Jersey Talking Magazine-October Edition. Introduction by Gordon Young. Beth Lloyd talking to Roy Jones, a production manager for Bergerac, about why Jersey was chosen as the location for the television series, the number of teams in the television crew, the length of time the series will take, how long an episode takes to shoot, the different members of the team, the amount of people on the production team and the different jobs that they do including the director, production manager and location manager, any problems about coming to Jersey, travelling to the island and going through customs. John Nettles talking about the character of Bergerac, the development of the television series and the character, enjoying the character, how he enjoys working on television as opposed to the stage, learning the script and the local pronunciations. Nature Feature-Frances Le Sueur talking about avocets in Jersey. Pauline Faires interviewing Sharon Wilkinson, a 10 year old who has won a place at Chethams Music School, what her friends at St Saviour's School think of her going away, her father saying how they are going to move across to England, his daughter Caroline getting into the same school, when Sharon started playing, playing the violin and piano, life at Chethams, the subjects studied at Chethams, life at the weekends, family living near the area, making friends in the area, the amount of pupils in the same year and when she is going across to the school. Pat Dubras performing a Joyce Grenfell piece. Beth Lloyd with In Touch tips for the blind talking about books for the blind about the royal wedding. End of Side One. To commemorate the anniversary of the Battle of Britain a poem written by Barry Sutton, an ex-fighter pilot who lived in Jersey, entitled 'The Summer of the Firebird' is read. Margaret Jenkins with a creative essay regarding her home parish of St Ouen and the landscape and weather encountered therein. Norah Bryan interviewing Simon Hicks, the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust secretary and co-ordinator, asking who the person was behind the projects at the zoo, Gerald Durrell, a training facility that has just been built, describing the process of conservation, where the trainees come from, the success of the training centre, stories of the trainees, how many the training centre holds and the programme for the training scheme. Phil Gurdon at Glencoe, St Lawrence for an auction talking to the people at the auction to see why they come to the auction including some speaking in Jèrriais [with local accents], meeting people at the auction, whether the sale has changed, whether there are less farmers who come to the sale and who comes to the sale. Looking at some of the lots at the auction. Talking to customers about how often they come to the auction, what they buy and what they have bought at the auction this time. Listening to the auctioneer sell some lots. Talking to Victor Pallot, the auctioneer, about how the sale went, how long he had done the job and the owner of the sale. End of Side Two.




September 30th 1981 - September 30th 1981


Pallot, Victor
Bryan, Norah
Hicks, Simon
Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust
Durrell, Gerald
Jenkins, Margaret
Battle of Britain
Sutton, Barry
Grenfell, Joyce
Dubras, Pat
Wilkinson, Caroline
Chethams Music School
St Saviour's School
Wilkinson, Sharon
Faires, Pauline
Le Sueur, Frances
Nettles, John
Jones, Roy
Lloyd, Beth
Bergerac (television programme)
Young, Gordon
Jersey Talking Magazine
Gurdon, Philip


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