Episodes nine and ten of the Channel Islands Educational Broadcasting Service series 'Memories of the Occupation'. Episode nine includes: the arrival of the International Red Cross Ship 'Vega' with her priceless cargo of food parcels; Bert and Lily open their Red Cross Parcel; the felling of trees in Dr Symons' garden; the replacement of Count Von Schmettow with Vizadmiral Huffmeier, a fanatic whose aim is to hold out until victory; food is short and stealing rife - a nasty incident occurs at Jack de Garis' farm whilst he and Bonamy Martel together with a German military policeman are standing guard; the narrator talks about the besieged islands, the arrival of the 'Vega', the felling of trees for fuel, the islanders and garrisons still suffer desperate shortages, Von Schmettow replaced by Huffmeier; Lily talks about malnutrition, Red Cross parcels, Fred Noyon's esape to England, escapees to France, the incident at Garis' farm, and crystal radio sets. First broacast on 27/11/1980. Episode ten includes: Baron Von Ausfess warns Duret Aubin to be wary of the fanatical Huffmeier; Von Aufsess and Von Helldorf plot the assassination of Huffmeier; Brigadier Snow sails with the British destroyers Bulldog and Beagle from Plymouth to carry out Operation Nestegg - the liberation of the Channel Islands; British soldiers arrive to liberate Sark - the Dame already has things under control; the narrator talks about the liberation, Huffmeier's fanaticism, Von Helldorf banished to Herm - M. Lambert (French Consul) also plans removal of Huffmeier, Hitler's suicide, Doenitz signs unconditional surrender, Prime Minister's broadcast, Snow receives surrender from Generalmajor Heine for Guernsey and Generalmajor Wulf for Jersey, final summing-up and quote from Jurat John Leale's report to the States of Guernsey; Lily talks about Churchill's broadcast and the liberation. First broadcast 04/12/1980.




November 27th 1980 - December 4th 1980


Channel Islands Educational Broadcasting Service
Middleton, Alan
SS Vega
Symons, A N, Dr
von Schmettow, Graf, Major General
Hüffmeier, Friedrich, Admiral
de Garis, Jack
Martel, Bonamy
Noyon, Fred, Captain
Aubin, Charles Walter Duret, Attorney General
von Helldorf, Oberst
Snow, Alfred Ernest, Brigadier
HMS Bulldog
HMS Beagle
Operation Nestegg
Hathaway, Dame Sybil, Dame of Sark
Lambert, M
Heine, Major-General
Wulf, Rudolf, Generalmajor
Leale, John, Jurat
Churchill, Winston


oral history | sound | Occupation | families | dramas | German soldiers | Resistance | military operations | Food | Red Cross parcels | shortages | thefts | malnutrition | escapees | conspiracies | assassinations | Liberation | Guernsey


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