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West of England Insurance Company, Fire Insurance Registers, including a description of the property, its situation and the construction materials. The details of the insurer and their trade or possessions are listed and often the names of tenants of the property are given. Consult the index to obtain date/page of the entry and then view entries in the relevant PDF of the volume.

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November 12th 1879 - November 8th 1888


West of England Insurance Company
Abel, Adolphus William
Abel, Charlotte Mary Hartton
de Gruchy and CompanyAbraham
Adams, John Le Clercq
Adams, Mr
Adams, William
Administrators of the Impot  
Ahier, Eliza Mary, née Le Feuvre
Ahier, François Laurens
Ahier, George
Ahier, Henry Le Neveu
Ahier, Louisa Jane, née Dupré
Ahier, Mary Ann, née Hocquard
Ahier, Philip
Ahier, Philip Alfred
Alavoine, Adrien Alexandre
Alavoine, Max Edmond
Albert, George Henry
Alexandre, Eliza, née Creek
Alexandre, George
Alexandre, Georgiana Sophia
Alexandre, Matthew John
Allain, Nicholas
Allen, John
Allen, Thomas Edward
Amy, Adolphus
Amy, Adolphus
Amy, Elizabeth
Amy, Elizabeth, née Anthoine
Amy, Francis
Amy, George Nicolle
Amy, Jane
Amy, Jane, née Labey
Amy, Jane, née Le Riche
Amy, Jane, née Mollet
Amy, John
Amy, Miss
Amy, Philip Du Parcq
Amy, Philip John
Andrews, Cary Ann, née Dodge
Andrieu, Alix
Andrieu, Jules Louis, Vice Consul for France
Angel, Mr
Anley, Caleb Francis
Appleyard, George
Arm, John Henry
Arthur, Nicholas
Arthur, Walter
Asplet, G
Aubert, Adèle Jane
Aubin, Abraham
Aubin, Clement Lerrier
Aubin, Louise Charlotte
Aubin, Mrs
Aubin, Warren Hunter
Aubin, William George
Avery, George
Baal, John Thomas
Badier, John
Bailhache, Philip
Baker, Sophia Harris, née Fairweather
Baker and Company, Benjamin
Baker, Alfred Edward
Baker, Mary Ann, née Larbalestier
Balcomb, Thomas
Balleine, George Philip, Reverend
Bannier, Louis
Baptist Mission  
Barbier, Philip
Barnard, Henry
Barnardo, Thomas, Doctor
Barnes, William George
Barouche, Peter
Barrot, Susan Elizabeth, née Fauvel
Bartlett, Mr
Bate, Charles
Bathurst, Julia
Bauche, Philip
Baudains, Mary, née Grigriy
Baudains, Philip
Baudains, Thomas Edward
Baudet, Julien Marie
Baxter, James
Beare, Gosnell and Company
Beaumé, Marie Louise Pauline, née Fosse
Becker, Hermann
Beghin, Héléne Marie
Béghin, Léon Louis
Belford, Elizabeth Margaret, née Renouf
Belford, Helier
Belford, James Francis
Ben Nevis Distillery
Benest and Le Quesne
Benest and Pirouet
Benest, Charles John
Benest, John Joseph
Benest, William Le Bas
Benjamin Baker and Company
Bennett, Francis Alfred
Berrow, John
Berry, Eldorado, née Dustin
Bertie, Frederick Arthur
Bertram, Edward Mourant
Bertram, Francis Elias
Bertram, Francis Perrot
Bertram, Frederick de Maurville
Bertram, Henry Charles
Bevan, Elizabeth
Bewhay, Henry George
Bichard, Jane Elizabeth
Bichard, William
Biggs, Amelia
Biggs, Charlotte Henrietta
Billinghurst, John
Binet and Le Quesne
Binet, George Charles
Binet, George John
Binet, Jean
Binet, John Edmund George
Birch, Martha Ann
Birch, William
Bird, Walter
Birt, Joseph
Bisson, Charles John
Bisson, Clement
Bisson, Daniel
Bisson, Henry Charles
Bisson, Nancy, née Hocquard
Bisson, Philip Le Gros
Bisson, Walter
Bisson, William
Blampied, Charles
Blampied, Mary, née Le Feuvre
Blampied, Philip
Blampied, Thomas
Blanchard, Edward
Boeheim, Richard, Captain
Boielle and Company
Boielle, Eliza, née Filleul
Boielle, Elizabeth, née Romeril
Boielle, Mary Ann
Bonit, Louis Marie
Bosdet, William
Bott, Peter
Bouchère, Emile Felix
Boudier, Anna Esther
Boullier, Alexander John
Boullier, James Walter
Bourke, Martin Winter Philip
Bowden, Henry Anthony
Bower, Adeline Marianne
Bowles, William
Box, Henry
Boyce, Henry John
Boyes, George, Commander, R.N.
