Personal View of the Very Reverend Dean Seaford, Dean of Jersey, interviewed by Hamish Marett-Crosby. First Record-Brahms' Academic Festival Overture. He learnt to like music from the piece of music. Comes from a medical family-he broke the tradition. Went off to become an engineer. Decided he wanted something more to do with people. He used to go to church but it wasn't an important part of his life until he became an adult. In his mid 20s he went back to college. He studied at Durham University for 4 years. He was originally born in London but he went to boarding school so he didn't miss it. When you go to boarding school you have no base as your friends are in different places. He had to go through two selection processes to go on the course. The churches and the universities. The church's involve being promoted by a bishop and then you go to a selection conference. He started his life in the ministry in Enfield-it was a North London residential parish. The community was welcoming to he and his wife. You do a title for 3 or 4 years and then move on to a new parish with more responsibility and if you're lucky you become a vicar. At first it is easy to move about because you are prepared. His family were thrilled that he joined the church-his parents were very proud. At the end of his first title in 1971 he moved to Winchester to work as a curate and then took over at North Baddesley and High Cliff as a priest. It is difficult to leave friends behind from his parishes. He married whilst in Durham-it was unusual to get married whilst he was training-his wife had to get vetted by the bishop to see if she was suitable to be a clergy wife. In the past the clergy wife was often very involved in running the parish but it is less so in the modern world. When he started being a priest it was expected that his wife would take part in the community and his wife Helen did. You work from home and you are always working. Second Record-Michael Crawford with 'Love Changes Everything'. The queen appointed him as dean on the recommendation of the lieutenant governor-they wanted a parish priest from the Diocese of Winchester. He was involved in the administration of the diocese as a rural dean who looks after a cluster of parishes. He visited Jersey before accepting the post and thought the island was beautiful and met some nice people and it seemed a good idea to come. His role in the States of Jersey was explained before he came-he thinks the relationship is a good one. He thinks its a privilege being in the States and being involved in the Town Hall. In Jersey the church and community are closely linked and christians are in positions of power in the island. When he came to Jersey he was not good at French so it is a struggle speaking it. The role of a rector of a parish in Jersey is different than in England because of the special relationship with the constable and the parish and are involved in many committees by right. All official notices have to be put in the church box. The role of an anglican rector is unique because it is the established church-there are certain responsibilities in the parish regarding everyone within it involving burials and marriages. The parish system in Jersey is strong-people think that the Town hall are paying all of the costs for the church and so did give as much money as is needed. Third Record-Rachmaninov's Variations on a Theme of Paganini. The deanery takes up most of his time-it takes up a lot of time appointing new clergy-rectors can be with a parish for life. He has two sons in England who visit and a daughter in Jersey. Feels happy to be in St Helier-there is a tension between the roles of rector and dean. Is looking forward to spending the rest of his career in the island. Fourth Record-A Little Prayer by Evelyn Glennie.




March 16th 1997 - March 16th 1997


States of Jersey
Seaford, Helen
Durham University
Town Church
Seaford, John, Very Reverend, Dean of Jersey
Marett-Crosby, Hamish
BBC Radio Jersey


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