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West of England Insurance Company, Fire Insurance Registers, including a description of the property, its situation and the construction materials. The details of the insurer and their trade or possessions are listed and often the names of tenants of the property are given. Consult the index to obtain date/page of the entry and then view entries in the relevant PDF of the volume.

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January 13th 1830 - November 25th 1836


West of England Insurance Company
Abel, Michael
Abel, Mr
Adams, James
Adams, Sophia Lear
Adams, Sophia Lear, née Lotherington
Adams, W
Adams, William
Ahier, Francis
Ahier, George Talbot
Ahier, Gideon
Ahier, John
Ahier, John Thomas
Ahier, Thomas
Ahier, William Charles
Albites, Vincent
Aldersey, Mary Ann
Alexander, Amice
Alexander, Edward
Alexander, Philip
Alford Family
Alford, George
Almond, James
Almond, Mary Susan, née Romeril
Amy, Francis
Amy, George
Amy, William
Andrews, Timothy
Anley and Bossy
Anley, Jane
Anley, John
Anley, Joshua
Anley, Louisa
Anley, Matilda
Anley, Philip
Annison, Sarah Elizabeth
Anstruther, Ann Elizabeth
Aplin, John George, Captain, R N
Armstrong, Francis Wheeler
Arnell, Robert
Arthur, Charles John
Asplet, Abraham
Asplet, Elias
Asplet, John Aaron
Asplet, Philip
Aubin, Charles
Aubin, Clement
Aubin, John
Aubin, Joshua
Aubin, Philip, Reverend
Averty, John
Baker, John
Baker, Thomas
Baldock, Robert Walter, Lieutenant Colonel
Ballaine, Henry
Ballaine, John
Balleine, Edward
Balleine, John
Banks, Samuel
Barrack Departments of Jersey
Bartlett family
Bartley, Robert
Beaton, Joseph
Belsell, Charles
Benest, John
Benest, Peter
Bevan, Henry
Billot, Edward
Binet, Thomas
Bisson Philip
Bisson, Charles
Bisson, Edward
Bisson, Jeanne, née Hamon
Bisson, John
Bisson, Lily
Bisson, Mary
Bisson, Philip
Bisson, Philip, Lieutenant, R N
Bisson, Thomas
Bizrel, Mary
Blampied family
Blampied, Ann
Blampied, Thomas
Bluett, Peter
Boniface, Ben Nicholas
Booth, Reverend
Bosdet, John Philip
Bosdet, Peter
Bossy, John
Bott, Nicholas
Bourinot, John
Boutillier, Philip
Bowdidge, John
Brake and Sharland
Brée, Philip
Brine, Philip
Brooke, Isaac
Brown family
Brown, John Marie
Brown, Robert
Brown, W
Brown, William
Buckley, Louisa
Budd, Peter
Buesnel Family
Bullock, Charlotte
Burchell, Lieutenant, R N
Burgess Family
Burgess, John Hartley
Burrard, Philip
Butler, John
Cabey, Thomas, Lieutenant
Cabot, Thomas
Campbell, Archibald, Major General, Lieutenant Governor
Carnegie Family
Carrel, John
Carrel, William
Carrell, Thomas
Champion, Harriet
Champion, Sarah
Chevalier, John
Clark, Elizabeth
Clement, John
Clement, Peter
Clifford, John
Cohen, Mrs
Cole, William
Collas, John
Collins and Jean
Collins, Alfred Claudius
Collins, Ann
Cooke, John Henry, R N
Cooke, Sophia
Corcoran, W
Corcoran, William
Coudray, J
Coudray, James
Coudray, Jaques
Coutanche, Noah
Coutanche, Noé
Coutanche, Philip
Crockford, Mrs
Cruchley, Ann Jarreth
Cruchley, Frances Newton
Cuquemalle, Amelia Adelaide
Cutler, Charles
Dallain, Peter
David, Mr
Davie, Mary
Davies, Mr
Davis, Mrs
