1) Mrs M R Ward, Deputy Head of Bel Royal School, recounting her memories of the evacuation of the islanders of Jersey in 1940. Talks of the assumption that the Channel Islands would be insignificant and left alone, turning of war against the allies started worries, demilitarisation of the island, bulk evacuation organised with panic ensuing in the registration of names and trying to leave, States made public declaration to remain at helm leading to calm. 2) Mrs Betty Remon, a 10 year old at the time, telling her memories of the German occupation including impressions of the german troops, school and german lessons with Fraulein Blochlinger, a Swiss National, and the older girls refusing to learn, difficulties of the lack of books, clothes, shoes leading to improvisation, scarcity of food and fuel, leaving school in March 1945 and freedom on Liberation Day in the Royal Square. 3) Mr Denis Remon, who was attending De La Salle College, remembers being arrested in February 1945 for membership of the Boy Scouts and sabotage, he describes the prison in Gloucester Street and those inside, the food received , getting a message to his parents, being taken for interrogation at Silvertide, Havre des Pas the Headquarters of the German Police, the Chelsea Hotel being used as overspill for the prison, an escape attempt, luck that D-Day had taken place and he could not be transferred to Germany, being released and liberation.




Bel Royal School
Blochlinger, Miss
HM Prison, La Moye
Chelsea Hotel
De La Salle College
Remon, Denis Ernest
Remon, Betty
Ward, M R


interrogations | prisons | Rationing | States of Jersey Assembly | Liberation | German | Schools | evacuations | demilitarisation | Second World War | Occupation | sound | sound recordings | Silvertide | Gloucester Street


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