Jersey Talking Magazine-July Edition. Introduction by Gordon Young. Margaret Jenkins reading a creative essay that she had written for a recent O Level course. Nature Feature-Frances Le Sueur talking about rare warblers with examples of bird song. Horoscope Feature-Diane Postlethwaite giving a forecast for the year for cancer. June Gurdon with In Touch tips for the blind talking about the Royal National Institute for the Blind, typewriters for the partially sighted, milk saver pans and clocks. Beth Lloyd talking to Max Robertson about commentating at Wimbledon tennis tournament, whether he used to play tennis, having knowledge of the game, commentating, how he keeps talking throughout the game, commentating on other occasions, a funny story that happened to him and the future of radio. Elizabeth Beresford, Max Robertson's wife, talking about the Wombles, how she thought up the idea, what her family think of it, whether she is still writing Wombles books, the success of the books, her roll in the television series, writing the scripts for the television programmes, the message of The Wombles to keep tidy. End of Side One. Gordon Young visiting the Durrell Wildlife Preservation Trust to see the opening of the Gorilla Breeding Centre describing the new exhibit, the visitors including Gerald Durrell, Gerald Durrell giving an opening speech for the exhibit, talking about Jambo, Lieutenant Governor Sir Peter Whiteley making a speech to open the exhibit, Gordon Young commentating on the opening of the complex. Quentin Bloxham, member of the zoo staff, talking about the importance of the breeding centre, the number of families that will use the area, the habitat provided by the centre. Nick Lindsay talking about the gorillas and the breeding centre. Gordon Young describing the inside and outside of the breeding centre and the gorillas behaviour. Anton Mosimann, head chef at the Dorchester Hotel at the age of 29, being interviewed by Beth Lloyd talking about when he decided to become a chef, other chefs he worked with, the skills that he had to learn, learning to cook as a child and giving dinner parties, how a head chef in the Dorchester Hotel checks the standard of all of the food with 80 staff working under him, looking after his staff, creating new recipes and implementing a surprise menu at the Dorchester Hotel. End of Side Two.




June 30th 1981 - June 30th 1981


Dorchester Hotel
Mosimann, Anton
Lindsay, Nick
Bloxham, Quentin
Whiteley, Sir Peter John Frederick, General, Lieutenant Governor 1979 - 1985
Jambo (gorilla)
Durrell, Gerald
Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust
Robertson, Elizabeth, née Beresford
Robertson, Max
Royal National Institute for the Blind
Gurdon, June
Postlethwaite, Diane
Le Sueur, Frances
Jenkins, Margaret
Young, Gordon
Jersey Talking Magazine
Gurdon, Philip


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