Dawkins, Amelia
Day, Edward, Lieutenant Colonel
de Caen, Edward
De Gruchy, Philip
de Gruchy, Thomas Charles
de la Garde, Charles
de la Mare, Abraham
de la Mare, Francis
de la Mare, Mary, née Ahier
de la Perrelle, Francis
de La Perrelle, John
de Quetteville Brothers
de Quetteville, John
de Quetteville, Philip
de Rue, Philip
de Ste Croix, Elizabeth
de Ste Croix, John
de Ste Croix, Philip
de Veulle, John
De Veulle, Philip
Deal, Esther
Debeaune, Harriet
Dennis Family
Denziloe, Alfred
Devaux Family
Dickson, Edward Thompson
Dillon, Esther
Dingle Family
Dingle, Joseph
Dodge, Richard
Dollard, George
Dorey, Mary
Downie, Mr
du Feu, Philip
du Moulin, Captain
Dubois Family
Dupont, Philip, Harbour Master
Dupré, Elizabeth
Dupré, George
Dupré, George Frederick
Dupré, Jane, née de Jersey
Durell, William
Dustin, John
Duval, Philip
Eagar, Captain
Eagar, John, Commander, R N
East India Company
Ebden, John
Ebdon, John
Edwards, Abel
Edwards, Richard
Ehn, Elizabeth
Ennis, James
Ennis, James
Esnouf, John
Falle, John Dougald
Falle, Philip
Falle, Thomas
Faulkner, Mrs
Fauvel, Jane
Fauvel, Jane Margaret
Fauvel, Philip
Filleul, John
Fillieur, Philip, Reverend
Fisher, Mr
Fixott, Charles
Fixott, Doctor
Fleury, Elizabeth
Fowler Family
Fowler, Samuel
Fowler, Thomas
Fowler, William
Francis and Risebrough
Francis Family
Francis, James
François and Riseborough
François, James
Frost, John
Fry, Windover
Furst, Matthew, Captain
Gabeldu, Francis
Gallais, Elias George
Gallican and Le Gros
Gallichan, John
Gallichan, Matthew
Gallichan, Nicholas
Gallichan, Thomas
Gallie, Elias George
Gaudin, Helier
Gaudin, James
Gautier, James
Gautier, Thomas
Gavey, George
Gavey, Philip
Gibaut, Moses
Gillet, Mrs
Godel, Elias
Godell, Elias
Godfray, Philip
Goff, William
Gootch and Ehn
Gootch, William
Goulding, Thomas
Grandin, Philip
Grant, James
Gregory, Robert
Groizard, Louis
Groombridge, John William, Captain
Gruchy, John
Gruchy, Mary Elizabeth, née Godfray
Gruchy, Peter
Gruchy, Philip
Guilleaume, George
Guillet, Susan
Hadden, James
Hamon, George
Hamon, John
Hamon, Joshua
Hanbury, Capel
Hansford, John
Hatch, Eliza Ann
Helleur, Daniel
Henry, Antoine
Hernandez, Thomas
Hill, Waldron
Hocquard, Charles
Hocquard, Philip
Hodges, James
Hoisson, John
Horman, Philip
Hotton, Peter
Howes, Mrs
Huelin, George
Huelin, John
Hutton, Henry
Ilford, George
Ingouville, Mr
Ireland, Henry
Janvrin, Frederick
Jean, Edward
Jennings, James
Jeune and Le Quesne
Jeune, Francis
John, Philip
Johnson, Mr
Jones, George
Josephs, Joseph
Joste, Stephen
Jouault, Andrew
Jouault, Julian Andrew
Journeaux, Edward
Journeaux, James
Kaye, Charles
Kerslake Family
Kerslaker, Joseph
Kilner, Mr
Kingston, John
Kingston, John
La Cloche, Philip, Reverend
La Maille, Jean
Labey, Thomas, Lieutenant
Lane, John Edward
Langlois, Esther Jane
Langlois, John
Laye, George, Lieutenant
Le Bailly, Mr
Le Bas family
Le Bas, Nicholas
Le Blanc, Elias
Le Boutillier Family
Le Boutillier, Fanny
Le Boutillier, George
Le Boutillier, Joshua
Le Boutillier, Peter
Le Brocq, Ann
Le Brocq, John
Le Brocq, Joshua
Le Brocq, Nicholas
Le Brocq, Philip
Le Brocq, Ramée
Le Brocq, Ramié
