Episodes five and six of the Channel Islands Schools Radio Service series 'The German Occupation of the Channel Islands'. Episode five: Food Shortages. Includes: where our food comes from in peacetime, how sources of supply were cut off, having to feed the German garrison; owing to Royal Navy blockades, Germany was also experiencing food shortages; the Jersey and Guernsey governments appointed Agricultural Officers to investigate the food situation and ensure that the islands would not starve - R O Falla in Guernsey and J Joueaux [Jouault] in Jersey; they found that there was only three months food supply left; they received permission to go to France to buy food and other necesseties - Mr Falla recalls his many difficulties; both land and glasshouses were used, rationing was introduced and many strange recipes appeared e.g. parsnip cake, bramble tea; beaches were stripped bare and seawater was used to cook vegetables due to a lack of salt; there was a bartering system and a black market as well as many German regulations which could sometimes be bypassed; when it became clear that the Germans in the Channel Islands had been cut off from their comrades by the allied invasion of Europe the Red Cross was called on to help - the Red Cross ships arrived on December 27th 1944 with their life-saving parcels for the civilian population. First broadcast 11/02/1969. Produced by Jean Maiden and Neil Adams. Episode six: Deportations/The Years of 1942 and 1943. Includes: arrival of of foreign workers in Jersey in early 1942; description of their lives and how they existed on a ration of soup; because of their hunger and ill-treatment many escaped and were sheltered by islanders; Francis Le Sueur describes how he successfully sheltered a Russian for a while; story of a Jerseywoman who was caught sheltering a prisoner and sent to a concentration camp from which she never returned; deportation of English residents in 1942; the reason for this and a description of how the deportees felt is given by Mr Hepburn who was sent to Germany; account of the reaction of the people on shore as they waved goodbye to their friends; a lady tells how as a learner cyclist she had many laughs at the Germans' expense; most people kept a bicycle as it ws the only way of getting around; Francis Le Sueur tells us about a collision he had with a stranger. First broadcast on 25/02/1969. Written and produced by Stan Kemplin and Sheila Sibson. [Copyright: States of Jersey]




February 11th 1969 - February 25th 1969


Channel Islands Schools Radio Service
Maiden, Jean
Adams, Neil
Kempin, Stan
Sibson, Sheila
Falla, Raymond
Jouault, John
Red Cross
Le Sueur, Francis
Hepburn, Mr


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