Jersey Talking Magazine-August Edition. Introduction by Gordon Young. Linda Le Vasseur-in Guernsey interviewing Fanny Craddock about her roots, her success and how much it was due to radio and television, how they got on to television, learning to cook, creating dishes, awkward and embarrassing moments when demonstrating cooking, how long and why they moved to Guernsey, whether there are any problems working in Guernsey, any unfulfilled dreams that she has and working on a children's cooking programme. Margaret Jenkins giving some In Touch tips for the blind on how to cope in the kitchen. Gordon Young taking a tour around a railway carriage at the Jersey Motor Museum with Michael Wilcock. They talk about what is special about the carriage, how a bungalow was built around the carriage, looking inside the carriage and describing it, using the train to post and transport letters and describing the working of the train. End of Side One. Jersey Zoo-a song about Jambo the gorilla. To celebrate the zoos twentieth anniversary they take a tour with Philip Coffey, the zoo education officer, looking at the statue of a dodo and explaining its significance, describing the animals and their habits including the macaws, the tapirs, the wallabies, the marmosets and tamarins, talking about feeding the animals, education in the zoo and talking to schools, talking about the pink pigeons, flamingos, swans, a white eared pheasant, the gorillas and a new enclosure being built for the gorillas. Joan Stevens talking about Trinity including the house where the Jersey Zoo is built, describing the parish of Trinity, Trinity Church and when the States went there when George Carteret got sworn in as governor, the church being hit by lightning and the conductor being put up, a mural dedicated to Sir Edward de Carteret, who was a gentleman of the black rod, inside the church, the bell in Trinity Church, a central pillar being moved from the church, the church holding the earliest piece of church silver in the island, Trinity Manor, its residents, being extended by Amice Lempriere and rebuilt by Athelstan Riley, Ville a L'Eveque, Trinity men leading the corn riots in 1769 and Howard David Farm, the States experimental farm. Gordon Young finishing by telling a joke.




July 31st 1979 - July 31st 1979


Riley, Athelstan
Lemprière, Amice
de Carteret, Sir Edward
Carteret, Sir George, ?1609 - 1680, Lieutenant Governor of Jersey
States of Jersey
Trinity Church
Stevens, Joan
Coffey, Philip
Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust
Wilcock, Michael
Jersey Motor Museum
Jenkins, Margaret
Le Vasseur, Linda
Craddock, Fanny
Young, Gordon
Jersey Talking Magazine
Gurdon, Philip


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