Braithwaite, Philip R Pipon, Reverend
Bray, Charles
Brée, Ann, née Baudains
Brée, Philip John
Bretel, Alfred Pierre
Brett, Richard Joshua
Brisker, Sophia, née Gullick
British Press and Jersey Times
Brophy, Jane Alice, née Pluck
Brown, Frank
Brown, John
Brown, Nicholas
Brown, William
Brownell, Matilda
Bryant, Charles
Buesnel, George Henry
Bull, Mr
Burch, Alfred
Burham, Charles George
Burk, Emma, née Knight
Burley, Florence Marian
Burnard Lack and Algar
Burnard, Lack and Alger
Burnham, William Thomas
Burridge, Absalom
Cabeldu, Frederick Elisha
Cabot, Francis Philip
Cabot, John Francis
Cabot, Joshua
Cabot, Thomas Daniel
Cager, Thomas Henry
Cantall, George John
Cantall, Margaret Jane, née Larbalestier
Carpenter, William
Carrel, Edmund Francis
Carrel, John
Carrel, Joshua
Carter, Frederick Thomas
Carter, George
Carver, Henry James Morris
Câtel, Emma, née Duheaume
Chambers, Robert Halley
Chaynes-Delcour, Jules Charles Philippe Ferdinand
Chilard, John
Clarke, Fred
Clarke, Frederick
Clarke, Loetitia
Clement Baker and Company
Clements, George
Cliff, Elizabeth, née Farley
Clifton, R W
Cobb, William Henry
Coffin, Alfred Francois Charles
Cokayne, Helen Emily, née Romeril
Colback, George
Cole, George
Collas, Elias
Collas, F
Collas, John
Collas, John
Collas, Elias
Collenette, Joseph
Colley, Robert Brown
Copp, Jacob
Coquet, Prosper
Cornish, James Hugh
Cory, Abram
Couch, Thomas
Coudray, James Philip
Coutanche, Ann
Coutanche, Edward
Cox, Ernest Frank
Creasey, Benjamin Bailey
Creasey, Mr
Crill, George Philip, Solicitor
Croad, William
Cumberland, Charles Edward, Major General
Curry, Walter Francis
Curtis, William
Cuzner, Samuel
Daniel, Alfred John
Daniel, William Henry
D'Authreau, John James
Davenet, Victor Joseph Désiré
Davey, Charles Albert
Davey, Isaac William
Davis, George
de Caen, Héloise, née Le Montais
de Caen, Philip
de Faye, Annie Esther
de Faye, Francis
de Faye, Thomas
de Faye, Thomas Louis
de Garis, Hélier
de Gruchy and Cuzner
de Gruchy, Abraham Peter
de Gruchy, Augusta Chamber
de Gruchy, Charles, Captain
de Gruchy, Emma Elizabeth
de Gruchy, Francis
de Gruchy, Francis, Reverend
de Gruchy, George Philip
de Gruchy, John
de Gruchy, Mary Ann, née Mourant
de Gruchy, Philip Henry
de Gruchy, Susanne, née de La Haye
de Gruchy, Thomas
de Gruchy, Thomas John
de Gruchy, William Laurence
de Gruchy, William Philip
de la Cour, John George
De La Haye, Marie
de la Mare, Ann
de la Mare, Elizabeth
de la Mare, Elizabeth Jane
de la Mare, Elizabeth, née Mauger
de la Mare, Thomas
de la Mare, Tom
de la Perrelle, John, Captain
de la Taste, Charles
de Maltzan, Mortimer, Count
de Quetteville, Charles
de Rue, George
de Ste Croix, Ada
de Ste Croix, Charles
De Ste Croix, Charles Philip
de ste Croix, Elizabeth, née Laffoley
De Ste Croix, Mary Ann, née Journeaux
de Ste Croix, Rosa
De Veulle, Alfred George
de Veulle, Caroline Emilie, née L'Archer
de Veulle, James
de Veulle, John
de Veulle, John George
de Veulle, Mary, née Le Feuvre
Demick, Eleonore, née Le Marquand
Demicq, Eléonore, née Le Marquand
Denize, Edward
Deslandes, Ann Catherine, née Messinger
Deslandes, Elias John, Captain
Deslandes, Esther, née Le Boutillier
Deslandes, George
Deslandes, George Noel
Desloges, Clair Francois
Desplanques, Victor Henri
Desreaux, Jane, née Le Cappelain
Dicken, Charles Norwood
Dickson, Alice Mary
Dinan, Marie Rosalie
d'Orellana, Antonio Ignatius
d'Orellana, Ignatius Antonio
Dorey, Charles Francis, Jurat
Dorey, Esther, née Nicolle
Dorey, George
Dr Barnardo's Home
Drelaud, Ann, née Le Boutillier
du Bois, Mary
du Feu, John
du Feu, John Philip
du Feu, Nicholas
du Feu, Philip
du Feu, Susan Mary
du Heaume, Susannah Louisa, née Syvret
du Mosch, David Abraham
du Tot, Ann, du Heaume
du Tot, Clement
du Val, Amice
du Val, Esther
Dumaresq, Constance Honora, née Shaw
Dumaresq, William Philip
Dumont, Anatole Abel
Durell, Albert
Durell, Albina
Durell, Francis Edward
Durell, John
Dury, Marie François Jules
East End Juvenile Mission
East, Harold Baldwin
Edgar, Jane, née Smith
Edgar, Janet, née Smith
Eldin, Marie Stephanie, née Pagnet-Desvignes
Emily, John Adolphus
Enwright, Johannah, née Desmond
Ereaut, Mr
Esnouf, Philip
Evenou, Louis Marie
Falla, Peter
Fallaize and Tostevin
Fallaize, Nicholas Collingford
Falle, Alfred
Falle, Ann Elizabeth, née Gallichan
Falle, Ann Jane
Falle, Ann, née Bisson
Falle, Ann, née Norman
Falle, E J
Falle, John Peter Vernon
Falle, Joshuà George
Falle, Mary Elizabeth, née Godfray
Falle, Philip James
Fauvel, Mary Ann, née David
Fauvel and Waddingdon
Fauvel, Arsène Prosper Aimable
Fauvel, John
Fawson, Emma
Fenton, Frank
Ferey, Louisa Jane, née de La Mare
Ferey, Philip
Filleul, Ann, née Picot
Filleul, Esther
Filleul, Esther, née Filleul
Filleul, Jane Rachel
Filleul, John
Filleul, Richard
Finnie, James John
Firminger, James Thomas
Flemons, William Frederick
Fleury, Jane Mary, née Knight
Folley, John
Ford, Richard George
Frecker, Philip
Freeman, Barnett
Furzer, Mr
Gallichan, Ann Mary Jane, née Pallot
Gallichan, Anne Jane
Gallichan, Betsy
Gallichan, Edward John
Gallichan, Elias
Gallichan, Jane
