Questions and answer session between Ted Larbalestier, a town ship pilot and the master of the SS Normand, the supply ship between Granville and the Channel Islands, and the Channel Islands Occupation Society. Answers questions on how he got the job as master, his crew including his first mate Silver Le Riche, how he became a pilot to guide ships into the St Helier Harbour, how much cargo was unloaded, the lay out of St Helier Harbour, when Germans took pilots on, who summoned him if he was wanted, whether he was onboard when a ship was attacked, the normal picking up and dropping off points, the passage through the rocks, lighthouses, memories of a particular barge, German naval ships, paddle steamers, what was used to put the pilots aboard, Captain Richmond-the Harbour Master, going around Gorey to get sand, towing in of barges, buoys in Gorey harbour, varieties of ships, the use of tugs, experiences in piloting, boom across the harbour entrance, cleaning up after liberation, raids in Granville, liberation boats, different tugs, the tug the Duke of Normandy, buoys, going to Pomme d'Or, German Harbour officials, pilots actions in the deportation and Michael Ginns' experience, the docking of cargo ships, pumping of petrol, list of ships with tanker licences, shipwrecks, inspections down the harbour, attacks on the harbour during the occupation, having to tow barges to Granville and once to St Malo with Silver Le Riche when they were mistakenly imprisoned, passes to go around Granville, experiences in Granville, executions of german soldiers, difficulties with mines, where and what was used for cable laying, the outpost at the Minquiers, fishing boats, railways down the harbour, the Chausey Islands and the running of the SS Normand. User copy available.




March 22nd 1984 - March 22nd 1984


Ginns, Michael
Pomme D'Or Hotel
Duke of Normandy (Tug)
Richmond, Captain
Harbour Office
Le Riche, Silver
SS Normand
Larbalestier, Ted
Channel Islands Occupation Society (Jersey)


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