Le Brun Family
Le Brun, Elizabeth
Le Brun, Francis
Le Brun, John
Le Brun, Sarah Brooke
Le Capelain, Philip
Le Caplain, John
Le Clercq, Joshua
Le Cocq Rowcliffe, Ann
Le Cornu, Edmund
Le Couteur, John
Le Couteur, Philip, Constable
Le Cras, Abraham Jones
Le Cras, Philip
Le Feuvre, Francis
Le Feuvre, Francis John
Le Feuvre, John
Le Feuvre, Philip
Le Feuvre, Samuel
Le Gallais, Richard
Le Gallais, W G
Le Gallais, William George
Le Geyt, Captain, R N
Le Geyt, Catherine
Le Geyt, Catherine
Le Geyt, George William
Le Gresley, Jane
Le Gros Bisson and Gallichan
Le Gros, Charles
Le Gros, Edward
Le Gros, John
Le Gros, Philip
Le Gros, Thomas
Le Lievre, George
Le Lievre, Rachael, née Hamon
Le Maistre, John
Le Maistre, Peter
Le Maistre, Thomas Edward
Le Marquand, John
Le Marquand, Philip
Le Masurier, John
Le Masurier, Philip
Le Masurier, Thomas
Le Montais and Romeril
Le Montais, Elizabeth
Le Montais, Francis John
Le Mottée, Samuel
Le Neveu, Joshua
Le Quesne, C
Le Quesne, Jane
Le Quesne, John
Le Quesne, Nicholas
Le Riche, Thomas
Le Rossignol, John
Le Rossignol, Matthew
Le Seeleeur, John
Le Seéleur, Philip
Le Seelleur Family
Le Seelleur, John
Le Seelleur, Mary, née Le Gallais
Le Seelleur, Mr
Le Seelleur, Philip
Le Sueur, Betsey, née Noel
Le Sueur, Charles
Le Sueur, Edward
Le Sueur, Elizabeth
Le Sueur, G
Le Sueur, Jane, née Roisseur
Le Sueur, John
Le Sueur, Mary
Le Sueur, Noé
Le Sueur, Philip
Le Vesconte, Elizabeth
Lean, Ann
Lean, John
Lee, Henry Lewis
Lemprière, George Curry
Lemprierè, Philip
Linnear, Ann Harrison
Lipscombe, Henry
Long, Captain
Long, Elizabeth
Long, Mary
Lotherington Family
Lotherington, Sophia Lear
Low, Alexander
Low, Mrs
Luce, Francis Edward
Luce, Philip
Lynch Family
Machon, John
Machon, Philip
MacMahon, Thomas
Mahoney, Thomas
Mahony, Thomas
Mannan, John
Marchand, George
Maret, Philip
Marett, Edward
Marett, Elias
Marett, George
Marett, Henry
Marett, Mrs
Marsh, James, Lieutenant, R N
Marsh, Mr
Marston, Major
Martin family
Maryon, Richard
Matthews, Ann
Mauger, John
Mauger, Philip
McDonald, Alexander
McDowell, William
McSteer, Patrick
Meech, Thomas Crosby
Menié, Mary
Messervy, John
Messervy, Philip
Messervy, Susan, née Noel
Messervy, Thomas
Millais, Ann
Millais, Betsey
Millais, John
Millard, Henry Moser
Moisson, John
Monamy, James
Monamy, John
Monck, Margaret
Monnamy, Esther, née Nicolle
Monnamy, John
Moodie, Hannah
Moriarty, James Robert
Morin, Sarah
Mourant, Peter
Mourant, Philip
Nash, Henry, Lieutenant Colonel
Neal Family
Neel, Mr
Neville, Captain, R N
Newton, Mr
Nicolle, Ann
Nicolle, Edward
Nicolle, John
Nicolle, Philip
Noël, Betsey
Noel, Hugh
Noel, Matthew
Noel, Philip
Noel, Susan
Norfolk, Elias
Norman, James
Norman, Mary
Norrington, George
Ordunes, Jaime Gil
Osborne, William
O'Sullivan, Cornelius
Ottley, B W, Lieutenant Colonel
Owen, William
Oxenham, John
Paddock, John
Pallot, John
Parrey, Edward J, Commander, R N
Parry, Major General
Pasley, Thomas
Paton, Rebecca
Payn Brothers
Payn, Francis
Payn, John
Payn, Philip
Pearson, George, Captain
Pellier and Godfray
Pellier, Daniel
Pellier, Godfray and Shore
Pellier, Mrs
Pellier, Philip