Gallichan, Jane, née Payn
Gallichan, John
Gallichan, Marie
Gallichan, Matthew Amy
Gallichan, Matthew, Jurat
Gallichan, Philip
Gallichan, Philip Charles
Galliot, Virginie, née Chesnel
Ganne, Louis Marius Leonard
Ganne, Marie Emile Edmé Léonari
Ganne, Marie Francoise Thérese Emilie Edmée
Garnier, Sophia, née Allain
Gates, George
Gaudin, John Francis
Gaudin, William Valpy
Gavey, Edward
Gavey, Joshua Edward
Gee, Henry Charles
Gee, Robert William
Gee, William
Giffard, John Francis
Gilbert, Emily Louisa
Giles, John
Gires, Mr
Goad, Arthur
Godfray, Amiraux
Godfray, Charles Le Vesconte
Godfray, Elizabeth
Godfray, Ernest Henry
Godfray, Florence, née Bannister
Godfray, Francis
Godfray, Francis Hugh
Godfray, Henriette, née Lerrier
Godfray, Mary, née Le Feuvre
Godfray, Philip
Godfray, Rachel Mary
Godfray, Thomas
Godfray, Thomas Arthur
Godfroy, Jean André
Gomm, Mrs
Gondon, Alfred John
Gonzales, Eleanor Sophia, née May
Goodread, Frederick
Gosselin, Louisa Ann, née Marquand
Gosset, Philip
Gottard, Michel Josse
Graham, Robert, The Honourable
Grandin, Andrew William
Grandin, Philip Henry
Graut, Caroline Esther
Gray, Charles William
Gray, William Charles
Gray, William Charles, Major
Gregor, Mary Ann Elizabeth, née Romeril
Gregory, Edwin Skuse
Gregory, Francis
Gregory, William
Grellier, Francis
Griffiths, John
Grigg, Mary Ann
Grigriy, Lucy, née Day
Groizard, Matilda
Gruchy, Alfred Thomas
Gruchy, Amélie
Gruchy, Charles
Gruchy, John
Guibert, Alexandre Pierre
Guille, Ann, née Renouf
Guille, James
Guille, John
Guiton, Peter Philip
Guiton, Philip
Gumbrell, Thomas
Hacquoil, Philip
Hall, John
Hammond, James John
Hamon, Charles
Hamon, Charles Abraham
Hamon, Charles William
Hamon, Daniel
Hamon, Edward
Hamon, Elias
Hamon, John Edward
Hamon, Peter Francis
Hamon, Philip
Hamon, Samuel Francis
Hamon, Susan, née Luce
Hamptonne, Nancy
Hardeley, Mary, née de la Perelle
Hardey, Elizabeth, née Rogers
Hardey, James
Harper, John Underwood
Harris, Nicholas Henry
Hart, Harcourt
Hart, Harcourt Campbell Carter
Hazart, Camille
Hazart, Jane Elizabeth
Hazart, Jane Elizabeth, née Brophy
Hellings, Robert
Henry, Alfred Francis
Henry, Alfred François
Henry, James
Heyland, Colonel
Heywood, Sydney Ernest
Hind, Alfred Ernest, Doctor
Hind, Doctor
Hitchins, Henry Martyn
Hodgetts, William
Holden, Thomas
Holloway, James
Holloway, Leonard Joseph
Holt, Alice
Holt, Alice, née Lee
Holt, Charles
Hopkins, Alliott
Horman, Emily Mary, née Sinel
Hotton, Alfred Amice
Hotton, Alfred Ste Croix
Hounsell, Mary
Huchings, Hephzibah
Hudson, Anne
Huelin and Le feuvre
Huelin, Edward
Huelin, Edward William
Huelin, Elizabeth Mary
Huelin, John
Huelin, Margaret, née Le Cornu
Huelin, Philip
Huelin, Philip John
Humby, Mr
Hunt, Robert John Philip
Hunter, Phillis Meadows, née Pascoe
Hutchings, Arabella, née Bell
Hutchings, Emma
Hutchings, Mary, née Dingle
Hyne, Louisa Frances, née Scudamore
Independent Order of Oddfellows
Inglis, Elizabeth Lucy
Inglis, John Andrew
Inglis, Mr
Jackson, Emily Murray
Jarvis, Samuel John
Jeandron, Elizabeth
Jeandron, Francis
Jennings, William
Jeune, Francis
Jeune, John James
Jeune, Marie Francoise
Jewell, Simeon
Jicquel, Toussaint
Jocelyn, Jane, née Plymen
Johnston, Margaret, née Harrison
Jones, Albert Edward
Jones, Edward
Jones, Victorine Clarice, née Jacquet
Journeaux, George
Juliff, David
Jung, Auguste Pierre
Kelland, David
Kennedy, Henry George
Kinsman, Edward
Kitts, Henry
Knight, Arthur Richard
Knight, Jane Mary, née Le Vesconte
Knight, Mary Elizabeth, née McKane
Knight, Thomas Saxby
La Corne, Caroline, née Brisben
La Croix, John
Labey, George
L'Amy, Emma Maria, née Gruchy
L'Amy, Henri Ferdinand
Lancaster, William Locke
Lane, Maria
Langlois, Charles Joseph
Langlois, Mary Ann, née Aubin
Langlois, Mr
Langworthy, Mr
Langworthy, Philip
Larbalestier, George Quesnel
Larbalestier, John Charles
Laugée, Matthew
Laumaillé, Rose, née Rosset
Laurens, Edward
Laurens, George John
Le Bas, Ernest Thomas
Le Blancq, Theophilus Wesley
Le Bourg, François Amedee
Le Boutillier, Eliza Mary
Le Boutillier, Elizabeth, née Jean
Le Boutillier, Francis
Le Boutillier, Joshua
Le Breton, Thomas David
Le Brocq, James
Le Brocq, Mary Ann, née Cabot
Le Brocq, Philip
Le Brun, Albert Oliver
Le Brun, Philip
Le Chevalier, Lewis John Francis
Le Chevalier, Louis John Francis
Le Cornu, Jane Sophie
Le Cornu, Nancy, née Perree
Le Cornu, Philip de Carteret
Le Couteur, Adolphus
Le Couteur, Amelia Ann, née Payn
Le Couteur, Ann, née Filleul
Le Couteur, Edward
Le Couteur, Elizabeth, née Valpy
Le Couteur, Francis Edward
Le Couteur, James
Le Couteur, John du Bois, Captain
Le Couteur, John Dubois
Le Couteur, Julia
Le Couteur, Louisa Jane
Le Couteur, Rachel, née Nicholle
Le Couteur, Sophia, née Le Feuvre
Le Cras, Elizabeth, née de l'Epine
Le Cras, Elizabeth, née L'Epine
Le Cras, Minda Marie Marguerite
Le Dain, Nicholas
Le Feuvre dit Filliastre, John
Le Feuvre, Charlotte, née Spanner
Le Feuvre, Clement Joshua
Le Feuvre, George Clement
Le Feuvre, John
Le Feuvre, Mary Ann Rachel, née Malzard
Le Feuvre, née Boielle
Le Feuvre, Philip
Le Feuvre, Walter
