Jersey Talking Magazine No 5-November 1976. Introduction by Gordon Young talking about the weather. Gardening feature-looking at the seed catalogues-beans, carrots, onions and flowers. Nature-Frances Le Sueur-interested in flora and fauna-talks about the drought-affect on the birds in St Ouen's Pond, rain after the summer-result the pond has filled up again. Movement of birds from Northern Europe southwards for the winter-rarity of an appearance of a honey buzzard excavating a wasp's nest in Fern Valley [?St Mary], asking for advice of what to mention in this regular column. Cooking feature-Margaret Jenkins giving tips on cooking with eggs. Buying a house-housing problem-Ralph Robbins-island's Housing Officer-main function of housing-allocation of housing stock and provide additional homes, waiting list for houses, programme for house building, wealthy immigrants living in Jersey-value to the island and numbers coming in, people coming in-how classified as essentially employed. Tips for blind people in picking up small metal items, using a nail gun, Braille handbook on the transfer to metric measurements. End of Part One. June Gurdon in Sark talks about the size and history of the island including the arrival of the Seigneur of St Ouen, Helier de Carteret, with his family and tenants in 1565 and agreeing to QE I to keep Sark continuously inhabited by 40 men to defend the island, within 7 years a thriving community had been established, Sark became the property of the Le Pellé family and later Sybil Hathaway-La Dame who became an iconic figure. Concerned with education and health and during the occupation stayed in the island. In 1965 she was awarded the Order of Dame of the British Empire. Talks of changes in the island. Michael Beaumont, current Seigneur of Sark, talks about his life, the length of time he had been Seigneur, the finance, legal and government systems of the island and his seigneural rights. Helen Gibson, teacher at the secondary school in Sark talks about the young of the island, teaching in Sark, the education system and the curriculum. Talks to some young people concerning their lives, future plans in the island, job prospects and the building industry in the island. Talks about the countryside and nature of the island including their experience of catching a chancre crab, describing the beauty of the island, looking out from Sark over the sea and at the other Channel Islands and France. Cottages that the Gurdon's stayed in were run by Miss Allen and Miss Webb-Miss Allen and Miss Webb talks about coming to the island, island life, differences between running hotel in Sark and England and Sark's marine life.




November 12th 1976 - November 12th 1976


Webb, Miss
Allen, Miss
Seigneurie of Sark
Seigneurie of St Ouen
Le Pellé Family
Gibson, Helen
Hathaway, Dame Sybil, Dame of Sark
de Carteret, Helier
Beaumont, Michael
Gurdon, June
Housing Department
Robbins, Ralph
Jenkins, Margaret
Le Sueur, Frances
Young, Gordon
Jersey Talking Magazine
Gurdon, Philip


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