'An Everyday Occupation' - Members of Age Concern Jersey recall personal memories of eveyday life during the German Occupation 1940 - 1945. Produced and narrated by Geraldine des Forges in conjunction with BBC Radio Jersey. For names of those who contributed, see item description. The recording provides a good summing up of people's experiences from the beginning of the occupation to the liberation. Side A includes: Jersey's situation at the beginning of the war; fears about the possibility of occupation - felt as if the islands had been deserted by the British; decision to stay with family or evacuate and be separated; air raids; arrival of Germans, fear that it caused; many recollections of food shortages, substitutes, cooking, and the black market; bicycles main mode of transport; memories of building and listening to hidden crystal radio sets and distributing news; people sheltered escaped slave workers; arrival of the slave workers and Organisation Todt guards; recollections of the emotional effects of seeing the slave workers and the appaling way in which they were treated; resistance, collaboration and women who formed relationships with German soldiers; prison overcrowding; the field police; escapes; story of being arrested by the Gestapo. Side B includes: story about breaking into communications bunker at Pont Marquet; getting into trouble for criticising 'Jerry-Bags'; informers; escapees left from beach at Fauvic; entertainment; concerts and plays put on; recollections of health problems, malnutrition and medical practitioners; memories of being deported and watching the deportations; hearing news of D-Day landings in France; story of an Algerian worker who brought bread to a local family; some German soldiers were planning a mutiny and distributed leaflets; acts of sabotage such as the blowing up of the Palace Hotel; arrival of Red Cross ship 'Vega' and unwrapping the Red Cross parcels; listening to Churchill's speech in the Royal Square and its impact; the liberation; story of a nun who was suspected of being a German soldier in disguise; arrival of the British troops and outpourings of emotion; collaborators and 'Jerry-Bags' were victimized; more memories of liberation day. Duration approx. 90 minutes.




1940 - 1945


des Forges, Geraldine
Age Concern Jersey
BBC Radio Jersey
Bassett, John
Lokley, Dora, née Watson
Le Feuvre, Geoffrey
Buckley, Mildred, née Drelaud
Le Grand, Joan, née Todd
Le Grand, Jim
Minihane, Daphne, née Noel
Vincent, Kathleen, née Diment
Wellman, Don
Le Brocq, Norman
Noel, Elsie, née Le Luan
Bartlett, Helen, née Poulain
Daly, Lorraine, née Luce
Wallser, Lillian (Freddie)
Longhurst, Ken
Plain, Maisie, née Porter
Le Brocq, Rosalie, née Le Riche
Le Pavoux, Margaret, née Noel
Noel, Margaret
Palace Hotel
Organisation Todt


oral history | sound | Second World War | Occupation | evacuations | Food | shortages | radios | slaves | Resistance | collaboration | prisons | Entertainment | deportations | sabotage | Red Cross parcels | Liberation


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