Jersey Talking Magazine-May Edition. Introduction by Gordon Young. Dixie Landick at a recent charity concert at the Opera House performing a humorous sketch about local radio. Nature feature-Frances Le Sueur talking about birds including the cuckoo and the collared dove. John Podmore talking about photography and a pioneering photographer, John Woolley. Cooking feature-Margaret Jenkins talking about jelly. Di Weber talking to Sister Ellen Syvret, a missionary nurse in Papua New Guinea about Papua New Guinea, her work in a hospital, the illnesses encountered, how she came to be in Papua New Guinea, giving talks about her work, learning the language, the culture and politics of Papua New Guinea and hopes for the future for Papua New Guinea. End of Side One. Guernsey feature-Linda Le Vasseur talking to the wife of the bailiff Lady Loveridge about adjusting to the position as wife of the bailiff, her background and her family, meeting her husband during the war, the things she does with the job, mastering public speaking and writing speeches, her involvement in charities especially caring for the elderly and the hospital, balancing her commitments of running the house and her job, her love of gardening, clothes and juggling her wardrobe and the visit of the Queen to Guernsey. Feature on the rugby match between Jersey and Guernsey, the Siam Cup including commentary on the plane journey across to Guernsey, a reception at the Governor's residence, talks to John Groves about his link to the Siam Cup and why it is called the Siam Cup, the Royal Thai Ambassador talking about the match, Sir John Martin, the governor of Guernsey, talking about how he used to play rugby, Dennis Hartley the President of the Jersey Rugby Club and the President of the Guernsey Rugby Club, Ernest Yates, talking about the match, John Everall talking about the match, Patrick McCeary, Guernsey captain, talking about the game, Peter Noble, the Jersey captain talking before the match, commentary on the match and Jersey receiving the trophy and Peter Noble talking about how it feels to win the trophy. Gordon Young telling a humorous story.




April 30th 1979 - April 30th 1979


Noble, Peter
McCeary, Patrick
Everall, John
Guernsey Rugby Club
Yates, Ernest
Jersey Rugby Club
Hartley, Dennis
Martin, Sir John, Governor of Guernsey
Groves, John
Siam Cup
Elizabeth II, Queen of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, 1952-
Loveridge, Lady
Le Vasseur, Linda
Syvret, Ellen, Sister
Weber, Di
Jenkins, Margaret
Woolley, John
Podmore, John
Le Sueur, Frances
Opera House, Jersey
Landick, Dixie
Young, Gordon
Jersey Talking Magazine
Gurdon, Philip


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