Interview of Silver Le Riche, St Helier Harbour Pilot 1940-1945, by members of the Channel Islands Occupation Society. Talking about his experience as a pilot bringing boats into St Helier Harbour during the occupation. Subjects covered include the duties that he carried out, his refusal to pilot a boat that was carrying mines and his subsequent questioning at the Pomme d'Or, the boats that used to go out to meet ships, those that piloted during the occupation, how they received orders verbally at the Southampton Hotel, restrictions on movement, presence of german soldiers when they brought the boat in, going to St Malo and being put in prison, the recruitment of the crew of the SS Normand through the Harbour Office, Captain Sowden who skippered the boat, the overloading of ships, shipwrecks, Captain Bennett of the SS Spinel and his death in Guernsey, the biggest ship he brought in, the night the SS Schockland sank, what happened to the SS Robert Muller during the war, Ted Larbalestier, bringing the Lavada (?) in, whether the germans took their advice, how he crashed a damaged ship, the H49, was arrested and put in prison and interrogated for 7 days, reminiscences of german masters down at the harbour, a floating crane, sand runs to Gorey, the size of ships in St Aubin, the bombing of a german ship, air raids, being given german orders by Captain Richmond and going to the Grand Hotel with George Gill, Peter Guiton, Ted Larbalestier and Bob La Cloche, tug trips to Guernsey on the Duke of Normandy, the SS Normand, the position and types of buoys, driving the SS Normand and the captain after Silver Le Riche, passenger services to France, experiences on the SS Diamond, rescuing germans from a shipwreck and number of shipwrecks in the island, Bill Furzer and Captain Richmond's uniform, his fellow pilots, working on Peter Guiton's farm, liberation, the arrival of the SS Vega, they show him photographs of the occupation. He talks about treating with germans after the liberation. They identify the ships in the photos. Asked about aking photographs in Granville, who is alive today who worked at the harbour during the occupation, the most frightening experience during the occupation as a pilot when he had a shot fired at him, restrictions on pilots, buying rations in France, the Duke of Normandy, lights to guide boats into the harbour, a german ship hitting the Dog's Nest, bringing soldiers out of St Malo at the start of the occupation and seeing the loch gates being destroyed, the pilot in Granville, how busy Granville was and if they refused to bring military cargo back to Jersey, his memory of the deportations, the barges collecting sand at Gorey for building works, the arrival of the Russians, attempted rescue of a ship, being sent to the Pomme d'Or for being drunk, his time in prison in St Malo and in the Pomme d'Or for seven days, their uniforms, piloting ships into the harbour at liberation, the SS Vega, when and where the railway stopped and who else to interview.




Harbour Office
Southampton Hotel
Grand Hotel
Gill, George
La Cloche, Bob
Guiton, Peter
Furzer, William
Red Cross
SS Vega
SS Diamond
Richmond, Captain
SS Normand
Duke of Normandy (Tug)
Larbalestier, Ted
SS Robert Muller
SS Schockland
SS Lavada
SS Spinel
Bennett, Captain
Sowden, Captain
SS Normand
Pomme D'Or Hotel
Le Riche, Silver
Channel Islands Occupation Society (Jersey)


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