Perchard, John
Perrier, Madeline
Perrot, Peter
Picot, Philip
Pihon, Angelique, née Vivier
Pihon, Jean
Pike, John
Pike, Samuel
Pilditch, William
Pinabel, Francis
Pipon, Elias, Major
Pipon, Philip
Pique, Stephen
Pirouet, Francis
Poingdestre, Elizabeth
Poingdestre, Francis
Poingdestre, George
Poingdestre, Matthew
Poingdestre, Philip
Poucklée, Margaret
Poulson, Mrs
Powell, Nicholas
Powers and Goff
Powers, John Kent
Prideaux, William
Pringle, Colin, Colonel
Pritchard Family
Quinton, Thomas
Quirk, Joseph Bennet
Ralph, Elizabeth Margaret
Ramsey, Samuel, Captain, R N
Ranwell, Mr
Ranwell, William
Ranwell, William, Lieutenant, R N
Rayner, Sarah
Rebillet, Mr
Reeks, Edward
Renouf Family
Renouf, Jane, née Mourant
Renouf, John
Richards, Lucia
Richardson, James
Riddell, William, Lieutenant Colonel
Rimon, James
Risebrough, Samuel
Robert, George John
Robert, John
Robilliard, Mr
Robins, Samuel
Rogers, Mrs
Roissier, Francis
Roissier, John
Romeril, Elizabeth
Romeril, Mary
Romeril, Mrs
Rondel, Abraham
Rooke, Lewis
Rousell, Michael
Roussel, Elizabeth
Roussel, Michael
Roussel, Michael Charles
Rudd, Mrs
Rundle, Elizabeth Waldron
Rutt, Elizabeth
Rutt, Richard
Sanford, Robert
Saunders, Bernard
Saunders, William
Schaw, Charles, Major,
Scott, John
Scriven, Sophia
Searle, John
Searle, Thomas
Shore, George
Short, I
Simmonds Family
Simon, Peter John
Simon, Thomas
Sinel, Philip
Sladden, William, Major, R N
Slows, George
Smetham, Edward Head
Smith Family
Smith, Samuel
Smith, Thomas
Sohier, Elizabeth
Sohier, Jane
Sohier, Peter
Soper, George
Sorel, John
Sormany Family
Sorsoleil, William
Stapleton, Michael
Stark, Elias
Stevens, Thomas
Stewart, Archibald, Major
Stewart, Major
Stiggins, Mr
Stoker, Thomas
Stoneman, James
Stuart, Major
Symonds, William, Captain, R N
Syvret Family
Syvret, John
Telland, William
Temple, Thomas
The British Hotel
Thomas, Captain
Thompson, Sarah
Thompson, William
Thornton, William, Major General, Lieutenant Governor
Thurtell, Charles, Lieutenant, R N
Tirel, Louis
Toner, Michael
Tourgis, John
Tourgis, Philip, Reverend
Touzel, Jane
Touzel, John
Touzel, Mary
Treeve, John, Lieutenant, R N
Treeve, Richard, Captain
Triggs, Mrs
Turner, Edward
Turner, George
Turner, Thomas
Vasselin, John Baptiste
Vaudin, George
Vautier, John
Vautier, Peter
Vibert, Amice
Vibert, Peter
Vibert, Philip
Vicq, Mary
Vilditch, William
Vincent, Ferdinand Gustave
Vincent, James Philip
Vincent, John Auguste Frederick
Vincent, R
Wadsworth, Joseph Brittle
Waldron, John
Walker, Henry
Walker, William Havendon
Warboys, Thomas
Ward, Mrs
Wellman, Mr
Wellman, Susan Ann
Wellman, William
Wethers, J
White, Henry Charles
Whitfield, G
Whitfield, George
Wilkinson, Doctor
Williams, George
Willis, George
Wills, Edmund
Wills, Edmund Morrish
Zade, Charles