Le Four, George
Le Gallais, Francis Edwin
Le Geyt, Philip
Le Geyt, Rosalie Anne
Le Geyt, Thomas
Le Geyt, William Alfred
Le Gresley, Elizabeth Ann, née Le Gresley
Le Gresley, Francis Philip
Le Gresley, Philip Francis
Le Gresley, Philip Perrée
Le Gros and Le Gros
Le Gros, Edward Abraham, Captain
Le Gros, Gervaise, Viscount of Jersey
Le Gros, John
Le Gros, John Clarence
Le Gros, John Sohier
Le Gros, T C
Le Gros, Tom Charles
Le Huquet and Son, George
Le Huquet, George
Le Lievre, Charles
Le Lievre, Francis
Le Maistre, Francis John
Le Maistre, Philip
Le Marquand, Jane Mary
Le Marquand, Philip John
Le Masurier and Vibert 
Le Masurier, Elizabeth, née Jeandron
Le Masurier, Henry John
Le Masurier, John
Le Masurier, Joshua John
Le Masurier, Philip
Le Mottée, John
Le Neveu, Charles
Le Neveu, John
Le Neveu, Philip
Le Noir, Mr
Le Quesne, Alfred Nicholas
Le Quesne, Nicholas
Le Quesne, Lydia, née Dupré
Le Riche, Francis John
Le Riche, Philip Francis Ahier
Le Riche, Rachel Elizabeth, née Falle
Le Rossignol, Adolphus
Le Rossignol, Edward George
Le Rossignol, Esther
Le Rossignol, Frank Helier
Le Rossignol, John
Le Rossignol, Peter
Le Rougetel, Elvina Jane
Le Rougetel, Emma, née Touzel
Le Rougetel, John Daniel
Le Rougetel, Mr
Le Rougetel, Thomas
Le Ruez, Ellen, née Netten
Le Ruez, Philip
Le Ruez, Thomas
Le Seelleur, David
Le Seelleur, Ernest John Allez
Le Seelleur, Philip
Le Seelleur, Thomas
Le Seelleur, Thomas, Captain
Le Sueur, Adelise Mary, née du Val
Le Sueur, Charles
Le Sueur, Clement
Le Sueur, Francis
Le Sueur, John
Le Templier, Abraham
Le Templier, Mary Ann
Le Tourneur, John
Le Tourneur, Thomas
Le Vaufre, Louis Alexandre
Le Vavasseur dit Durell, William
Le Vavasseur dit Durell, William Dupre
Le Vesconte, Charles
Lecaudey, Clara Augusta
Lecaudey, John
Lecaudey, Julia Aurelia
Lecaudey, Raymond
Lecaudey, Raymond B
Lecaudey, Raymond Brock
Ledger, Jane Mary
Lefevre, Julien Henri René
Leigh, John
Lemaitre, Hilaire Paul
Lerrier, Elizabeth Catherine
Lerrier, John Francis
Lesbirel, John Francis
Lewis, John
Livermore, Horace
Livermore, Lechmere Charles John
Livermore, Louis
Long, John Holmes
Longridge, James
Luce, Jane Fanny, née Kelling
Luce, John Day
Lurienne, Aimable
Mackey, Ann
Macreight, Albert, Captain
Male, George
Malet de Carteret, Colonel
Malet de Carteret, Edward Charles
Mallett, John
Mallett, John Henry
Mallett, Philip George
Malzard, Alfred Francis
Malzard, Ann, née Vibert
Malzard, John
Malzard, Philip Henry
Manuel, Elizabeth Jane
Maréchaux, Lucretia
Marett, Charles
Marett, George
Marett, Isaac
Marett, John George
Marett, John Philip
Marett, Susan, née Kreps
Marguerie, John George
Marshall, Ebenezer
Marshall, Edward Frank
Martin, Ernest
Matthews, Edwin
Mauduit, Augustine Victoire Marie
Mauger, Captain
Mauger, Eliza Louisa, née Vennement
Mauger, George
Mauger, Rachel Emma, née Esnouf
Maunoury, Jules
Maunoury, Mary, née Baudains
McAllen, John Henry
McClintock, Theodore Ernest, Lieutenant Colonel
McCoubrey, Hugh Thompson
Metherell, Nancy, née Payn
Metivier, Mr
Mew, Alfred
Michinton, John
Milne, Elizabeth
Milne, Mary
Milne, William Henry
Mitchelmore, James
Moignard, Charles
Moignard, George
Mollet, Mary Louisa, née Durell
Monnamy, John
Moore, John
Morel, Emile Adolphe
Morin, Albert André
Morris, Oliver Cromwell
Moss, Henry Joseph
Moss, John Francis
Mourant, Edward
Mourant, John
Mourant, John Thomas
Mourant, Mary, née Le Boutillier
Mourant, Philip
Mourant, Philip Le Sueur
Muirhead, James Findley
Musters, Henry, Colonel
Naylor, Charles
Neel and Le Quesne
New, Alfred
Nicholls, William
Nichols, James
Nicolle, Adolphe
Nicolle, Betsy Jenny
Nicolle, J W
Nicolle, John
Nicolle, John Philip
Nicolle, John Winter
Noblet, Aimable Louis Alphonse
Noel and Porter
Noel, Esther, née Langlois
Noel, Jane
Norman, Edward, Reverend
Norman, Elizabeth, née Horn
Norman, Walter
Norton, Mary, née Mogg
Nugent, John Edmund
Ogier, William John
Ollivier, Maria Adeline
Order of Oddfellows
Orviss, Emmeline
Orviss, John Walter
Orviss, P G
Orviss, Philip Gosset
Osborne, E A W
Ouless, Clarence Philip
Ozouf, Philip John Fremont
Paisnel, Francis
Palmer and de Veulle
Payn, Edward
Payn, Eliza Selina née Le Marquand
Payn, James
Payn, John
Payn, Philip
Payn, Sarah, née Bessin
Payne, Ernest Charles
Payne, née Bisson, Emily
Peel-Yates, Olga Catherine Emily, née Hardie
Peel-Yates, Walter
Pellerin, Pierre
Pelletier, Eugene
Pensom, John
Pepin, Francis John
Perchard, Charles, Captain
Perrée, Francis Arthur
Picot, Clement
Picot, Emily, née Bentley
Picot, George
Picot, James
Picot, Joshua
Pierre, Alexandre Michel
Pihan, Josephine Jane, née Mauger
Pihan, Victor John
Pike, Ann
Pinket, George
Pinney, Joseph Henry
Pipon, Henrietta Anne, née Hare
Piquet, Alfred Charles
Pirouet, Edward
Pirouet, Thomas
Pittway, Eliza
Pluck and Pugsley
Pluck, Ernest Albert
Poingdestre, Adelaide
Poingdestre, Elizabeth, née Pirouet
Poingdestre, John
Poingdestre, John William
Pol-Fleché, Honoré
Pool, James
Pooley, Rodney
Pope, Margaret Emily
Porter, Richard
Porter, William
Price, Joseph
Pritchard, Elizabeth Withall, née Perchard
Prouten, Edward
