Mr Victor Dorman recounting his tale for the Channel Islands Occupation Society who had helped him in some of his research. Talks of Sunday 6th June 1943 when he and pilot officer Barry Hill searching for airmen off the French Coast found the dinghy and Barry Hill went back to England to inform his superiors. Mr Dorman stayed to mark his position but was attacked by six german planes and was forced to ditch after being hit. He tells of his experience over the next days in a dinghy in the ocean surviving on few supplies, on the fourth night he was faced with a terrible storm but the dinghy went undamaged, was found on Sunday 13th June 1943 just north of the Paternostas and was taken to Jersey, landing at Greve de Lecq and dragged to the Prince of Wales Hotel and locked in. Was taken to the Merton Hotel, a German military hospital, on monday and remained in the island until wednesday when he was judged well enough to travel. Tells of his journey to St Malo, by train to Paris then train to Frankfurt, Lithuania and back to Gerrmany until liberation by the Russians on 23rd April 1945. Talks of return to Jersey 35 years later. Found Jersey Museum and learns from curator that he is mentioned in Sinel's diary. Talks of meeting with staff of the JEP, Channel Television and members of the CIOS trying to find out extra information about his experiences and gaining more information. [1 copy bad sound quality]




Channel Islands Occupation Society (Jersey)
Jersey Museum
Hill, Barry
Channel Television
Jersey Evening Post
Dorman, Victor, Sergeant
Merton Hotel
Prince of Wales Hotel


Liberation | Prisoners of war | prisoner of war camps | dinghies | Aeroplanes | German air force | Second World War | Occupation | sound | sound recordings | Paris | St Malo | Lithuania | Frankfurt | Grève de Lecq | Paternosters


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