insurance agents | fire insurance | registers | insurance | 1, The Crescent, St Helier | 10, New Quay, St Helier | 11, The Terrace, St Helier | 12, Great Union Road | 13, Commercial Buildings | 15, Hilgrove Lane | 18, Library Place | 19, Belmont Road | 2, Cannon Street | 2, Charing Cross | 2, Great Union Road | 2, Mulcaster Street | 2, New Quay, St Helier | 2, The Crescent, St Helier | 20, Hill Street | 21, Beresford Street | 21, Commercial Buildings | 22, Queen Street | 24, Colomberie | 24, Devonshire Place | 24, Upper Halkett Place | 28, Upper Halkett Place | 29, Don Street | 3, Commercial Buildings | 3, Elizabeth Terrace, St Helier | 3, Palace Terrace, Vauxhall Street | 3, York Place, New St John's Road | 34, New Street | 35, Queen Street | 37, Albion Place, New Street | 39, Albion Place, New Street | 4, Charing Cross | 4, Clarendon Road | 4, Commercial Buildings | 40, King Street | 42, Bath Street | 45, King Street | 46, King Street | 47, King Street | 5, Grosvenor Place | 57, New Street | 6, Hope Street | 6, Providence Street | 7, Dove Street, Colomberie | 7, Gloucester Street | 7, Hope Street | 8, Belmont Road | 8, New Street | 9, New Quay, St Helier | 9, Pier Road | 9, Queen Street | Adelaide Place, St Helier | Alban Cottage, Georgetown | Albion Place, New Street | Anley's Street, Sand Street | Ann Street | Arcade Row, King Street | Au Pied du Grand Catillon, Grouville | Bagatelle, St Saviour | Bath Street | Battle of Waterloo, Bond Street | Beaton's Livery Stable, Bath Street | Beau Regard, St Lawrence | Beaumont | Beaumont Village | Belmont Place | Belmont Row | Belvedere Road, St Saviour | Beresford Street | Blue Barracks, King's Road, St Helier | Blue Bells, Sand Street | Bond Street | Boulevard, St Aubin | Britannia Tavern, Hill Street | British Press Printing Office, Mulcaster Street | Broad Street | Brook Street | Bunch of Grapes, New Street | Burrard Street | Caesarea Bank, Bond Street | Caledonia Place, South Pier, St Helier | Cannon Street | Castle Street | Chapel Lane, St Helier | Charing Cross | Charles Street | Cheapside | Cherry Grove Cottage, St Saviour | Claremont Hill, St Helier | Claremont House, St Hellier | Clarence House, Clarence Road | Clarence Lane | Clarence Road | Clarendon Road | Coin Motier, St Lawrence | Coin Varin | Colomberie | Commercial Tavern, Pier Road | Common Lane | Conway Street | Cotil Falle, First Tower | Cross Cottage, St John | Cross Street | David Place | Davissonerie, St Saviour | de La Lande, Trinity | Deal's Hotel, Pier Road | Devonshire Place | Dolphin Hotel, 2, Caledonia Place | Don Road | Don Street | du Champ Colin, St Saviour | du Coin Halaise, St Lawrence | Dumaresq Street | Esplanade Foundry, St Helier | First Tower | Fort Henry, Grouville | Fort Regent | Free Mason's Hotel, St Aubin | Georgetown | Glinette, St Aubin | Gorey Pier | Government House | Great Union Road | Green Street | Grosvenor Cottage, La Motte | Grosvenor Place | Grove Place | Grove Road | Haimance Place, Ann Street | Halkett House, King Street | Halkett Inn, Upper Halkett Place | Halkett Place | Halkett Street | Harbour Street, St Helier | Havre des Pas | Hemery Row, St Helier | High Road, St Clement | High Street, St Aubin | Hilgrove Lane | Hilgrove Lane Store, Bath Street | Hill Street | House of Godfray, 9, Bond Street | Hue Street | Ivy Cottage, New St John's Road | James Street | Jersey Inn, Beresford Street | John Street | Journeaux Street | King Street | La Carrière, Grouville | La Grande Rocq | La Hogue, St Peter | La Motte Street | La Motte, St Helier | La Robeline, St Ouen | La Rocque, Grouville | La Rue du Hocq, St Clement | La Rue Long Bris, Havre des Pas | Laura Cottage, St Aubin | Laura Cottage, St Saviour's Road | Le Coin, St Brelade | Le Geyt Street | Le Rué, St Aubin's Road | Les Corvais, St Ouen | Les Niemes, St Peter | Marine Cottage, Beaumont | Market Place | Market Place, St Helier | Mary Street, Georgetown | Maufant | Meadow Bank, St Lawrence | Millbrook | Minden Place | Mont des Vignes, St Brelade | Mont Madgris, St Helier | Mont Mado, St John | Mont Mado, St John | Mont-au-Prêtre, St Helier | Mulcaster Street | New Crescent, St Helier | New Quay, St Helier | New St John's Road | New Street | Non Pareil Cottage, St Peter | North Pier, St Helier | Old England, Conway Street | Ormond Lodge, Clarendon Road | Parade House, The Parade, St Helier | Parade Place | Parnassa Place | Parsonage House, St Clement | Parsonage House, St Helier | Parsonage House, St Peter | Patrimoine, St Lawrence | Patriotic Ground | Patriotic Place | Payn Street | Peirson Place | Pensioner's Arms, Parade Place | Peter Street | Petite Belle Vue, St Brelade | Phillips Street | Pied de la Rocque Farm, St Saviour | Pied de la Rocque, St Helier | Pied de la Rocque, St Saviour | Pier Road | Pitt Street | Planq Bilot, St Helier | Plymouth Inn, Bond Street | Plymouth Inn, Mulcaster Street | Portland Place | Poterropah, St Mary | Providence Street | Queen Street | Regent Road | Richmond Cottage, Millbrook | Richmond Hotel, Broad Street | Robin Hood Inn, Mulcaster Street | Royal Oat, Wharf Street | Royal Saloon, Royal Square, St Helier | Royal Square | Royal Yacht Club Hotel, The Pier, St Helier | Rue de Long Bouet, Havre des Pas | Rue de Samaréz, St Clement | Rue du Val, Trinity Road | Sand Street | Seale Street | Simon Place | Six Roads, St Lawrence | Sligo Lane | South View House, Bath Street | St Aubin's Road | St Clement's Road | St James Street | St John's Road | St Peter's House, St Peter | St Saviour's Road | Summerland House, The Parade | Summerlands House, St Helier | Tesson Mill, St Peter | The Britannia, Old St John's Road | The British Hotel, Don Street | The Coie, St Saviour's Road | The Dicq | The Hermies, St Helier | The Pier, St Helier | The Rué, St Aubin's Road, St Helier | The Terrace, St Helier | The Weighbridge, North Pier | Timberyard, Sand Street | Town Mills | Travellers and Friends, Grouville | Trinity Manor | Trinity Manor House, Trinity | Trinity Road | Trooper's Yard, Hilgrove Lane | Union Court | Union Court, Union Street | Union Street | Upper Crescent, St Helier | Upper Halkett Place | Val de la Mare, St Peter | Val Plaisant | Val Plaisant, Trinity Road | Vauxhall Street | Verclut, Grouville | Ville és Nuaux, St Helier | Vine Cottage, Upper Halkett Place | Vine Hotel, The Mielles, St Helier | Waterloo Street | Weighbridge Inn, North Pier, St Helier | Wharf Street | Whitehall, St Brelade | Woodlands, Grouville | York Street


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