Pugsley, William James
Quenault, John Charles
Quenouillere, Adolphe Louis Marie
Quérée, Adolphus Charles Machon
Quérée, Thomas
Ramié, Charles William
Ramié, Mary Elizabeth, née Mauger
Randall, Nancy Margaret, née Moss
Rasch, Alice Jane
Rayson, Amy
Reed, George McCullough
Reeve, Edward
Reid, Edwin
Remon, James
Renault, Francis
Renault, Francois Désiré
Rennell, Robert Perring
Renouf, John
Renouf, Joshua Filleul
Renouf, Philip
Richards, William Henry
Richardson, Alban Elliot
Richardson, Francis Philip
Richardson, John
Richer, Henri Joseph Marie
Richer, Henri Marie Joseph
Ritson, Thomas Noble
Rive, Helier
Rive, John
Rive, Philip Alfred, Captain
Rive, Thomas
Robin, Eliza, née Le Feuvre
Robinson, James
Roderick Kemp and Company
Rogers, George
Rogers, John Henry Burcham
Roissier, Francis
Roissier, John
Roissier, Philip Alfred
Rondel, Clement Henry
Rondel, John Abraham
Ross, Ellen Percival
Rossier, John
Rothwell, Frank
Rowcliffe, Charles Alfred
Rozier, Hyacinthe, née Couilliard
Rust, Arthur Hammond
Sanson de la Valesquerie, Elizabeth Jane, née Gautier
Satterthwaite, Alice
Saunders, Hugh Walbanke Childers
Saunders, James Edmund
Savage, Thomas
Scott, Anna Delicia, née Lewis
Scott, Lilian Ada, née Janvrin
Scudamore, Harriette Ursula de Montmorency
Sealey, Henry Bowman
Sealy, Henry B
Selous, Elizabeth Esther
Seymour, Jane
Sharland, John William Lang
Sharp, Emmeline, née Sinnatt
Sharp, William
Shave, Joseph
Shave, Joseph John
Shave, William Charles
Shenton, John William
Sheriff, Charles John
Short, Samuel R
Short, Samuel Robinson
Simon, Simeon
Simon, Sophia Amelia, née Snow
Simon, William Philip
Sinel and Blight
Sinel, Alfred George
Sinel, Joseph
Singleton, Alfred
Sinnatt, John Richard
Smith, Caroline, née Croucher
Smith, James Humphreys
Smith, James Humphries
Smith, Laura Hannah Coulson
Snow, Eliza Margaret
Sohier, Henry W
Sorsoleil, Philip Mahier
Spargo, Charles
Speight, Richard
Speight, William
Spence, Fanny Laura, née Crosse
Spofforth, Robert Jefferson, Major
Stapercayder SS Company
Starck, John Philip
States Analyst
States Harbour Committee
States of Jersey
Stenlake, Alfred
Stratford, Samuel
Strickland, Sarah, née Michell
Strong, Eliza Jane, née La Cloche
Summers, Catherine, née Gray
Swietoslawski, Julia Georgina, née Ward
Swietoslawski, Raphael Thomas
Swietoslawski, Zeno John
Syvret, Charles
Syvret, James Edward
Syvret, Jane, née Dumaresq
Syvret, John
Syvret, John Renouf
Syvret, Mary Ann, née Vautier
Tallis, Charles
Tapper, William, Reverend
Target, Jean Louis Felix
Taylor, Francis Herman
Taylor, Victoria Watson, née Colombier
Teague, Mary Ann, née Jacobs
The Blaydon Manure and Alkali Company Limited
The Jersey High School for Girls Limited
The Jersey Ladies College Limited
The Jersey Ladies College
The Jersey Railway Company Limited
The Jersey Swimming Club
The Langdale Chemical Manure Company Limited
The States Harbour Committee
Therry, George Canning, Colonel
Torewell, John
Touzel and Pallot
Touzel, Francis Guiton
Touzel, George
Tracy, Philip
Treton, Arthur John
Trevithick, Henry Harvey
Trevithick, Richard
Trower, Frederic Courtney, Major
Truscott, Edmund
Independent Order of Oddfellows
Tuck, Arabella
Tuck, Mary Ann, née Tyler
Turpin, Adolphus
Vaisset, Simon
Valognes, Leon
Valpy, Francis
Valpy, George
Valpy, George P
Valpy, Philip George
Vanier, Jean Baptiste Jules
Vaudin, Edward Henry Osborn
Vaudin, John
Vaussy, Edmond Leon
Vautier, Francis
Vautier, Francis Peter
Vautier, John Robin
Veasey, Jane, née Laurens
Venables, Amelia Winter, née Anderson
Venables, Charles
Venables, T G
Vennement, James
Verdier, Louis Nicholas Jean Baptiste
Vétier, Joseph Toussaint
Vibert, George Deslandes
Vibert, John
Vigot, Charles
Vigot, Jane, née Baudains
Vigot, Jean François
Vigot, John
Vigot, Susan Jane, née L'Ecolier
Vilton, John
Vilton, Thomas
Vincent, Frederick
Vivian, Charles Aylmer
Voisin, Edward
Voisin, Emile
Voisin, Eugenie Ange
Wakeham, John Philip
Warr, Joseph
Warr, Mr
Warren, James Hughes
Warren, William
Watson, T T
Watts, James
West, Edward Eliott
Whetton, Jessie
White, Emily Maud
White, Thomas
Williams, Ann Jane
Withnall, S
Withnall, Samuel
Witt, Charles Burrell
Witt, Phoebe, née Trenchard
Wood, Albert Charles, Captain
Wood, Elizabeth Margaret
Woodsford and Harris
Woodsford, James John
Yvon, Louisa Augustine, née L'Archer


