Jersey Talking Magazine-November Edition. Introduction by Gordon Young. Beth Lloyd interviewing Harry Patterson about his latest book 'To Catch a King', its historical accuracy, the plot of the book and the true story behind the book involving the plan to capture the Duke of Windsor during the second world war and use him as king once Britain had been defeated. David Bougeard talking to Marion Beech at the Barreau Art Gallery about various pictures including a portrait of Senator Ralph Vibert by Maisie Ryan, paintings by Lisette Le Sueur, a picture of a summer storm by Norman Pallot and paintings of Jersey scenes by Eric Walker. Linda Le Vasseur talking to Jean Dutton about Greenpeace in Guernsey, saving the whales, how it started locally, the links with the anti-nuclear groups, the boat the Rainbow Warrior, problems Greenpeace have run into in Iceland, whether she is hopeful for the future to stop whale killing and the Greenpeace Guernsey market being held to raise money. Cooking Feature-Margaret Jenkins talking about recipes that use apples. In Touch tips for the blind on butcher's skewers. End of Side One. Interview with John Rust, music master at Victoria College Prep including the choir singing. He talks about whether he ever wanted to be a musician, his career, coming to Jersey, visiting Salzburg, teaching pupils at the school, putting on concerts, problems of boys dropping out, the amount of boys in the choir, the excitement of the boys before performing and how he gets them to perform. Joan Stevens taking a tour around St Martin. Talks about the boundaries of the parish, St Martin's Church-the patron saint of the church, records of St Martin's Church from 1042, spire being struck by lightning and a conductor being put up, the age of the spire, finding the broken head of a saint, the perquage leading from the church to St Catherine, La Masseline Dam, Les Ecrehous is part of St Martin-talks about the International Court of Justice Case, the priory, the quarrying of granite from the reef which was used in St Martin, St Catherine's Breakwater-lots of things went wrong, badly planned, harbour was given to the States of Jersey, tower at Fliquet, two prehistoric monuments-La Couperon and Faldouet, Rozel Manor and its alterations, the chapel in the manor which is from the twelfth century-belongs to the Lempriere family, Bandinel Farm-built by 1619 Jean Le Manquais and then passed to the Bandinel family-example of a superior house of the 1600s, St Martin's House-altered a great deal-first owner Gratien Collas in 1490-a breton and a great deal of changes since, fireplace found in which a pottery jar was found-it was a pout-an early version of a safe. Gordon Young tells a humorous story.




October 31st 1979 - October 31st 1979


Bandinel family
Collas, Gratien
Le Manquais, Jean
International Court of Justice
St Martin's Church
Stevens, Joan
Victoria College Preparatory School
Rust, John
Jenkins, Margaret
Rainbow Warrior (ship)
Dutton, Jean
Le Vasseur, Linda
Walker, Eric
Pallot, Norman
Le Sueur, Lisette
Vibert, Ralph, Senator
Ryan, Maisie
Beech, Marion
Bougeard, David
Barreau Art Gallery
Patterson, Harry
Lloyd, Beth
Young, Gordon
Jersey Talking Magazine
Gurdon, Philip


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