary | St Mary’s Arsenal | St Ouen | St Peter | St Saviour | Stafford House Academy, La Motte Street | Star Inn, Mulcaster Street | Stopford Terrace | Stopford Terrace Boarding Establishment | Stopford Terrace Boarding Establishment, St Helier | The Boulevarde, St Aubin | The British Union Hotel, St Peter | The Coie, St Saviour | The Coie, St Saviour’s Road | The Crescent, St Helier | The Dicq, Havre des Pas | The Farm, Mont a l’Abbé | The Parade | The Pier, St Aubin | The Union, Mont a L’Abbé, St Helier | Thornton Terrace | Town Mills | Trinity | Trinity Road, St Helier | Trooper’s Yard | Union Hotel, St Aubin | Union Inn, Mont a l’Abbé | Union Street | Upper Bath Street | Upper Don Street | Upper Grove Place | Upper Halkett Place | Val Plaisant | Vale Lodge, Clarendon Road | Victoria Hotel, Minden Place | Villier’s Place | Vinchelez, St Ouen | Vine Cottage, Bagot, St Saviour | Vine Street | Waldegrove House, St Brelade | Waterloo Inn, Waterloo Street | Waterloo Lane | Waterloo Street | Weary Travellers Inn, Sand Street | Weighbridge Hotel, North Pier | Wharf Street | William Place, St Helier | Winchester Place, New Town | Winchester Street | Windsor Road | Woodville, St Peter | Yarrow Bank, First Tower | York Inn, Royal Square


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