registers | insurance | insurance agents | fire insurance | 1, Albert Square | 1, Apsley Villas, St Saviour | 1, Charing Cross | 1, Croydon Villas, Bellozanne Road | 1, Don Court, Sand Street | 1, East View Villas, Stopford Road | 1, Greenwood Villas, Roseville Street | 1, Hampshire Gardens, Aquila Road | 1, Hillside, Wellington Road | 1, King Street | 1, Les Châlets, Queen's Road | 1, Lisbon Villas, Stopford Road | 1, Lower King's Cliff | 1, Marine Terrace, St Clement | 1, Minden Villas, Queen's Road | 1, New Bath Street | 1, Ommaroo, Havre des Pas | 1, Phoenix Place, Georgetown | 1, Pierson Terrace, Havre des Pas | 1, Pierson Villa, Janvrin Road | 1, Queen's Road | 1, Romney Place | 1, Romney Villas, St Aubin's Road | 1, Rosebank, St Saviour | 1, Royal Crescent | 1, Salvandy Terrace, St Helier | 1, Seaside Cottages, St Aubin's Road | 1, St John's Road | 1, St Mark's Crescent | 1, Tropical Villas, Les Vaux | 1, Victory Cottages, 31, Hilgrove Lane | 1, Victory Cottages, Hilgrove Lane | 1, Villiers Place, Bagot | 1, Vimeira Place, Stopford Road | 1, Windsor Terrace, St Mark's Road | 10, Aquila Road | 10, Broad Street | 10, Charing Cross | 10, Colomberie | 10, Cross Street | 10, Don Road | 10, Mulcaster Street | 10, New St James Place | 10, The Parade | 10, The Terrace | 10, Victoria Street | 11, Bath Street | 11, Grove Place | 11, Hampshire Gardens, Aquila Road | 11, Hilary Street | 11, Kensington Place | 11, Queen Street | 11, Royal Crescent | 114, Rouge Bouillon | 12, Cattle Street | 12, Colomberie | 12, Halkett Place | 12, Hampshire Gardens, Aquila Road | 12, Hill Street | 12, King Street | 12, Regent Road | 12, Roseville Street | 12, Royal Crescent | 13, Bath Street | 13, Bond Street | 13, Cheapside | 13, Duhamel Place | 13, Great Union Road | 13, Hilary Street | 13, New St James Place | 13, Parade | 13, Regent Road | 13, Royal Crescent | 14, Broad Street | 14, King Street | 14, Old Street | 14, Royal Crescent | 14b, New Street | 15 1/2 Beresford Street | 15, Beresford Street | 15, Bond Street | 15, Cheapside | 15, Commercial Street | 15, Esplanade | 15, St James Street | 16, Apsley Road | 16, Colomberie | 16, David Place | 16, Grosvenor Street | 16, New St James Place | 16, Parade | 17, Burrard Street | 17, Chevalier Road | 17, Dorset Street | 17, Hilary Street | 17, Hue Street | 17, Le Geyt Street | 17, St James' Street | 18, Apsley Road | 18, Beresford Street Vegetable Market | 18, Burrard Street | 18, Byron Road | 18, Esplanade | 18, Hilary Street | 18, Hilgrove Lane | 18, Le Geyt Street | 19, Burrard Street | 19, Charles Street | 19, Commercial Buildings | 19, Dorset Street | 19, Great Union Road | 19, Hue Street | 19, Le Geyt Street | 19, Royal Square | 2, Abercorn Villas, St Brelade | 2, Belmont Road | 2, Commercial Steet | 2, Croydon Villas, Bellozanne Road | 2, Don Court, Sand Street | 2, East View Villas, Stopford Road | 2, Edward Place | 2, Georgetown, St Saviour | 2, Green Street | 2, Hautbois Terrace, Bellozanne Road | 2, Hillside, Water Lane, St Saviour | 2, La Motte Street | 2, Les Châlets, Queen's Road | 2, Lisbon Villas, Stopford Road | 2, Marine Terrace, St Clement | 2, New Cut, Broad Street | 2, New St James Place | 2, Ommaroo, Havre des Pas | 2, Pier Road | 2, Prospect Place, St Aubin's Road | 2, Queen Street | 2, Seaside Cottages, St Aubin's Road | 2, Tarradale Villas, Bagot | 2, Tropical Villas, Les Vaux | 2, Vauxhall Street | 2, Victory Cottages, 31, Hilgrove Lane | 20, Broad Street | 20, Journeaux Street | 20, Parade Road | 20, Union Street | 21, Burrard Street | 21, Commercial Buildings | 21, Dorset Street | 21, Gloucester Street | 21, Grove Place | 21, Pier Road | 22, Albert Street | 22, Beresford Street | 22, Colomberie | 22, Commercial Buildings | 22, Grenville Street | 22, Halkett Place | 22, Hue Street | 23, Burrard Street | 23, Commercial Buildings | 23, Hilgrove Street | 23, Le Geyt Street | 23, Midvale Road | 23, Pier Road | 24 1/2 Queen Street | 24, Belmont Road | 24, Charing Cross | 24, Clearview Street | 24, Dumaresq Street | 24, La Motte Street | 24, Queen Street | 24, Simon Place | 25, Burrard Street | 25, Hill Street | 25, New Street | 26, Hilgrove Lane | 26, New Street | 26, Vauxhall Street | 26, William Place, Rouge Bouillon | 27, Burrard Street | 27, Dorset Street | 27, Great Union Road | 27, Halkett Place | 27, Hill Street | 27, Hue Street | 27, Roseville Street | 27, Windsor Road | 28, Commercial Buildings | 28, William Place, Rouge Bouillon | 29, Burrard Street | 29, Dorset Street | 29, King Street | 29, St James Street | 3, Commercial Street | 3, Croydon Villas, Bellozanne Road | 3, Delborgo Villas | 3, Don Court, Sand Street | 3, Edward Place | 3, Elizabeth Place | 3, Gloucester Street | 3, Grove Street | 3, Hampshire Gardens, Aquila Road | 3, Hill Side, St Saviour | 3, Hill Street | 3, Hope Street | 3, Kensington Place | 3, Lempriere Street | 3, Les Châlets, Queen's Road | 3, Nelson Street | 3, New St James Place | 3, New St John's Road | 3, New Town Buildings, David Place | 3, Rose Bank, St Saviour | 3, Salvandy Terrace, St Saviour | 3, St James Street | 3, Teignmouth, St Aubin's Road, St Helier | 3, Trooper's Yard | 3, Warehouse, May Lane, Bow Street, Dublin | 3, Windsor Terrace, St Mark's Road | 3, York Street | 30, Don Road | 30, Halkett Place | 30, Hilgrove Lane | 31, Burrard Street | 31, Green Street | 31, Queen Street | 31, St Saviour's Road | 32, Halkett Place | 32, Hilgrove Lane | 32, New Street | 33 King Street | 33, Broad Street | 33, Colomberie | 33, New Street | 33, Providence Street | 34 and 36 Lower Bath Street | 34, Halkett Place | 34, King Street | 34, La Motte Street | 34, New Street | 34, St Saviour's Road | 35, Don Street, St Helier | 35, Hill Street | 35, Midvale Road | 35, New Street | 36, St Saviour's