Jersey Talking Magazine-May 1978 Edition. Introduction by Gordon Young including a humorous poem by Gordon Thomas. Cooking feature-Margaret Jenkins talking about cooking for one person. Myths and legends feature-Roy Fauvel telling a ghost story of a woman who had a spell cast on her by her neighbour and went to a witch to help. Tour with Joan Stevens in Grouville-only parish without the name of a saint, looking at the derivation of the name Grouville, Grouville Parish Church, Grouville's connection with the Battle of Jersey-memorial to soldiers, Icho and Seymour Towers, windmill-Le Moulin de Beauvoir, the three watermills in Queen's Valley, interesting coins found in Grouville-Le Catillon hoard found in 1950s-old Brittany coins, Grouville Common-horse racing took place there, golf courses, natural history-a wetland area, La Hougue Bie-Neolithic tomb and museums. Interview with Edgar Fryatt, a blind reader of the Colchester Talking News introduced by Marjorie Norton, an interviewer, talking about not having a guide dog, his blindness, talks to societies and schools about blindness and funny stories about being blind. June reading from Eyes at My Feet, a true story, by Jessie Hickford a blind woman with a guide dog. End of Side One. Beth Lloyd talking to Raymond Falla, adviser of the television series 'Enemy at the Door', a series about Guernsey during the occupation and a member of the Controlling Committee of the States of Guernsey throughout the occupation about his work on the Controlling Committee during the occupation and his work on Agriculture and Horticulture making sure that enough food was available to keep the island going, reorganising the cropping system in the glass houses and outside, rationing, the Purchasing Commission in France buying food for the population with Jean Louis Jouault of Jersey, items they bought, life in France, the freedom of movement to travel across France, being mistaken for Hitler, the resistance movement in France, effects of war on him, his views on the drama series 'Enemy at the Door', the portrayal of German soldiers in the series, resistance in the islands, stealing of food, difficulties of keeping law in islands and the government. Norah Bryan talking to Dr Hugh Thurston about water and springs of water in Europe, where the springs in the Channel Islands come from, springs running off the Pyrenees into different countries and the state of water in the Channel Islands. Gordon Young finishing off with a joke.




April 30th 1978 - April 30th 1978


Thurston, Hugh, Dr
Bryan, Norah
Hitler, Adolf
Jouault, Jean Louis
Purchasing Commission
Controlling Committee
States of Guernsey
Falla, Raymond
Lloyd, Beth
Hickford, Jessie
Gurdon, June
Norton, Marjorie
Fryatt, Edgar
Colchester Talking News
Icho Tower
Seymour Tower
Battle of Jersey
Grouville Church
Stevens, Joan
Fauvel, Roy
Jenkins, Margaret
Thomas, Gordon
Young, Gordon
Jersey Talking Magazine
Gurdon, Philip


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