Episodes five and six of the Channel Islands Educational Broadcasting Service series 'Memories of the Occupation'. Episode five includes: Mrs Winifred Green refuses to say 'Heil Hitler' for a portion of rice pudding; Mrs Lilian Kinnard and Kathleen Le Normand imprisoned in Caen (with Mrs Green) for making 'V' signs in Jersey; Lily, Bert and neighbour Reg enjoy a cup of black market tea and discuss a raid on the Casquests, Red Cross letters, and the Channel Islands Society formed on the mainland by evacuees; raid on the Casquests, 'Operation Dryad' led by Major March-Philips; deportation of English-born residents; the narrator talks about food problems, sabotage, 'V' signs, and Mrs Green; Lily talks about the confiscation of wireless sets, fortifications, the treatment of members of the Organization Todt, clothing coupons, entertainment, and alternative foods; Gunther talks about the Organization Todt, fortifications, Mirus Battery, and RAF bombings. First broadcast on 30/10/1980. Episode six includes: Island cows myseriously die in pairs, providing one way of overcoming food problems; Commando raid on Sark - 'Operation Basalt' led by Major Geoffrey Appleyard; the Guernsey Underground News Service (GUNS); meeting between Lily and Gunther - he is going back to Germany; further deportations of English residents, including Robert Hathaway and Major Sherwill; the narrator talks about the raid on the Casquests and the deportation of 2000 English-born residents; Lily talks about the deportations, food problems, the Commando raid on Sark, reprisals for the raid, and GUNS; Gunther talks about the raid on Sark and its repercussions. First broacast on 06/11/1980.




October 30th 1980 - November 6th 1980


Channel Islands Educational Broadcasting Service
Middleton, Alan
Green, Winifred, Mrs
Kinnard, Lilian, Mrs
Le Normand, Kathleen
Sherwill, Sir Ambrose, Major
Hathaway, Robert
Organisation Todt
Batterie Mirus
Jouault, John
Symes, James, Second Lieutenant
Roche, Charles
Guernsey Underground News Sheet
March-Philips, G H, Major
Appleyard, Geoffrey, Major
Operation Basalt
Operation Dryad


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