Road | 37, Bath Street | 37, George Street | 37, Green Street | 37, Havre des Pas | 37, Hill Street | 37, Parade Place | 38, Halkett Place | 38, Lower Bath Street | 38, New Street | 39, Bath Street | 39, Esplanade | 39, Hill Street | 4, Byron Road | 4, Cattle Street | 4, Croydon Villas, Bellozanne Road | 4, Don Court, Sand Street | 4, New St James Place | 4, Parnasse Place | 4, Queen Street | 4, Royal Square | 4, St Mark's Villas, St Mark's Road | 4, Val Plaisant | 4, Wellington Villas, Stopford Road | 4, Winchester Street | 40, Havre des Pas | 40, Poonah Road | 41, Bath Street | 41, Belmont Road | 41, Clearview Street | 41, Halkett Place | 41, Havre des Pas | 41, Poonah Road | 41, Seaton Place | 42, Halkett Place | 42, Val Plaisant | 43, Bath Street | 43, Commercial Street | 43, New Street | 43, Val Plaisant | 44, Halkett Place | 45, Bath Street | 45, Great Union Road | 46, King Street | 47, Clearview Street | 47, David Place | 47, King Street | 48, King Street | 49, Clearview Street | 5, Bath Street | 5, Beresford Street | 5, Charles Street | 5, Croydon Villas, Bellozanne Road | 5, Don Court, Sand Street | 5, Esplanade | 5, Hampshire Gardens, Aquila Road | 5, Museum Street | 5, New St James Place | 5, St Clements Road | 5, St James Street | 5, The Esplanade | 50, Great Union Road | 50, King Street | 51, Bath Street | 51, Colomberie | 51, Don Street | 51, King Street | 52, Sutherland Avenue, Harlow Road, London | 54, Esplanade | 55, Bath Street | 55, Clearview Street | 56, Colomberie | 56, King Street | 57, King Street | 57, New Street | 57, St Saviour's Road | 6, Bath Street | 6, Burrard Street | 6, Cattle Street | 6, Colombus Street | 6, Conway Street | 6, Croydon Villas, Bellozanne Road | 6, Don Court, Sand Street | 6, La Motte Street | 6, New St James Place | 6, New Street | 6, Plaisance Terrace, St Luke's | 6, Queen Street | 6, Queen's Assembly Rooms | 61, Ann Street | 61, Don Street | 61, New Street | 61, Val Plaisant | 7 1/2, Beresford Street | 7, Bath Street | 7, Beresford Street | 7, Clarence Road | 7, Don Court, Sand Street | 7, Hampshire Gardens, Aquila Road | 7, Hilary Street | 7, Hope Street | 7, La Motte Street | 7, Pier Road | 7, Saville Street | 7, St James Street | 7, Union Street | 71, Esplanade | 71, King Street | 72, Colomberie | 79, King Street | 8, Almorah Crescent | 8, Broad Street | 8, Charing Cross | 8, Elizabeth Lane | 8, Grenville Street | 8, Hilary Street | 8, New St James Place | 8, Parade Road, | 8, Queen Street | 8, Queen's Road | 8, Vauxhall Street | 8, Vine Street | 80, Rouge Bouillon | 81, New Street | 84, Roseville Street | 9, Beresford Street | 9, Caledonia Place | 9, Charing Cross | 9, Cheapside | 9, David Place | 9, La Motte Street | 9, Parade Road | 9, St James Street | 9, The Terrace | 96, St Saviour's Road | 99, St Saviour's Road | Abergeldie, The Dicq | Aberzeldie, Le Dicq | Adelaide Lodge, Great Union Road | Albany Villa, Havre des Pas | Albert Pier | Albion Hotel, 7, Mulcaster Street | Alphington Villa, Roseville Street | Ann Lane | Ann Place, Ann Street | Ann Street | Anson Cottage, Bellozanne Road | Apsley Villas, Five Oaks | Augrès Farm, Trinity | Aylesbury House, Five Oaks | Bagot Cottage, Bagot | Bay View Cottage, Beaumont, St Peter | Beach Lodge, Roseville Street | Beauchamp, Beaumont | Beaulieu, Gorey, St Martin | Beaumont Station | Beaumont, St Peter | Beechfield, Trinity | Bel Air, St Brelade | Bel Air, St Mary | Belle Rive, Le Hocq, St Clement | Bellozanne Road | Beresford Street | Berri House, Val Plaisant | Bezile Villa, Beaumont, St Peter | Brighton Road | Brighton Road, St Helier | Bristol Hotel, The Esplanade | British Hotel, Beaumont | Brockach, Beaumont | Brook Street | Brunswick Cottage, New St John's Road | Café and Restaurant Parisien, King Street | Cannon Street | Carteret View, St Martin | Cattle Street | Central Hotel, Royal Square | Charing Cross House | Cheapside Station | Clairvale Road | Clyde Still, Havre des Pas | Coie Terrace, St Saviour's Road | Colomberie | Commercial Street | Common Lane | Conway Street | Craig Street | Derry, St Brelade | Devon Villa, St Martin | Diélament, Trinity | Don Bridge Station | Don Cottage, Gorey Village | Don Street | Dresden Hall, St Peter | Dublaizot Villa, St Clement | Dumaresq Street | Eastwell, St Clement | Ebenezer House, St John | Eden Cottage, Maufant | Edgefield, St Peter | Egyptian Lodge, Val Plaisant | El Buen Retiro, Trinity | Enderley House, St Saviour | Esplanade | Fairview, St Brelade | Fernside, St Saviour | First Tower Station | Gas Lane | George Street | Georgetown | Georgetown, St Saviour | Globe Hotel, Church Street | Gloucester Cottage, Gloucester Street | Gloucester Street | Golf Hotel, Gorey Common | Gorey Village | Gorey, St Martin | Grainville House, St Aubin's Road | Grainville Park, Les Grands Vaux | Grande Charrière, St Clement | Green Island Cottage, St Clement | Green Street | Greenhill, St Lawrence | Grève de Lecq | Grouville | Grove Place | Grove Place, St Helier | Halkett House, King Street | Halkett