Jersey Talking Magazine-December 1977 Edition. Introduction by Gordon Young. Nature feature-Frances Le Sueur talking about owls including examples of their noise. Medical feature-Beth Lloyd talking to a doctor about keeping warm in winter. Cooking feature-Margaret Jenkins talking about steaming. Island Administrators-Graeme Pitman interviewing Senator Bernard Binnington, President of the Agriculture and Fisheries Committee about the responsibilities of his committee, administration of the States Farm at the Howard Davis Farm and the work that goes on there, things that he think may change in the industry in the future, the involvement of the committee in fisheries, the possibility of taking over responsibility for food stocks, how long he has been president and been in the States. Mike Le Cocq talking about hints for gardening for blind people. End of Side One. Child reading a poem about winter. In July Andrew Millar who is blind, PRO of Talking Newspaper, a physiotherapist and a guide around Colchester and Marjorie Norton visited Buckingham Palace for a garden party and talks about their experience, meeting the Queen and Prince Philip. Norah Bryant, a picture restorer, being interviewed by Beth Lloyd about picture restoration, the process of restoration and cleaning, the implications of having a picture restored and examples of work. Interview by Philip Gurdon of Joe Rechka, a pilot, who talks about his early life just after the Germans had invaded Czechoslovakia, travelling from Poland to Calais and then Paris, joining the French Foreign Legion and training for war, defending railway stations over the Maginot Line, the Allies losing the war and moving to Liverpool, joining the British Fighter Squadron, ferrying planes, flying over Malta, returning to Czechoslovakia after the war and escaping to the UK to escape the regime.




November 30th 1977 - November 30th 1977


British Fighter Squadron
French Foreign Legion
Rechka, Joe
Bryant, Norah
Lloyd, Beth
Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, consort of Queen Elizabeth II
Talking Newspaper
Elizabeth II, Queen of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, 1952-
Norton, Marjorie
Millar, Andrew
Le Cocq, Mike
Binnington, Bernard Thomas
Agriculture and Fisheries Committee
Pitman, Graeme
Jenkins, Margaret
Lloyd, Beth
Le Sueur, Frances
Young, Gordon
Jersey Talking Magazine
Gurdon, Philip


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