Jersey Talking Magazine-October Edition. Introduction by Gordon Young. Nature Feature-Frances Le Sueur talking about the magpie. Beth Lloyd interviewing Mrs Skinner about her language school in Jersey, how she started, arranging pupil exchanges, asked to arrange language courses by the Comité d'Accueil, set up a business for it, the experience that the pupils receive, the reason students come over, owning and driving coaches in the island. Cooking Feature-Margaret Jenkins giving recipes for paté. Glen Williams talking about the history of the tarot cards. Horoscope Feature-Diane Postlethwaite talking about the forecast for libra for the year. Quiz-Gordon Young announcing the winner of the previous months quiz and setting a new quiz. End of Side One. Gordon Young on his trip to London including flying on the aeroplane, describing what is happening below, looking out from the cockpit and talking to Philip Gurdon who is the pilot, describing the landing, going on a train and describing the journey, sitting in Oxford Street and describing the surroundings, sitting in Hyde Park and describing the surroundings, standing on London Bridge and describing the surroundings and giving the reasons that he visited London. End of Side Two.




September 30th 1980 - September 30th 1980


Postlethwaite, Diane
Williams, Glen
Jenkins, Margaret
Comité d'Accueil
Skinner, Mrs
Lloyd, Beth
Le Sueur, Frances
Young, Gordon
Jersey Talking Magazine
Gurdon, Philip


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