Lodge, David Place | Halkett Place | Hambie Farm, St Saviour | Hamon's Farm, St Saviour | Haut du Mont au Prêtre | Havre des Pas | Heath Dale, St Clement | Highland House, Trinity | Hilary Street | Hilgrove Lane | Hill Street | Hope Cottage, Samares Lane | Hope Lodge, 20, Chevalier Road | Hotel de la Boule d'Or, Conway Street | Industrial School, St Martin | Inkerman House, Carrefour Selous | Inkerman Villa, Roussel Street | Ivy House, St Aubin | Kent Cottage, First Tower | King Street | La Carrière, Grouville | La Corbière Station | La Croserie, Trinity | La Fallaise, St Clement | La Fallaize, St Mary | La Fontaine, St Mary | La Forêt, St Mary | La Fosse au Bois, St Ouen | La Maison Hue, St Saviour | La Maisonette, St Peter | La Moie, St Brelade | La Nonnerie, St Lawrence | La Planque, Trinity | La Pulente | La Pulente, St Ouen | La Robeline, St Ouen | La Rocque | La Roussetterie, St Lawrence | La Rue du Hocq, St Clement | La Vallette, Grouville | Lansdowne House, Colomberie | Le Bailey's Yard, Don Street | Le Coin Farm, St Ouen | Le Coin, St Brelade | Le Geyt | Le Geyt Farm, Five Oaks | Le Geyt Farm, St Saviour | Le Grès House, St Brelade | Le Haguais, St Clement | Le Hocq | Le Rivage, St Brelade's Bay | Le Tapon, St Saviour | Le Val Cottage, St Brelade's Bay | Le Val Feuillu, St Saviour | Leoville, St Ouen | Les Cotils, Mont a L'Abbé | Les Marais Station, Grouville | Les Vaux, Mont au Pretre | L'Etacq Hotel, St Ouen | Library Place, St Helier | Lloyd Road, Stopford Road | Lloyd's Road, St Helier | Longfields, St Helier | Longueville | Longueville House, Grouville | Longueville Manor | Lower Bath Street | Lyndhurst House, 42, Havre des Pas | Malta House, Grosvenor Street | Marine Villa, St Luke's Place, St Saviour | Martell's Cottage, St Brelade | Masonic Temple, Stopford Road | Maufant, St Saviour | Metivier's Lane | Millbrook Cottage, St Lawrence | Millbrook Station | Morier Lane | Mount Aubin, Don Road | Mulcaster Street | My Lady Farm, St Saviour | Napoleon Store, Commercial Street | New Bath Street | New Market Hotel, 9 Beresford Street | Nineveh House, Five Oaks | Nineveh House, St Saviour | Noel and Porter's Yard, Waterloo Lane | Noirmont | Nora House, Grouville | Odd Fellows Hall, Don Street | Oldholm, St Luke's | Ordnance Yard | Orlagh House, Mont Cochon | Oxford Road | Palermo House, St Aubin's Road | Parel Lodge, 116, Tulse Hill, Streatham, London | Park Lane, Cheapside | Park Lodge, St Martin | Patriotic Place | Patriotic Street | Pen-y-Craig Cottage, Queen's Road | Percy House, 16, Queen Street | Peter Street | Petit Catillon, Grouville | Phoenix Cottage, Georgetown | Pier, St Aubin | Plaisance Road, St Saviour | Plaisance, St Saviour | Plemont Hotel | Pontac House, St Clement | Princes Tower, St Saviour | Prospect House, High Street, St Aubin | Quatre Bras, St Saviour | Queen Street | Railway Terminus hotel, St Aubin | Raven's Cliff, St Brelade | Regent Villa, Regent Road | Restaurant's Station | Richmond House, 37, Havre des Pas | Richmond House, Millbrook | Robin Hood, Trinity Road | Rosa Cottage, Gorey | Rose Adair Cottage, Bellozanne Road | Rose Vale, St Brelade | Roseville Street | Royal Court Chambers, 10 Hill Street | Rue du Hocq | Rue du Pont, La Rocque | Russell Place, St Clement's Road | Samares Lane, St Clement | Samares Manor, St Clement | Sand Street | Sea View Cottage | Sea View Cottage, Noirmont, St Brelade | Sea View House, La Collette | Sion Lodge, St John | South View, St Clement | Spartan Lodge, 22, Chevalier Road | St Aubin | St Aubins Road | St Aubin's Road | St Aubin's Station | St Brelade | St Brelade's Bay | St Clement | St Clement Parish Hall | St Clement's Main Road | St Helier | St John | St Lawrence | St Luke's Place, St Saviour | St Mark's House, David Place | St Mark's Road | St Martin | St Mary | St Ouen | St Saviour | St Saviour's Road | Stopford Road | Teighmore, St Martin | Terminus of the Jersey Railway | The Billiard Rooms, Waterloo Street | The British Hotel, Esplanade | The Central Hotel, Royal Square | The Eastern Railway Hotel, Snow Hill | The Gas Fitters Arms, Gas Lane | The Grove, St Lawrence | The Hermitage, Beaumont | The Homestead, Les Vaux | The Mercantile Bar, 36, King Street | The Priory, Mont Cochon | The Red Lamp, Peter Street | Common Lane | Thorp House, St Luke's Place | Thorpe Cottage, Westmount | Toronto Villa, St Brelade's Bay | Town Mills Road | Tranquil Cottages, Brighton Road | Trinity | Tudor House, Georgetown | Tudor House, St Luke's | Tunnel Street | Union Court, Union Street | Union Street | Union Villa, Gorey Village | Val de la Mare, St Peter | Val de Rance, St Samson, France | Vale House, Val Plaisant | Vauxhall Street | Victoria Inn, Gloucester Street | Vine Lane | Vine Lane, Pier Road | Vine Villa, Stopford Road | Waterloo Lane | Waverley House, St Peter | Wesley Street | Westfield, St Mary | Wigilla Lodge, Georgetown | Wilton House, 18, St John's Road | Wilton Lodge, St Aubin's Road | Wimbledon Hotel, Grouville


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