Jersey Talking Magazine No 7-January 1977. Introduction by Gordon Young and new year greetings. Cooking feature-Margaret Jenkins talking about cooking vegetables. Gardening feature-talking about looking after house plants and digging for potatoes. Nature feature-Frances Le Sueur talking about peewits and curlews with bird song from the birds. Island Administrators-Enfant Terrible and Champion of Causes of Local Politics Senator Dick Shenton interviewed by Beth Lloyd. Talks about his years in politics, his functions in the State, his working life away from the States, bringing local radio to the island and the importance of local radio. Hints for the blind including recommendations for large print knitting patterns and shoes for slippery weather. End of Side One. Part One of a tour of St Helier from the Royal Square to the Parade by Mr Robin Cox and Mrs Joan Stevens. Talk about the Royal Square including stories involving the market in the Royal Square until it was moved, became the Old Market, much later became known as the Royal Square after the Battle of Jersey, the different markets in St Helier, centrepiece the statue of George II-made by John Cheere, Chamber of Commerce building-first one in the english speaking world-1768-set up to assist merchants, St Helier Church-named after patron saint-who was he-Belgian hermit-talks about his life and the history of the church-last alteration just over a hundred years ago, the chapel on the side, the Royal Court and the States Building-the history of the different buildings used as a court house, a building built in 1730 by Philip Falle as a public library, the trees in the Royal Square, granite v sign set into the ground of the Royal Square. Interview by Reverend Peter Manton of Mr Bell, a New Zealand journalist, about life in New Zealand. Humorous story of the Winchester Dragon.




December 31st 1976 - December 31st 1976


Cheere, John
Royal Court
Chamber of Commerce
Battle of Jersey
George II, 1683-1760, King of Great Britain and Ireland, 1727-1760
St Helier Church
Manton, Peter Geoffrey Kevitt, Reverend
Bell, Mr
Cox, Robin
Stevens, Joan
St Helier
Lloyd, Beth
Shenton, Dick, Senator
Le Sueur, Frances
Jenkins, Margaret
Young, Gordon
Jersey Talking Magazine
Gurdon, Philip


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