Jersey Talking Magazine-Christmas Edition. Introduction by Gordon Young. Various christmas carols sung throughout by Brenda Geddes, Sandra Lissenden and Alison Noel, with poems by 1st and 2nd years in the Jersey College for Girls. Greeting from the new Lieutenant Governor, Beth Lloyd and June Gurdon telling about the origins of christmas, talking about christmas during the occupation and the problems of curfew, Beth Lloyd and June Gurdon talking about the first christmas crib, Santa Claus and the reindeer and holly and ivy. Humorous dramatic production by the Jersey Talking Magazine. End of Side One. Christmas greetings from David Jacobs, Cliff Morgan, Arthur Askey, Jackie Trent, Tony Hatch, Eric Morcambe, Ian and Jeannette Krankies, Jimmy Savile and Vera Lynn. Three children telling Linda Le Vasseur what they do at christmas, June Gurdon and Beth Lloyd talking about the christmas tree. A vicar telling of christmas on Sark and the carol singers. June and Beth talking about turkeys and geese. Di Weber telling a humorous story in a Jersey accent. Beth and June talking about christmas crackers. Gordon Young telling a humorous story.




December 25th 1979 - December 25th 1979


Weber, Di
Le Vasseur, Linda
Lynn, Vera
Saville, Jimmy
Morcambe, Eric
Krankie, Jeanette
Krankie, Ian
Hatch, Tony
Trent, Jackie
Askey, Arthur
Morgan, Cliff
Jacobs, David
Jersey College for Girls
Gurdon, June
Lloyd, Beth
Noel, Alison
Lissenden, Sandra
Geddes, Brenda
Young, Gordon
Jersey Talking Magazine
Gurdon, Philip


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