Jersey Talking Magazine-July 1978 Edition. Introduction by Gordon Young. Gadgets for the blind feature with Tim including barometers, sound beacon and liquid level indicator. Local stories feature-Roy Fauvel talking about vraic, its uses, the history of its collecting, the variants of vraic, seasons for vraic. Joan Stevens talking about St Brelade including St Brelade's Church, the saint of the parish, Fisherman's Chapel-stained glass designed by HT Bosdet, the perquage, the bells in St Brelade, Beauport, La Moie Quarries, Les Quennevais, La Corbiere and the lighthouse, Portelet Bay-story of Captain Philip Janvrin and Janvrin's tomb, martello towers at Ouaisne and St Brelade's Bay and Noirmont Point-history and german fortifications. Robin with tips for the blind about mowing the lawn. Mike Le Cocq's interview with David Haydn-Thomas talking about guide dogs for the blind. June Gurdon talking to Jessie Hickford, the author of the book about guide dogs that had been serialised on the magazine for the previous few months, 'Eyes at My Feet'. End of Side One. Mike Le Cocq interview with Peters and Lee-Lennie Peters talking about being blind, Diane Lee talking about her singing and talking about their future. Actor and performer, David Kossoff talking about his career, his life, his time on the stage, his writing work, his adaption of bible stories, the death of his son from drugs and his plans for the future.




June 30th 1978 - June 30th 1978


Kossoff, David
Lee, Diane
Peters and Lee
Peters, Lennie
Gurdon, June
Hickford, Jessie
Haydn-Thomas, David
Le Cocq, Mike
Janvrin, Philip, Captain
Bosdet, Henry Thomas
Fishermen's Chapel, St Brelade's Church
St Brelade's Church
Stevens, Joan
Fauvel, Roy
Young, Gordon
Jersey Talking Magazine
Gurdon, Philip


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