Jersey Talking Magazine-August Edition. Introduction by Gordon Young. Nature feature-Frances Le Sueur talking about herbs and the herb garden at Quetteville Mill. Guernsey Feature-Linda Le Vasseur talking to Mr Le Cornu, a saddler, about his trade and the need for it and the people to take his place after he has retired. Rosemary Gilchrist reading an article by Doreen Hart concerning breeding guide dogs. Glen Williams of Glensounds, a reader, talking about the archaeological exploration in Jersey and his thoughts on La Hougue Bie, the old religions, witches and goddesses. Horoscope feature-Diane Postlethwaite talking about the forecast for leos this year. Gordon Young announcing the result of the quiz and setting the quiz for the month. End of Side One. Beth Lloyd interviewing four previous Miss Battle of Flowers and the current one. Maureen Wakeham, née Hobbs, Miss Battle of Flowers in 1954, the second Miss Battle of Flowers talking about entering the competition, the girl who won in the first year, Trina van Dorn, her ambition, Mr Battle-Anthony Steel. Peggy Poole, Miss Battle of Flowers 1958, what her husband thought of it, Mr Battle James Robinson-Justice, what she remembers about the day, what she did for the rest of the year, her daughter winning the Miss Battle of Flowers competition, what she thinks about it as a beauty competition. Marianne Rosler, née de la Perrelle, Miss Battle of Flowers 1961 talking about entering Miss Battle of Flowers, Miss Battle of Flowers as a beauty competition, her hopes for her daughter to enter the competition, Mr Battle-Eric Robinson, the day of the Battle of Flowers, memories of the day. Mary Horton, Miss Battle of Flowers 1972 about what made her enter, Miss Battle of Flowers as a beauty competition, Mr Battle-Jimmy Saville, memories of the year. Karen Poole-Miss Battle of Flowers 1980 talking about entering the competition, questions she was asked, how she felt when she found out she had won, the Miss World competition, what she had done so far, looking for Mr Battle. Frank Morin talking about his job at A de Gruchy when he joined as an apprentice in 1921, the shop at that time, suppliers for the shop and buying for the shop. Gordon Young ends with a humorous story. End of Side Two.




July 31st 1980 - July 31st 1980


A de Gruchy and Company Limited
Morin, Frank
Poole, Karen
Saville, Jimmy
Horton, Mary
Robinson, Eric
Rosler, Marianne, née de la Perrelle
Robinson-Justice, James
Poole, Peggy
Steel, Anthony
van Dorn, Trina
Wakeham, Maureen, née Hobbs
Postlethwaite, Diane
La Hougue Bie
Williams, Glen
Hart, Doreen
Gilchrist, Rosemary
Le Cornu, Mr
Le Vasseur, Linda
Lloyd, Beth
Le Sueur, Frances
Young, Gordon
Jersey Talking Magazine
Gurdon, Philip


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